Grey's Anatomy Burning Question: How Will Teddy Respond?

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After a heart-wrenching episode Thursday night, Grey's Anatomy left viewers with plenty of unanswered questions heading into 2012. Chief among them: What’s going to happen to poor Teddy?

Kim Raver recently spoke to EW about that very subject ...

“It’s like the time-bomb waiting to explode,” she says.

Doctor Teddy Altman

“I know that she doesn’t just dissolve into a puddle on the floor. It’s not that kind of grieving. I know she will go into ‘Let me try to fix it’ mode. But we don’t know how long that will hold,” says the star.

Not that it's necessarily going to be easy. Moreover, she said, when the show returns from hiatus, the dynamic between Cristina, Owen and Teddy will be unlike any we’ve seen between them before.

“To have the three of them interacting is going to be interesting to watch and to see the outcome from this devastating event weigh on all three of them. The impact of it [will be great].”

And, of course, she says, one of the things that will weigh most heavily on the former Army doc is the suddenness of her husband’s tragic death and the fact that she wasn’t there.

“In her mind, when she talks to him [before surgery], she’s sure she’s going to see him in post-op. It’s not like it was a tricky surgery,” she says. “It’s like when we get in our car - you expect for there to be dangers on the road but you never expect to be flipped upside down. You don’t expect to lose someone so close to you."

"That’s just the horrifying reality she’s going to have to deal with.”

Where do you think the show will take Teddy's character after all this? How will her relationships with Owen and Cristina be affected? Share your comments and predictions in the comments below ...

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jackson and lexie must get married sloan is waaay hurtful and lexie deserves a sweet guy, they are adorable together sloan can find someone else


I love grey's and have NEVER missed a show but this is just ridiculous!! Up until this last show, Grey's has been kinda weak. I'm going to tell you exactly what i want to see. I want Teddy to be distraught and only Owen can help her. I don't like Christina with Owen and I think Owen and Teddy should be together. We could go the rest of the season with Owen comforting Teddy, then they make passionate love and he is stuck between figuring out if he wants a life with Teddy or Cristina. That would just be some good TV.


I think it was horrible that ABC took off Grey's with no warning. I didn't have time to prepare for no Grey's or Private Practice. Private Practice was good but Grey's could have easily had a two hour episode with all of the events in the last episode. I hated it that Henry died.He was perfect for Teddy. I also think that Meredith and Derek need some happiness and need Zola back or get pregnant. Alex also needs Izzy to come back. He needs her to ground him. I can't wait until Jan. I miss GA. By far my favorite TV show!!!


I hate that Henry died too.. they complimented each other so well but come on.. you can't say you didn't see that coming when she chose to be with him..that's the first thing I thought.


I would like to see Meredith and Derick have their own baby.
Does anyone else think Owen is as sexy as I do? he is just so .....yeah!
love my GA, can't wait 'til new season


This is bunk. I think I'm done with this show. As soon as it gets good or you get in the groove of things, they take it away.


If Owen and Christina split up I may have to be done with Grey's Anatomy. The story line between Meredith and Derek have turned them into "an old married couple" with not a lot of the old passion shown anymore. Owen is perfect for Christina. He grounds her. I'm guessing Derek and Meredith are going have truckloads of turmoil again too. I'm just saying, they're getting kind of tired and lame.


Look I think this thing they're doing by splitting the season in half is just a bad idea. i mean if your going to do that at least do a warning! like in ABC Family they have the spring finale and summer finale. they split each season in half but at least is not like they just leave you hanging.... -.-''' they announce it ... >:@


abc i gotta say u have plenty of useless shows on yr could have moved greys anatomy to a different day or time rather than making us wait till january...i love football too but damn....first cougar town and now greys anatomy? really who ever is in charge of making those decisions needs to get fired...move all those stupid game shows or cancel them i dot care bring back mc dreamy and mc steamy


Omgosh. Poor Henry, Christina, Owen & Teddy!!! I mean... why do these things keep happening in Grey's!!!! :/ there's no resolution 4 anything. Don't get me wrong, I luv Grey's but I really hope shonda gets some good stuff 2 happen 2 meredith&christina.....poor them!

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