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As hope dies last, I think they are filming 2x12 and 2x13 now @Tamara, since two weeks ago Lauren posted pictures of her on set of 2x11 on twitter. She was dressed like this new promo. They don´t shoot so far ahead! So we can only hope that she´s doing her final scenes.
Apparently the inside sources that were revealed earlier here are accurate, because she´s been tweeting pictures with Scott but that´s it! It appears to be her only friend on set.



Not cruel in my book I'll will give a party LOL....... last hope then the Gov will fire her and send her back to the Mainland I want her gone how that doesn't matter!!


I still praying that after 2.13 it's over for Lori BTW this episode will air January 2 we only have a hiatus for 2 weeks and I think they shooting 2.14 now so yes officer Weston will continue to stay UGH!!! You can't tell me that Peter doesn't see all of this; the negative reactions, the tweets, the reviews and posting concerning this character. It makes me wonder what it will take for him to finally react and do what is best for the show and cut Lori loose.


@Tamara - "I hope Wo-Fat will kill her off in the finale!!"

That's not possible! To end a season like this is cruel. I guess it will be some kind of surprise for us at the end, like in season 1 but not like this.


sorry,it's 'I'm afraid I can not do the same thing'


Hey guys,I've seen the promo of next week's new episode too.
And yeah,unfortunately Lori will still be everywhere as she did in earlier eps.
I admire you for your persevere and your love for the show.
I'm afraid I can do the same thing,I'm not sure I could endure watching for how long,maybe one more episode.
God I don't know.


I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but I think we all need to accept the fact that the NEW LEAD character on Hawaii Five O is Lori Weston. She is being groomed to take over Steve's job. We either have to get used to it or say Aloha (which I'll be doing after this season). She has single handidly ruined a great show. With all the negative feedback CBS has received from thousands of fans of late, Lori Weston's character is STILL on. The executives on CBS are just that, executives. No one said they were intelligent...


Oh and a big YES to max and lori. Get her away from steve. Far far away.

And what is up with her tweeting pics of her and scott!!!!! Her tweets are odd. She only has 2,000 followers so she def has not taken off with the fans.


@Tamara...I am worrying less and less about steve and lori getting put together on the show. I am quite sure alex has some say and he is very protective of his character and wants steve to be written correctly. And the steve Mcg we have all come to know and love would never hook up with one of his team. It is like rule #1 in the ethics and I am quite sure in the military code he lives by. ALex talks quite a bit about how he protects the integrity of steve so I am going to not worry about it.

That look lori gave steve got ZERO response from him so she can look all she wants but she just looks foolish. Hey she has got good taste, he is a hottie!! LOL!


@Tamara, Hey I think Max and Lori would be good, especially after the "Grease" costumes. I liked Catherine also, but I don't think she is coming back. Although, they did leave it open. I'm hoping McG finds someone normal, and who will settle him down a little, showing the Lori character how really stupid she looks going after her boss.

I guess we can hope. I'm really looking forward to the next 2 episodes. I do love this show, despite someone annoying in it.


@Zia............I hope i am wrong first of all I love Malia and just like Catherine she shows up once in a while what is perfect for me I love that we finally have a cop show who also shows some private life of or main cast we don't see that often.

Second it would be cute if one of the team have a happy life and Malia is perfect for Chin and Catherine is perfect for Steve IMO! Hope Steve will soon go to Mubai to meet her again so Lori knows he is not available for her she can have Max LOL

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