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Imagine if G and chuck hooked up ! ROFL

she gave ivy her phone number, so perhaps this is part of the storyline..


i love georgie, she should be regular so as jack bass

i dont get why bland fake charlie is regular.


A character that really needs to be a regular.


You guys, Ausiello said that the 100th episode will be about the Blouis wedding although the plot will be equally distributed between Blair and Serena because they are the main core of the show. And that the kiss in the Sleep no More episode will be followed by a slap (I can't post links, TV Fanatic will erase my comment, but it's in the TV line site, the Ask Ausiello section).


No, you're not alone. I think Georgina is one of the most overrated GG characters.
Bring back Carter, then I'll be excited.
Georgina post S1 is just all hype.
What is it people see in this character??!! Eh.


I love Georgina as a character so I'm looking forward to this!


I guess I am the only one who dislikes Georgina. It could be the writing but every appearance after the first season she has been pointless and added nothing to the plot. Also Michelle Trachtenberg does a bad job (which is weird because she was amazing as Dawn on Buffy) as Georgina, she talks very stilted. What was the point of her showing up last season? Or the baby thing still confounds me. I hate when they have a guest star just get people all stirred up and nothing happens.


I agree! Carter Baizen (a.k.a the only guy with whom Serena had chemistry with IMO) NEEDS to come back. He was justvthe right amount of wicked sexy guy we need in this show.
Also very happy that Georgina is back. She's classic Gossip Girl but I hope they gind a way to use her more creatively this time.
Also like Juliet so I won't mind seeing her return!


YAY for Georgina RETURNING!
I still think she should've been promoted instead of that annoying twat Charlie/Ivy. Now if Juliet and Georgie could tag team together I'd be COMPLETE!


Tell Jesus the bitch is back!

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