Hawaii Five-0 Review: Welcome to Margaritaville

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From Chin Ho proposing to the guys from Seal Team 9 tagging along to help rescue Steve, this episode of Hawaii Five-0 turned out to be quite a rollercoaster ride, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Okay, Chin Ho fans, who’s happy that he's marrying the woman who broke up with him when he was suspected of stealing from the police department? It's something we can all consider: how much are you willing to forgive the person you love most?

It’s easy for us as spectators to pass judgment on fictional characters, but I want you to think for a moment: what if the situation was real? Could you forgive the person you truly love for believing the worst about you? It’s a tough call. Thankfully, most of us will never need to make.

Helicopter Escape

Now we move on the sad part. I hope you and Josh find each other on the other side, Jenna. Rest in peace, knowing that Steve will take your murder out on Wo Fat, a tiny painful bit at a time.

Steve never believed the worse about you. He saw who you really were and was willing to forgive your mistake, even if it was big enough to land him as a prisoner in Korea.

I know some TV Fanatics were hoping that a different female was killed by Wo Fat. Personally, I enjoyed watching Lori shoot the RPG and blow up the bridge. From all the camera angles they showed it from, I’m guessing they got one try at that stunt. It was enough, it was awesome. 

It was good to see Commander Gutches (David Keith) again. I really enjoyed the tie-in to the earlier episode, with Seal Team 9 owing Steve for a skydive catch of one of their team members. Wait! We also had the double whammy of Joe White (Terry O’ Quinn) working together with Gutches throughout the episode. I think my man crush may have just expanded a little.

Did anyone else catch Danny’s Margarita reference to Jimmy Buffett? Sadly, I couldn’t figure out how to get it in the quotes section for this episode, but it was great enough that I had to mention it. Speaking of Buffett, for the second time in as many weeks, we have been treated to some decent screen time with our guest start. How awesome was this iconic singer as the grizzled war vet helicopter pilot? I loved him!

Was anyone else actually glad when Wo Fat got away? He is such a great nemesis, I was dreading him getting killed or captured and the story ending abruptly, so I was relieved to see him trudging through the jungle. 

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the day Steve makes him pay for his father’s and Jenna Kaye’s death. But I want Steve to be do it personally not to have it be random gun fire in the jungle.

Finally, I have to mention my on going crush: Lori. The hug she gave Steve clearly shows her loyalties don't lie with the Governor any more, if they ever did. So, come on now. Tell me some new members joined the I Love Lori Club this week. Anyone?


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@amazingalex The sides comes always for the official press release you can read what is gonna happen in that episode and Lori seems to be in it when I have a link to these sides i'll will post it here!


@Tamara...what is a side? Where did you see it? I thought they had not filmed past the holiday hiatus shows.


Just find out that Lori is in the sides for 2.14 *burf* so there go's my hope for the 12 episodes she contract for she stay's!!! Damnit!


@ Stacey...Hey, if you don't like him, that's fine, you have that right. But just because my opinion is different from yours does not mean that I am making excuses for anyone. I believe he did not mean anything by that and that is my right. I don't agree with people who like the Lori character, but that does not mean that I don't respect their right to disagree. I'm happy for you that you have never been misunderstood or said anything that was taken out of context. By the way, his girlfriend, who I am sure he has been seeing for awhile, is an American and who he claims to love. So why would he piss off her family and a entire country. He understands that this is where his career would take off, that is why he worked so hard to get here. How many Americans have pissed off other countries by saying things that were misunderstood?


@Mike...sounds good to me. Can she make us forget it too??? I would like Lori to just be a bad dream!


@Stacey...this is the first time I have ever had to make an excuse for AOL. He is very loved by his fans and that is for a reason. You took it as an insult and some of us didn't. I am not one to give two hoots for any celebrity, I think they are all way too hyped and full of themselves. I was impressed with Alex and I thought when he talks he is humble. I dont get that he thinks he is all that and that is what I like about him. To each his own. I like that he seems so down to earth. I am quite sure we have all said things that we may not have meant and how would we feel if it was captured on camera. Sometimes things come out wrong. I personally did not find it insulting in the least!


@Amazing Alex and Zia,
Alex was insulting to the Americans and there is no excuse for it. He said we don't get irony and some of the irony from the show is lost on us. What? I thought Americans wrote the show and put the irony in it. Hello?
He needs to take a humble pill. He has changed into something I don't recognize any more. He is being paid by Americans and lives in America. He'd be smart to remember that. Why do Alex fans always make a million excuses for everything he does?


OK, here's how I see it: In the final episode of the season, Kono will have had enough of this scrawny blonde and open up a can of whoopass on her. She will end up in a tide pool somewhere covered with opihi's and won't remember anything that happened in the last year... :)


@John...I totally get the frustration. I have been on the brink of not watching because of lori too. But then I realized there is no way she is a keeper. They must see that. They are getting tons of negative feedback about her character. I just decided to watch in spite of her and enjoy this fantastic show. I would hate for me to be part of the ratings to go down. AOL, Grace Park, Scott Caan, and Daniel Dae Kim deserve better then that from us fans. They didn't hire her, why should they suffer because of one person. I agree with you that it is highly possible she has not had her contract extended, I just tell myself she may be on for the full season to prepare myself for the worse case scenario.


I probably won't quit watching I do want the show to stay on for a long long time, but frustration sometimes sets in. I for one think she will be gone after her 12 eps are up, usually they announce if a contract is extended fairly early. I may be wrong hope not. If they do keep her on I hope they at least remove her from the team and place her in some other roll, that would not be my first choice but would be acceptable.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Danny: Do me a favor and watch yourself
Steve: I'll think about you the whole time.

Chin Ho: This should have been on your finger a long time ago
Malia: Chin Ho Kelly, I would love to be your wife.