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Liked some of the episodes, but wouldn't go as far to say is Loved. If Ellen/Patrick are going to leave, would like to see the house finished before season, and some brilliant reason why they are leaving, something to beleieve. Don't want the zola issue brought back, hope it sticks, I just don't believe that it is all that they are about (Meredith and Derek) as to having a kid and that it is there only story. I do agree that Christina has give an outstanding performance this season, love her, along with Richard and Alex.


Best Character: I'm gonna go with the originals; Meredith, Christina and Alex.

Worst Character: April, She's funny sometimes but just wish she did more or something.

Most Underused: Alex; I wish we could actually see him happy in a relationship and get some flashbacks of his past, we hear it but dont see it. Would be interesting.

Favorite Guest Stars: O'Malley's Mother was really awesome. / Anyone from "Private Practice", I love the cross-overs.

Best Episode: They keep getting better for me, so all of them.

Worst Episode: Havent seen one in any of the "Grey's Anatomy" episodes. (I literally love every episode)

Hopes for 2012:
1) Another cross-over episode with people we havent seen on "Grey's Anatomy" yet,(Violet, Pete, Charlotte, Cooper) or havent seen on "Private Practice" yet,(Alex, Meredith, Christina, Derek)
2) The Dream House Built.
3) Alex finding love.
4) More Webber and Adele, I wanna see more of the Alzhiemers storyline.
5) To see Izzie or Burke return for an episode.


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Best Character: mmmmm Yang, because she got to show so much range. She's been fun to watch and she's grown. Second best: for me is Avery. He finally got back to being the badass surgeon that he came in as. He's handled the entire Lexie and Sloan thing so maturely...I loved it, his speech when he broke up with Lexie. His bromance with Sloan is fantastic. I just like his character and I'm grateful that they are finally cultivating it, because he's always had so much potential as a character and he was falling short.Third best The chief. Who knew he was so entertaining outside of the desk? I love him!

Worst Character: April. She's underused. I don't get the point of her being there. She can go entire episodes w/o being seen or missed. For the longest I couldn't understand why April, Teddy, Arizona, and even my beloved Avery were granted main character status. April especially was the worst. I still don't get her purpose for being there. She needs a story...or to just be gone.

Most Underused Character: Sloan. I love Sloan and he's been catching it for the past two seasons. Last year he was villianized for knocking up Callie and pretty much spent the entire season being regaled to hapless buffoon or being everyone's punching bag or puppy to be kicked. He was taking the backseat to calzona.This season, I love him as Daddy, and I love his bromance with Avery but I still want more. What happen to him being Derek's best friend? What happen to him flirting with the nurses? What happen to his occasional interactions with Bailey that were laughable? I want more Sloan.

Fave guest star: Debbie Allen just because it's Debbie Allen.

Best Episode: Crazy enough,the boys episode. I tend to like the male characters more than the females on this show. I loved watching it from their perspective, loved watching their issues for a change, it was a much welcomed reprieve. It had the perfect mix of drama and humor and it was just fun. I actually found that to be the most entertaining episode for me.

Worst Episode:The musical...oh wait, that was last season.

Best ongoing storyline: Henry and Teddy. It's funny how all it took was Scott Foley to make Teddy an interesting and actual likeable character. I've enjoyed watching them together. It isn't the first time that I've liked one person and disliked another in a ship (I like Callie but loathe Arizona for example) but Henry made me like teddy. I've actually looked forward to their moments.

Runner Up: The chief getting acclimated to not being the chief. I love him now that he's out of the office. he's awesome. I love how he has this father like relationship with Bailey. I'm still in support of Bailey being pissed...hell she's the only one willing to hold Mer accountable for her idiotic actions and that makes me scream Team Bailey from the rooftop. I love the chief's meddling and interactions with the residents and interns...people he never really got to interact with on a peer level.

Grade: B.

Hopes:They continue to focuse on the original characters and keep the streak of less calzona. Teddy leaves. Alex gets more of a storyline outside of trying to (unneccessairly) redeem himself. Sloan becomes kickass sloan again.


Best Character: Richard, from the moment he stepped down as CoS, he became fun character (excellent performance).
Worst Character: Bailey, totally out of her element this season (love CW so)
Most Underused Character: Alex
Favorite Guest Star: Katherine Jackson and the actress that played the writer
Best Episode: Love loss and legacy.
Worst Episode: -
Worst Ongoing Storyline: Mer/Der/Zola
Hopes for 2012: MerDer 'post-it' marriage is over. All emotional affairs are over..


Grey's returns on Thursday, January 5th!!!!


Disagree! An Easy A for effort. Greys has come full circle in many ways. Sure S7 n most of six was pretty bland but those were growing pains in my opinion, the writers were trying new stories and plots but they came back to the Greys we love. I like the big cast, they have variety and that's great.
We have seen some good stories, excellent medical cases that served as metaphors for the Drs lives. Its been good.

Best ep. Dark was the night.
Best arc: Mer/Der arc with Zola.
Best guest star : Tie between Mama O Malley and Katherine Jackson.
Best couple: Callie and Arizona.
Hopes for 2012 I want to see Zola. The The House. And more of the same.


Hopes for 2012: Lexie and Sloan back together,



well, first of all, you might notice that i am a HUGE teddy/henry fan.... and hopefully soon to be owen/teddy fan since henry is gone :(

best character- teddy. i adore her commitment, confidence, and personality

worst- april! she is absolutly nothing to the show, just an annoying whinner who gives me migranes

fav guest star- henry!

best episode- darkbwas the night, and heart shaped box (lots of suspense at very end with henry throwing up blood)

worst- none so far- luv this show! and i always find something great with every episode

best storyline- teddy And henry. also mer/der/zola

grade- A- keep up the good work GA!

best scene- teddy and henry in the on call room! and when christina finds out it was henry on the table

hopes for 2012-
-owen and teddy get together. christina has absolutly no business with owen. she is a mean person and have nothing in common like teddy and owen do. and maybe teddy even get pregnant! but that seems like a little too much to ask considering many people don't like her character. dont know why though.... shes awesome! like she makes me want to go to med school and be a doctor... is that even normal?!
-meredith and derek get zola! they've worked so hard and they just took her from underbthe now happy couple. And even better- meredith gets pregnant!!!
-april and jackson get together- well thats if april doesnt leave the show!
-lexie and marknget back together- they were always cut out for each other considering the feelingsbshe was having for him when she was with jackson.
-alex somehow finds love and gets that peds fellowship!


when does the next episode air???

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