Once Upon a Time Review: A Snow White Worth Fighting For

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As a young girl, I loved Star Wars because of Princess Leia. At the time, most female characters weren't much more than damsels in distress and that never appealed to me. Even though Leia was held prisoner and needed to be rescued, she soon grabbed a blaster and started fighting right alongside the boys. I was hooked.

Which was probably why I was never a big fan of the Snow White story. She always seemed much too prim and proper to be any fun. I simply never related to the dainty girl Disney showed in the movie. That was, until Once Upon a Time retold her story. "Snow Falls" had me on the edge of my seat and enjoying the ride.

When Charming Met Snow...

As usual, I loved the way this show threw us into the heart of the fairy tale world. Charming's carriage was fit for a prince with white horses and plush seats. The first surprise was the nagging blonde in the seat across from him. I'd certainly never read about her.

Then were we introduced to Snow White... as a bandit. I didn't see that coming but it made sense. Once the Evil Queen banished her and she wandered the woods, she'd have to fend for herself. But the Snow White I read about was never nearly this spunky.

I loved that she and Charming, as she insisted on calling him, didn't quite get along but the romantic chemistry was definitely there from the beginning. Still, she's stealing from the Queen to survive and he's planning on a loveless marriage for the good of the kingdom. Not exactly the fairy tale I was expecting - and I couldn't be happier about that.

Who needs seven dwarfs when you've got angry trolls?!? This girl's got guts doing business with these guys. They were truly frightening. And instead of the Prince riding in on his white steed to save the damsel in distress, we had Snow White and Prince Charming swapping the rescuing moments between them. I've always preferred equal opportunity heroics.

When the story moved back to Storybrooke, we had Mary Margaret reading to coma patient John Doe per Henry's request. Emma thought she could prove to Henry that his fairy tale musings weren't real. Talk about best laid plans going awry.

I almost expected a happy ending here when they finally found John Doe in the woods. Would he and Mary Margaret finally have their reunion? Not so fast.

Regina swoops in with his wife, the nagging blonde from the carriage. Damn. She's not just a fiance in this realm, she's a wife. Well, that will put a definite crimp in the happy ending, but then again I suppose true love never did run smoothly.

Emma was automatically suspicious, which fit her character well. After years of being John Doe, Regina found his identity and his wife on the day he woke up. That's a heck of a coincidence.

And I loved the way the show continued to play on whether or not Regina knows about the curse. When she got the phone call from the doctor about John Doe waking up, I thought it proved she knew he was Prince Charming. But then they explained that away when she said she found the injured John Doe years ago and became his emergency contact. Too coincidental? Yes, but also plausible. And why would the doctor lie to Mary Margaret about what he saw on the monitors? So again, it's anyone's guess how much the illustrious Mayor knows about Storybrooke and it's residents' alter egos.

We didn't get a lot of Emma this week and as much as I like her, I didn't mind. Snow White, the character I had the least interest in two weeks ago, held her own and then some. Heck, I was so enthralled by her story that, for the first time ever, I can't wait to learn more.


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The way they explained Robin Hood was in season 1 episode 3 the episode that Snow White would steal from the deliveries they were sending to the king and the queen ... On this episode she steals from a carriage that charming was riding in with his fiancee, then that is when they first meet and he falls in love with her ... but yeah ... she is wearing a green cape with a hood ala Robin Hood


I am really loving this show! I missed the first shows and I was glad to see they had a marethon I could record! My daughter and I now use this show as "us" time since she has 2 other sisters.
I would like to know is what was the Queen's secret that Snow White didn't keep?!


Still not great but holding steady.


I LOVE THIS SHOW. Will or did they make this on dvd. When its over with I'm am so going to buy it if its out.


I sooooo love this I hope I can buy this movie. I don't know if its out and able to buy but I hope I can... I can't wait tell next week. I get soooo excited. I love it and great job with it. Well done.


Oh, and as for the spell, of course Mr. Gold knows, as well. Rump supplied the curse; why in the world would that cagey imp give the Evil Queen a curse that he could be included in.... something that strong and powerful. He'd never do that; she didn't realize he's immune from it. Now, I believe Regina knows; it makes sense. However, a part of me feels we may find out that she doesn't know....she's bitter about something else... that the bitterness carried over (and Rump knew it would).... that overhanging feeling is with her, but perhaps she doesn't know why. She named her son Henry, but doesn't know why. Nah.... I prefer to believe she and Gold are the only two that know... but that she never figured him to be immune when she got the curse from him.


I think the Sheriff is the Huntsman; he shows the same characteristics as the fairy tale. Robin Hood isn't a fairy tale, but a folk story, a legend, so I'd be disappointed if they included those characters in Once Upon a Time. If they do that, then they're making a show about Disney cartoons, not fairy tales. I give them more credit than that, especially since they are writing more from old European Fairy Tales so far.
Good job!


@Lara it isn't about the queen being happy after she has completed the curse, it's about the others being as miserable as she is! That gives her a sense of satisfaction, like she's won! Even though she might be miserable too, she's at least happy because Snow is too!


Love the show! Takes me away from reality! Keep it going!


I love this show! I didn't at first but the third episode really captivated me. I hope this show continues to do well and I am looking forward to another season!

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