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i was pissed that they killed off henry, it was too much for a mid season finale. he was so nice and finally teddy was happy but in the spirt of greys anatomy they always have to take away the characters happiness or else their wouldn't be a show but they could have put him in a como or not have lied to teddy. this deserves a b+, they killed henry off to quickly and the bodies in the street after the ambulance rolled over was way to predictable


I want merder to get zola back - they are the perfect family!!
and I've never seen mer so happy as she is when shes with zola and derek!
I want sloan and lexi back together once and for all!!
and I want alex to FINALLY have someone in his life for the long haul!!
He does so much and cares so much about everyone else he deserves someone to care about him and be there for him too.
Hes had so much bad luck in love the past few seasons eversince izzie left its his turn to have love now.


Best characters are Meredith and Derek .
Derek is unbelievable this season ; his facial expressions and emotions are amazing. Without even talking I get what he is trying to tell us, he made me cry a lot this season.
Amazing acting skills


First I wantbto see Mer & Der have their own baby & live in their dream home Its long over due No one has that bad of luck in their life it's time they have good things happen for them pick on another couple for awhile anyway. I also want to see Sloan & Lexy back together already Ita time. It would also be cool if Izzy came back & her & Alex got back together. Come on Shondra give the fans what they want!!


First I want to see Mer & Der Have Their Own Baby & living in their dream home its about time something good happens for them they have always had the worst things happen to them no one has that bad of luck !!Then I would Like to see Slone & Lexy back together already & I would love it if they brought back Izzy and her & Alex got back together !!


Sorry; forgot to add one thing. I really don't like the way Bailey is this season! They used to show her ofter side to her underneath the tough exterior but some of things she says and does don't seem to fit her right.


O.M.G. That was one of the BEST Grey's I have ever seen! I think our mouths literally dropped when we saw those bodies on the street! The f.b. board was getting comments about 5/second! lol! Everything in your article is exactly how I feel! One other thing I was thinking of is if they are going to send Derek to help with his sisters addiction on Private Practice or send her to Greys for an episode?


5th Jan. 2012 !!!! :-O

Man ! I can't wait ! I have already seen " Dark Was The Night " millions time...:(


Oh hell yes ! "A" for this season, undoubtedly ! :))

Season 7 was a disaster, I almost forgot that MerDer, Alex, Christina was the main leads ! So, comparing season 8 has nice focus on MerDer, Alex, Yang that's wat I love !

Best Character : Dr. Meredith Grey ! (Any doubts??)

Worst : April (She deserves it 100%)

All episodes were nice by now ! I am loving season 8 esp that s07 was completely annoying and callizona focused, not I am loving my original cast focus ! :))))

My HOPE LIST for 2012 goes like this ;)

1. MerDer gets baby, and the happily ever after part continues with lil or even big fights, but they stick together, no matter wat !

2. Alex needs to get love and fellowship !

3. Yang should ROCKS !!! dont care with whom...lolz I jst love her as Doc.

4. Mark and Lexie ! Gawd ! I love them, can they stay together man ? I wonder here why the hell they are not using, Mark and Lexie ?? Mark is a brilliant surgeon man ! Any one remembers that or not..??

6. Bailey ! Oh..I love our Nazi lolzz...she should get some importance.

7. Throw April man ! I can't stand her...even after this many seasons, I still don't like April ! I jst don like that April girl at all ! She was LEAST deserving for chief resident, yet she is there and Mer, Alex, Yang is is blue ! God ! Paaalleeeezzz...


B+ for sure. I agree with everything in this editorial. Although I'm not sure about the Lexie Sloan thing. I kinda liked Lexie with Jackson. Sloan needs someone older.

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