Grey's Anatomy Review: And The Beat Goes On...

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Oh, George O’Malley. It seems like forever ago that you were called 007 and fixing hearts in elevators. Having your mom check into the hospital was instant emotion, and it was great. So let’s waste no more time, get ready to stare at the "Heart-Shaped Box."

This episode pulled at the heart strings in the simplest of ways, but also had some light, fun moments. Let’s start there...

Lexie Bangs

The Plastics Posse. One word. Hilarious. The characters of Sloan and Avery have really found a footing that is enjoyable to watch. They have been providing the laughter in the past several installments of the series. Sloan talking with Derek and Alex about it was funny enough, but the make up scene between the boys was perfection. The love triangle is definitely moving forward after Jackson kicked Lexie to the curb. 

Shippers are up in the air about this. Many think Lexie is immature, she doesn’t deserve either, blah blah. I personally think she’s the luckiest girl on the show. But she has now found herself alone. It’s about time Jackson smartened up and realized the situation and its longevity. How long until Lexie is falling back into the McSteamy trap? Kudos to Avery for being mature and handling things so well. That man just gave us something else to admire... about him besides those eyes and abs.

The Men of Lexie Grey

“I will not have another O’Malley lost under this roof!” Debra Monk returned as Mrs. O’Malley and brought some serious memories with her. George is not a character I think about much, not even one I miss the most. But, boy, can you not help but love his mother. Her interactions with everyone were excellent, it was like no time had passed since Monk last played the character.

The scene with her and Callie (Remember Callie O’Malley!!!) after her procedure was raw and perfect. It was so long ago that Callie was her daughter-in-law, it feels like another lifetime. Having Monk come back was a wonderful idea on the writers' part. I can't be the only one who enjoyed it.

Doctor Teddy Altman

Even though 007 was not the best character to walk the halls of Seattle Grace, he provided one of the best twists on television. Ever. Who else remembers George’s mangled face and Meredith’s reaction to discovering who the John Doe was? Top five best Grey’s scenes of all time.

The Bailey Battle. Meredith and Miranda went head to head once again. After the previous fight on the baseball field, I thought we were past this. Looks like Bailey is starting to come around and, although Meredith was completely wrong with what she did, it is about time. These two work best together when on the same team, so let’s get there, ladies.

Ted and Hen

After Thoughts...

  • Is it me or does Scott Foley get better looking with each episode? 
  • Speaking of... since when is it okay for husbands to watch from the gallery? Henry’s coughing up blood is not looking too good. Any guesses on what’s next for him?
  • Alex admits to not thinking about George because it leads to him thinking about Izzie. He needs a new girl and fast.
  • Less Kepner tonight. Who was pumped about it?
  • Alfre Woodard guest starred as the author patient of Derek’s and Lexie’s. This was one case that although wasn’t too interesting or emotionally invested that was enjoyable. Plus, her voice is awesome.
  • A sweater set. Bailey is always on with the perfect advice for her children residents. Hopefully the sweater can help in the Zola situation next week.
So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy "Heart-Shaped Box” or was it a let down? Who else was emotional watching Mrs. O’Malley? Make you long for the days of early seasons? Sound off and let us know what you thought. Make sure to check back for the latest Grey’s Anatomy Round Table in the near future, too. Until next week...


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Really enjoyed last nights episode. I hope Henry doesn't die because I really like his character and what he brings to the show - warmth. In regards to the Med school thing, it's all about being able to have dreams now. But, the scene at the end is not boding well for that any more. He's a nice guy and deserves another break, Sondra! Please!


Favorite quote - by Alex: George is gone, Izzie's dead, and we're all different. Sums it up for me!


Seems as if the Grey's I loved is running out of steam. The characters are rarely true to themselves and the situations often ridiculous, so far from reality.... Need to wind it up. They've grown up, let them go.


liked the, finally Bailey fessed up on why she was acting like she was. happy to see that relationship back on the mend. They need to show Mer succeed majorly as a surgeon and fast, i feel really angry that the writers are shoving Lexie down our throats as Mer's replacement!! every time she is with Derek in surgery, every time they share a success and he teaches her sth i feel like i want to scream that it should have been Mer in Lexie's place!!! i was perfectly fine when there was no Lexie in the first couple of eps but if you are going to bring her back can you not make her revel in her sister's troubles pls??!!! everything else was realy nice and i must say that this is the first ep when i felt sth for Jackson, he has found his place for me, it's next to Mark, they make hell of a team and he is manning up and it makes him look good. practically no Kepnner was such a good thing i can't even begin to say. Callie and Mrs O'Mailey were heart breaking maybe they will make an arc about her becoming like a mother to Callie after all her mother abandoned her. seeing our trio in the bar at the end was such a classic Grey's scene, it was just perfect. and getting Alex's competition into the bar so that he could hear that was a nice touch, seems an easy way out for the writers but i appreciate that they did it in the bar and not the hospital. this kind of coincidences and accidental sightings have always happened at Jo's, it's tradition.


Henry...about time people noticed him...he was serious eye-candy on The Unit. I definitely hope he endures, but med school? Not so much! Bailey and Mer need to have it out once and for all. The sweater set comment was priceless! I have never been a fan of Lexie and Mark...think I am the only one on earth who feels this way. Seriously like Lexie and Karev a couple years ago...the massacre season. I do miss George...interesting they thought he would be head resident! That scene when Meredith realizes the John Doe is George was amazing. Izzie? Nope don't miss her. Liked the scene with Mrs O'Malley and Callie...skip right over the lesbian stuff to the baby! Afterall, what is important?
The real highlight of this show were the "scenes from next week's episode." What now? I sure hope a major character is not eliminated.......


I'm surprised that fewer people talked about Cristina's Heart-in-a-Box story. I thought that was the best story. Teddy has spent all this time to get Cristina to learn humility and now that she has learned it she gets to learn to be a super star again. Before Cristina didn't dream, she just did. Now more and more possibilities will be open to her. Someday she will be a better cardiac surgeon than any of her teachers. I liked the Callie/George's mom story because it shows how much Callie has grown since she was with him. She was a total disaster at that time. Remember her living in the basement of the hospital. Now she has a stable, happy relationship, a baby, a solid best friend, and exciting work to do. I hope they don't let Henry die too soon after he and Teddy figuring out they are really in love. They are probably setting it up for Teddy to be single so that she can hook up with someone else or leave. I fear it will be Owen. I hope it will be Alex. He's so very expressive and handsome...and he DOES get better looking with every episode. I love Bailey and Meredith. Just like a mother and daughter, once the young one has "grown up" (George's mom acknowledged that she is "all grown up") they have to establish a new dynamic as equals. They are starting to do that.


Hands down the best line of the night Alex: "George was a creep.", Christina: "Do you remember when you gave him syphilis?" . Classic Greys. I loved George's mom coming back too, felt like old greys.


I'm soo over bailey being a total bitch to mer..


seriously 3.7 ? it's way above3.7


I'd seize too if I had to listen to Lexie go on and on. I hope they give Derek someone decent to work with. I'd be fine if they could figure out a way to keep Henry and get rid of Teddy.

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