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CHUCK AND BLAIR WERE AMAZING! i'm so happy he finally apologized! =D

great round table this week! but ivy's voice is NOT hot, it's scratchy and squeaky =/ girl needs a cough drop


My favorite quote of the episode was definitely Chuck's apology for everything he did in the past..Ä°t was pure epic and sincere. Ä°t shows that its the starting of something beautiful for Chuck and Blair.
Chuck has finally turned the corner and now he is on the way of making Blair fall for him again.it was so obvious when Louis's only concern was to prevent his finace from falling for Chuck again and immediately after these words Chuck made and epic apology to show that he is taking the first step for making Blair fall for him again. At the end of the episode Blair started to have second thoughts about Louis and Chuck.
I hope Serena can really have a great career as a columnist or anything. she needs it.But she has fallen into the trap of Diana.
OMG Blair's bridesmaid boot camp was epic fail. She was acting like a little spoiled child. And since when Blair is taking permission from someone for to scheme?Ä°s she that desperate for some peoples approve? At the beginning it was Dan she said protect me from my worst insticts now she is asking permission to Louis.Plus princess to be Queen B is like taking one step back falling into being a princess when she is actually a Queen.
I don't care about Dan and his ugly hair. so I won't comment on anything about Dhumps.He is such a yawnfest.He practically killed the glory of this show for me.I hope he never comes back from his book tour.


1. my favorite quote was everything that chuck said to blair. it was heartbreaking and sincere. and what penelope said.

2. i think chuck finally turned the corner i hope to see a happy chuck but would certainly miss the Basstard.

3. probably not but at least at some other field maybe as a stylist or anything to do with fashion her clothes are always the bomb!! especially the blue dress in the party..=)

4. blair's bridesmaids boot camp was funny as hell for me.. i don't i guess i just miss the bossy blair..and miss seeing her with her minions penelope and kati.. btw where is izz? and vanessa should have joined the bootcamp how funny would that be..=D

5. yup. its done..he deserved it he is such a douche.. maybe he'll getanother shot if he stops selling out his fam and friends. its disappointing that his 15 minutes of fame is up but we still don't know how he portrayed jenny..perhaps he wrote something about chuck popping jenny's cherry?

6. definitely NOT!!! though i have to agree chivy's voice is hot but she should rekindle her flame to his hottie chef boyfriend..

7. someone will pretend to be serena again in a masked ball?!



They aren't reactivating Chair, they are giving them a slow rebuild which is GOOD news for them. Dair will "happen" but they will never be a real romance because of two things they've done this season @atm: They are giving Chuck growth and making it all about Blair and second, they've made Serena's feelings about Dan's portrayal of her vs Blair a big factor. Dair isn't dead but any dream of Dair being a real love story? Dead as a doornail. Chuck/Blair and possibly Dan/Serena are the longterm love stories that are being rebuilt. :))

Loved the roundtable by the way. Cannot wait for next weeks Chuck and Blair kiss! :))


I really hope they don't make Dan's character an unsuccessful writer. There should be atleast one character in the series who is successful at what he/she wants to do and Dan was in a roll, I hope they don't make Dan's character a small time writer who got his 15 minutes of glory. Make Dan successful


Yes to all the Chuck and Chuck/Blair comments. I liked most of Blair with her minions, though the hat she was wearing was awful.

More Chuck/Blair next week! (finally)


Like the NY magazine recap said, totally unrealistic that Chuck left the ring at the entrance of the jewelry in the middle of the night, even in hightened reality he should know better. In the TV recapers anonymous site they gave a good reason why he gave away the ring, it is a symbol of the old Chuck and Blair and for them to reunite in the future they need to act like the persons they will be and not the persons they once were.

Ausiello spoilers:

Question: When will we find out definitively who the father of Blair’s baby is on Gossip Girl? We still haven’t seen the paternity test. —SarahAusiello: Exec producer Josh Safran tells me an answer — and a “cemented” one at that — is coming in the next couple of episodes, adding, “We definitely understand and expect people to still be wondering.”

Question: OK, I have a burning question: WTF is up with the photo making the rounds of Gossip Girl‘s Blair getting arrested with a joint and tiara in hand? —BeccaAusiello: Two things to keep in mind: The show has been shooting episodes out of order this season. And there’s a time jump coming up. That’s all I’ll say.


Dear Maribells,

Thanks for pointing things out. However, the show was a total fail also when Chair got together.. they had like


@atm Or more likely, because the show has a nasty habit of turning into Complete Fail without CB interaction, and there's just too much passion and chemistry between them to ever be truly platonic. Last night was the best scene of the season so far- but if that promo is anything to go on, I might like a scene in the next episode even better :)

(Likes sexy business scenes)

(Doesn't care how pervy that makes me)


YAYAYAY! Producers are reactivating CHAIR very early in the season which only means that they will again destroy it.

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