Hawaii Five-0 Review: Welcome to Margaritaville

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From Chin Ho proposing to the guys from Seal Team 9 tagging along to help rescue Steve, this episode of Hawaii Five-0 turned out to be quite a rollercoaster ride, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Okay, Chin Ho fans, who’s happy that he's marrying the woman who broke up with him when he was suspected of stealing from the police department? It's something we can all consider: how much are you willing to forgive the person you love most?

It’s easy for us as spectators to pass judgment on fictional characters, but I want you to think for a moment: what if the situation was real? Could you forgive the person you truly love for believing the worst about you? It’s a tough call. Thankfully, most of us will never need to make.

Helicopter Escape

Now we move on the sad part. I hope you and Josh find each other on the other side, Jenna. Rest in peace, knowing that Steve will take your murder out on Wo Fat, a tiny painful bit at a time.

Steve never believed the worse about you. He saw who you really were and was willing to forgive your mistake, even if it was big enough to land him as a prisoner in Korea.

I know some TV Fanatics were hoping that a different female was killed by Wo Fat. Personally, I enjoyed watching Lori shoot the RPG and blow up the bridge. From all the camera angles they showed it from, I’m guessing they got one try at that stunt. It was enough, it was awesome. 

It was good to see Commander Gutches (David Keith) again. I really enjoyed the tie-in to the earlier episode, with Seal Team 9 owing Steve for a skydive catch of one of their team members. Wait! We also had the double whammy of Joe White (Terry O’ Quinn) working together with Gutches throughout the episode. I think my man crush may have just expanded a little.

Did anyone else catch Danny’s Margarita reference to Jimmy Buffett? Sadly, I couldn’t figure out how to get it in the quotes section for this episode, but it was great enough that I had to mention it. Speaking of Buffett, for the second time in as many weeks, we have been treated to some decent screen time with our guest start. How awesome was this iconic singer as the grizzled war vet helicopter pilot? I loved him!

Was anyone else actually glad when Wo Fat got away? He is such a great nemesis, I was dreading him getting killed or captured and the story ending abruptly, so I was relieved to see him trudging through the jungle. 

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the day Steve makes him pay for his father’s and Jenna Kaye’s death. But I want Steve to be do it personally not to have it be random gun fire in the jungle.

Finally, I have to mention my on going crush: Lori. The hug she gave Steve clearly shows her loyalties don't lie with the Governor any more, if they ever did. So, come on now. Tell me some new members joined the I Love Lori Club this week. Anyone?


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@Plainjane...thank you I needed to hear that. I seriously felt depressed after reading that.


Hopefully that article is a lot of fluffy spin. She has also said that she hopes nothing happens between McGarrett and Weston because she doesn't think she'd last long after that. Her manager/agent/publicist has/have like told her to keep up the happy talk. She's not going to mention if there's trouble in paradise.


@zia..you actually may have been the one to tell me about aol rocks. Love that site. I was really suprised that LG seems to think the fans want a romance between her character and steve. Is she in the dark as to how the majority of fans do not like lori or is she trying to irritate us??? I dont think she has a pulse on what fans want at all. I think she is here for the full season too. SIGH!!! I can tolerate it as long as they dont go the romance route. Those episodes will have to be missed in my home. I could not watch that. If they stay true to Steve Mcg they will not go there.


@martinelli..yeah that is the one. What was your take on it??


@ amazingalex... Thanks for the info. I know about the AOL rocks fan site, I wasn't sure what BTS was and now I know. I read the article on Lauren German and I think you are right, she will be here until the end of the season at least. I hope there is not any romance between Lori and Steve. I was thinking that they were starting to back off a little, but now who knows. Maybe she just said that to get her critics angry? Anyway I will just try to enjoy the upcoming episodes. I'm looking forward to tonights episode, looks good. Thanks again for the clarification.


Those of us who dont like lori..... Lauren German did an interview for a magazine in the phillipines and she does not sound like she is going anywhere anytime soon. The interviewer asked if there was going to be a romance between lori and steve and LG seemed to think the fans want that.(umm no they dont) SHe said she has not seen anything yet in the scripts but that that does not mean it could not happen in the future.....ugg she used the word "future"!!! And she seems to be in favor of a romance between the two. She also goes on and on about how similiar her character is to steve mcg......???????????? Really?? I see none!! From what I got from the article she is thinking she is a permanent part of the H50 team. No inkling that this is a temporary job for her. SIGH!!!!!!!!!! My hopes and dreams for this show without lori were dashed a little!


@Zia...oh and BTS means Behind the Scenes. They are taken during the filming of the show.


@Zia..Your welcome!!! I saw them on the twitter account for a Alex fansite. It is called aol rocks and they update on all things H50 and Alex. It showed up yesterday. IF you google aol rocks her site will come up and on the home page you will see the twitter stream. It should be towards the top of the tweets, they have a link. There is not a closeup of steve but enough that you can see his face and he is with the man with the hood tied around his neck and steve looks ANGRY!!! It does not seem like a typical arresting the bad guy situation. I thought maybe it was something to do with the gone forever theme from the 2.12 epi.


@ amazingalex, I don't know what BTS is. I have seen some pictures of the 2-13 episode, but none where you see a close up of Steve's face, but the hooded person does go off the cliff. Where did you see these? Thanks for letting us know.


If anyone is interested there are new still pictures BTS of 2.13 up. Steve has someone with a hood tied around his head and he is seeming to be pushing him around near the ocean on some big rocks and steve looks PO'd. Not sure who it is but i am thinking it is wo fat related. Steve has a very angry expression so not a typical arresting a bad guy situation. Lori is in one too but not with steve, she is with danny. Also one of kono and chin working together. Looks like another nail biter epi.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Danny: Do me a favor and watch yourself
Steve: I'll think about you the whole time.

Chin Ho: This should have been on your finger a long time ago
Malia: Chin Ho Kelly, I would love to be your wife.