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Ohh where to begin!

@Amazing Alex. You could be right. Maybe its less offensive in Australia. I know Rihanna when challenged by a journalist on her use of the word said that it is less demeaning in Barbados where shes from. However, and get this right Amazing Alex, within American English usage the C word is absolutely at par with the N word. The Mirriam Webster definition calls it "obscene, disparaging and deragotory reference to a woman".

You must not have read my post coz I DID correct Silky and point out that he did NOT say the N word.

Thirdly statements made in interview do not fall under that privacy umbrella you are claiming, not even the most deft of politicians would even claim such a thing. Public statements will attract public scrutiny and rightfully so. Finally, your zealousness is to be commended but be careful that you dont run people off this board or turn them off O'loughlin with the aggressive attacks at any criticism levelled at him. I know I'm not the first to tactfully suggest this to you.

@Zia. Very wise post. People do take things differently. And I'm willing to bet that theres a section of more casual viewers who saw what I saw and may not give him a second shot. Which would be a tragedy really.

@Diane. I do agree that generally he comes across as sweet and funny. And very very huggable. Not all the time, but 98% of the time. I can work with that.

Hopefully that covers all ground. On to less contraversial topics. Soooo new episode Monday huh?


I watched the video twice and I agree with Zia.


I have read all of your comments. We can agree to disagree. I have seen a lot of Alex's interviews and some are very good, some make him look like a dork. I've been a fan for a long time and agree with Amazingalex and Zia that most of what I have seen of Alex as a person I like. Nobody's perfect.
Below are comments that he has made which I took off of his fan website, it is quotes like these that make me a fan. Judge for yourself.

Yeah, I do have a great fanbase, and they’re wonderful. They’ve been very supportive of my career and very understanding of my life and the fact that I’m not very good at blogging or Twittering or anything like that. — Movieline, April 19, 2010

When I first read the script, one of the initial things that came to me was the obvious potential for community service, and this sort of philanthropic idea of maybe being involved with Donate Life America or any company that would come onboard with us. —, October 2, 2009

… none of your love and hard work ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated. It is something in my life that helps me find the energy I don’t always think I have, to get through another long work day and stay inspired. — MySpace Blog, July 30, 2009

It was a lengthy negotiation process. It was important to me that the integrity of the original show be maintained. I’m excited about the creative team behind the project, and I think it’s going to be a fresh and fun revamp of the show. — American Way, April 1, 2010

TV scares the shit out of me. With all due respect, it’s a business about numbers and how many people are watching. — GQ Australia, November 2011
As an Aussie playing this hugely iconic American character, I feel truly honored. Thanks for trusting me! — InStyle, April 2011

He’s the best 14-year-old around. I want him to have every opportunity I ever had and the ones I didn’t. — GQ Australia, November 2011

Avatar last thing and this is the last time I respond to anything about him as a person as it is none of our business nor is this website about him, it is about H50. You should be very careful about bringing the n word into your comments and wrapping it in with the c word. Alex has never said the n word and you are making people think he did. You should clarify your words as it is irresponsible to make it sound as though he has used that word which is wayyy worse then the c word. You should put another post up clarifying what you meant. You already had someone responding as though he used that word. That is very wrong of you!

And with that I think I am done talking with you about him.


@drats..I did watch the unedited version and did not see what you saw. They have an obvious rapport with each other and she brought up him being naked again after he made the valcon grip comment. When he said he is not good at twittering or his emails she asked him if he ever tried it naked, she is the one who was being innappropriate not him. And it ended in a friendly manner not abrupt like you said. Either way you see it one way I saw it totally different. Peace.

As for making excuses for the c word...I did not do that. He said the word I didn't and I never have nor will I ever. He is an adult and can make his own decisions. I am not his publisist so I dont feel a need to cover for him or his words. They are what they are. And it is possible that word does not carry the weight in Australia that it does here.(not an excuse just an comment) I am not going to pick apart his words or his interviews. He is a great actor and I love what he has done with steve mcgarrett and H50 and that is all I care about. Who he is as a person, none of us really really know. I think he seems like a nice guy and you dont, it is all good. Peace out!


@ Drats.... I just watched the link you showed us. I don't see what you are so upset about.

The interviewer who he obviously knew from before, started joking with him, when she asked him about his exercise routine, he explained "when I know they are gonna want me to take my clothes off, I do curb the french toast and syrup". Then the interviewer said, "could you say that again, when I take my clothes off". Then she goes into how Scott would not take his clothes off for her, but showed her his abs in the elevator. Again, this
is not anything all that shocking. They are in the same building and he is wearing the same shirt as the other interviews that were shown for the european market. Which means the cast all had several interviews that day.
Again, I did not see how he "went off on her" about the social networking, he answered the question. What was wrong with that?
He did say, "it just s####'s me" which was not bleeped, but the 2nd time it was bleeped. The rest of the interview went pretty much the same.

Someone interprets one way and someone else interprets another. I'm glad you put the link in so people can decide for themselves. If this is something that makes someone uncomfortable, then just watch the TV show, and don't watch the interviews. I've seen all celebrities act this way, both male and female. It gets old, but I don't think its anything shocking.

I just think people see things differently and we all need to keep that in mind when we make judgements. I try to judge the whole person, not just one or two interviews, but all the statements and actions that are made, because sooner or later they are going to say something that is going to rub someone the wrong way. I try not to be so sensitive.



To be clear, Alex has never in public the N word. I was just saying that the C word is as bad as that word and is unacceptible.

I wont tell you what the C word literally means because this is a site accesible to kids and also I dont know how old you are. I'll just say that its a deeply mysogyinistic word that dehumanizes an entire gender by reducing them to a body part. Like other deragatory words, there is NO context in which it can be used casually. Period. He gets no pass from me there.

Alex has the looks, charisma and talent to break out of television but he needs to watch that mouth or it will cost him big.


To drats
i was reading all comments, but i don't know the meaning of N word and C word.I was just wondering.



You may need to view the UNCUT interview here When she asks him about twitter his face grows dark and he spits out, very audibly, the words "it just sh*ts me", she looks really horrified and begins to explain that "people have been wondering" and its only at that point that he explains the voyerism concerns.

If you are watching the edited interview it seems like she raised the nudity topic. Watch the full UNCUT, he brought it up, she ran with it. Infact at some point during the "naked exchange", she tells him that "when you said that I got my final question" meaning your people have indicated that I need to wrap up. He himself jokes about how panicky the publiscists in the room are.

Finally, we dont make excuses for certain words. The N word and the C word especially.

I love Alex. I do! I mostly like his colorful way of expressing himself but I'm not a typical viewer in that I'm not a parent and frankly not that into network TV (other than H50) anyhow. Ultimately H50 is not Hung - Thomas Jane would be forgiven and even expected to act like this. Its a network family show and his public persona for the duration of the show needs to reflect that. I still love you though, Alex


The press release for 2.12 just came out. Still pictures are coming soon. I am interested to see them. This could be one intense epi!!! Cannot wait.

December 19th is a repeat epi 1.20. And I am thinking the following week will be a repeat as well.

Cannot wait for the new year for all the new epis!!

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