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Aren't they suppose to do something with Lauren Holly characte these season I wonder if that redhead is her sister that would be cool Also was I the only one who that Abby was great last night she really crack me up.

Mcgee was his selfish immature self again not listen to gibbs and bitching when ever gibbs gave him a order you think he would know better by now and him and Ziva invading Tony personal life by spying on his computer and people wonder why we hate Mcgee and Ziva.

They are hippocrates Mcgee and Ziva are


the headlap is Gibbs Thing

by Ziva doing it to tony it make it seem like their getting rid of gibbs and replacing him with Ziva who the gibbs in season 1 would of NEVER allowed to be brought back to the team.

And for all you Kate haters just reminder if it was not for Kate NCIS would of been cancel after season 2 so


my god whats wrong with you people it was a loving head slap ziva gave tony she knows tony is the SFA and ziva knows this.also wish some of you would realise ziva is far better than kate ever was,finally my dear friend michael i listen to other people;s view but when they talk nonsense i cant be quiet.


I noticed the several redheads in this episode, wondering what gives. I too expected Lauren Holly to show up! As for the headslap, Tony deserved it and Gibbs let him know. Interesting interpersonal development. I liked the episode and have to agree that they just keep getting better.In the previews it shows them on a transport with a flag draped container. I hope it isn't Ms. Flores - I'd like to see her reunited with her dad.


Note all the redheads in tonight's episode... not just Shannon redux, but the Chaplain, one of the women who taught at the school in Afghanistan. At one point, I was expecting to see Lauren Holly walk in.


I loved the opening flashback with Shannon basically telling Gibbs to get on with his life. I hope that helps move him along.

I am also wondering if this is an episode unrelated to the plotline involving SecNav or if it somehow all fits together...


"In my opinion the Gibb's head slap by Ziva to Tony only points out the fact that she is now equal with him and it says to me that she is slowly taking the place of Gibbs in Tony's working world. Don't read so much into it M..."

What the hell?

Tony is the SFA. He is the veteran agent. When Gibbs is absent, it is he who is the team lead. Ziva is only some random rookie agent with minimal law enforcement experience and even less of that spent as time as fully fledged Special Agent of the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service. It would be Tony who should be taking Gibbs' place in Ziva's professional life.

"And to the nutter who misses ej "

Well, in a perfect world we would have Kate back, or Paula Cassidy, or Lara Macy. But this isn't a perfect world. I would take EJ as the leader of a B team over Ziva on this show in a heartbeat. At the very least EJ is not some improbably young, impossibly smug SPESCHUL Mary Sue who bends reality around her finger.


To all the "head slap" haters who are continuing to make this an issue...

IT'S A TV SHOW!!!!!!

Get over yourselves! If you don't wan to be offended about anything or anyone, go watch the Cartoon Network or SHUT UP!

Great episode...can't wait until next week.


Yep,...just another NCIS classic!
I have to admit though that TVFanatic's preview photo having Ziva's pic with the episode title "Engaged" totally deceived me into thinking that the story plot would center around her getting engaged---whoa, what a 'curve' that was for me as I anticipated the development of a 'serious romance' subplot for Ziva!!?....yep,...fooled again!


Hi Janet and Tiva -
Was this Episode not one of the best of the Season? I think so.
They are getting better and better every week. A very touching storyline.
Well done - Probie female writer....
You are so right about 'him' Janet and 'her' as well.
In my opinion the Gibb's head slap by Ziva to Tony only points out the fact that she is now equal with him and it says to me that she is slowly taking the place of Gibbs in Tony's working world. Don't read so much into it M...
And to the nutter who misses ej - oh, that's right, you are the one who is dissing Ziva naturally, YOU seem to be alone in that - well, except for 'him' and 'her' which I am sure we will now hear from.
The FULL Tony Bucket List is now out and 'him' and 'her' are not gonna like it Janet, but most of us will. Last one on the list says "Tell Her" ! ummm??? Wonder just who they mean by that eh ?

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