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rufus: I can't remember the last time i've driven it, but it died as soon as i pulled it out of the garage

best quote ever

perfectly describes his relationship with lily


I didn't find Blair's seduction that "seductive". Maybe because she was talking about food, which personally I don't find that sexy. Oh well.

I also don't get why she was mad at Chuck. She wanted him to kiss her... he did. Was he not supposed because you're engaged? Frankly, not his problem. Don't go asking for kisses when you don't want them. It's obvious she still cares for him, but this plan was just moronic.

And I realize Chuck kissed her to set her free. But even if he didn't (just kissed her instead) I wouldn't see any wrong in his actions.

And how does Diana seem to be EVERYWHERE at this party? A lot of work for one ditzy manwhore. I love how she manipulated the two most stupid characters on the show. Haha.

How desperate is Serena lately? Ooh guy on street! He looks okay! I am going to ask him out. Do I know him? No. Do I know anyone that knows him? No (Well Chivy, but she doesn't count because he knew Ivy not Charlie). Seriousy for a girl with money you'd think she'd have better standards. Oh wait she dated Dan. Zing! I kid Dan, she at least knew him from school. Max came out of NOWHERE.

My guess is Serena and Nate still doesn't know about Charlie being Ivy. They're so dull-witted someone is going to have to spell, oh wait they can't, I mean enunciate each word in front of them for them to get it.

The episode in itself was a slight disappointment, due to its focus being Chivy and Diana.


That was the worst episode of GG in a long time. Everyone was out of character and there was way too much focus on Chivy and the Cougar.

The best episodes were the first few with the Dair moments. It's gone downhill from there.


Hello peeeps,
man i've missed you all, finally finished my exams and essays!
I actually really liked this episode, it brought a lot to the table but yes i do agree that while it did have some things that could have gone better, like dan's scenes and that Ivy didn't realise what Nate was wearing compared to her ex-bf.. the dorota and chuck scene, the fact that blair tried to manipulate chuck and S telling her to let things B and the bombshell at the end of the ep about diana really wanted me to see next weeks ep. plus there's going to be more dan and duck and the end of blouis possible (although i liked blouis - they were cute and different, i think it is time now for soemthing to actually shake up their relationship from the perfect couple). And I want the secret of her the father of blair's baby out!! i think the OMG moments have been taking too long in this season but I am really psyched, this season has gotten fairly good even if it's not like it used to be. as for dair i'm not sure the writers are going to give us many scenes, i just hope they mend their friendship and as for chuck, i like him in the last two eps and tho i still don't like the idea of another chair relapse the chair kiss and slap was quite funny and moving to watch. so in short, chuck is growing on me again, less angst more growth please. loved that chuck was walking monkey in the park - i really like these scenes, give me more. and was i the only one to LOVE Nate and Ivy's scenes ... and whoever said that S was going to hook up with Max - you were right. bit predictable but i liked Max and obviously he's going to be the one to out Ivy now. More nivy kisses please and hopefully more dair/chair coming up please. i don't think this show can survive withou the love triangle. oh and S writing a blog, thank god she's doing something constructive this time!!! starting to like where S and Chuck are going now and thank god for rufus actually having some good advice to dan. would be nice to actually include some - on the phone to jenny, or a letter or postcard for jenny etc - only because i love her and it's like she's died.. having no mention of her at all... seriously it's like when lucas and peyton left in one tree hill (S7) but that's just a minor complaint. can't wait for next ep. who's with me?


I have loved gossip girl since the very beggining. And when I say I love I mean beyond obsession. After 5 seasons the writing isnt as amazing but every show gets that way( The OC, Beverly Hills 90210, The Sorpanos and many others) There are flaws in every episode but theres also postives about each episode as well. The writers cant please all the watchers. And instead of focusing on the negativity they should find things to appriciate such as: the gorgeous clothes, beautiful cast and NYC backdrop, the fact that Vanessa and Jenny are no longer on and try to enjoy whats left of gossip girl.

P.S. If the show bothers you so much then write a letter to the writers.


This has been my beyond favorite show for a while now and I am so disappointed with this season, to be nice, it sucks it is so boring. :( I have so much hope but I think instead of watching Mondays and wasting my time, I will just relive the glory episodes and watch all the other seasons :( I just would be beyond happy if It could go back to the feeling last season and the previous ones where when the promo for the next week was on I was so excited and screaming in anticipation. However this season...... No such luck :( it actually doesn't surprise me that viewership is tanking, because i, myself, am another viewer the show has lost.


I wrote a long post about this and it was sent to "moderation" and never came through. Oh well:

1. When Nate told Chuck "I have faith in you". Natie, you are a ditzy mess, but you have my heart.
2. I liked some moments, like Chuck and Blair in the pond with Monkey, Dorota and Serena trying to reason with Blair, Charlie trying to reason with Nate, Rufus pep talk with Dan (the most excited he has sound about a topic in years), and a little of Diana's plot.
3. I disliked Blair's behaviour, the leading up to the kiss (it was too rushed and I didn't got part of the seduction), Grandfather's creepy involvement in all this.
4. He's a work in progress, but I don't see him regressing back to what he was, and I don't think he's doing this to win Blair back, he has been pretty set so far in keeping her fairytale alive.
5. All of the above, because Diana had way too much luck, their schemes worked in part because things like Max appearance felt of the sky in her lap. Like many have said there is no way you can confuse Nate and Max. And Blair's behaviour, even if caused by pregnancy hormones or her history with Chuck, was way over the top and borderline cruel.
6. Nobody gets this storyline. Other comments on the net say this is to bring down Gossip Girl, but even that doesn't make much sense. Nobody gets why Serena has to be involved in this, and if this is to benefit her or bring her down. Nobody gets why dating a cougar is better for Nate's image than the one he already had. I guess it will be better explained in the next episode.
7. I don't know my favorite moment but this episode had my least favorite moments.


So bored by the whole Chivy storyline. I don't even understand why they had to bring her in. And my ears are getting so tired of hearing her grating voice.

I love Chuck and Blair but their whole storyline this episode was forced and boring. Blair's little scheme was stupid. Why do they keep regressing her? Plus, that kiss was disappointing.

Still holding out for a redeeming episode soon. But so far, most have just seemed like fillers.

Writers, please focus on developing your main characters rather than continuously adding extraneous characters!


1. Anything between Blair and Dorota. Also, all the Macbeth connections.
2. The look on Chuck's face when Blair was goading him. He was trying so hard to restrain himself and then he kind of just attacked her face. Definitely a bittersweet moment.
3. Blair's scheme. It lacked the devious nature we've come to expect from her. You could always make the argument though that her plan was so lame because she is obviously not over Chuck and was using it as an excuse to be around him again.
4. Yes and no. I think his only lapse in bad behavior will be his attempt to stop the wedding. Hopefully. The good behavior is here to stay, but he's doing everything for Blair, whether consciously or subconsciously.
5. Ivy kissing Max. She needs to do something useful or go away.
6. I agree that the Grandfather is doing all of this to gain leverage over Nate. All good politicians have skeletons in their closets. Diana is definitely getting played, I'm just not sure how.
7. The shot of Chuck getting ready for the masquerade ball in Season 1. So evil. So Chuck Bass.


1. They had me at "'Phantom of the Opera' sex game". I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one.
2. I'm not sure there was anything to like in this episode. The Round Table members seem to be reaching for things to like.
3. The "masked ball" was the most disappointing thing. That was the least glamourous, least fun party GG has thrown! I'm sure it's a much better experience in person, but it didn't translate well onto the tv screen.
4. I agree with Courtney. Yes he has changed because he realizes it's in his best interest to change, but I also think he knows deep down it might help him win Blair back. So it's not entirely selfless.
5. Diana was manipulating Ivy & Max too. I guess I find it hardest to belive Iyy & Max mistaking each other for Nate & Serena. HELLO - There's obvious height differences! People don't magically shrink or grow a foot in the dark.
6. I'm not really sure what Grandpa V's plan is, because I don't really see Nate's image being rehabilitated. He's still banging older women, man-whoring around, and not really working. Seriously, Serena has done more work for Diana than Nate has, and Chivy has them both beat!
7. Refresh my memory again about the various masquerade themes? Season 1 = very memorable. Season 4 had Serena getting roofied at the Saints and Sinners ball. What was Season 2 and 3 then? I guess one never forgets their first time! Season 1 set the bar that the other seasons have failed to live up to.
BQ: What was Monkey doing that he wouldn't come when Chuck called him? My money is on humping one of Chuck's pillows. He is Chuck's dog after all.

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