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For some reason I think maybe Diana is Chuck's au pair? the one that he lost his virginity to haha


Oh and another great quote was Chuck explaining to the therapist that he was "taking a stroll in [his] new berluti wingtips" at the start of his dream. Of course Chuck would mention his new shoes during dream therapy. hahaha!


1. There were a lot of good little lines. I love when Chuck said something like "I know they say therapy is a waste of time but you did wonders for my trust issues"! lol too funny! Chuck's whole apology was great and I think Ed has been fantastic this season- best Chuck since season 2. Right now they're striking a good chord with him- he's still smarmy, snarky and sneaky- but not nasty and he's more 3 dimensional.

2. I think Chuck will keep trying to evolve. The apology was a huge step though. He still needs to fix a lot of issues (will they ever mention that he's an alcoholic and was (is?) a sex addict?) but I think Chuck's out of self-destruction mode. We're out of the darkness, finally.

3. Serena can and will excel. Serena has been more empowered this season and I want to see her continue down this path (and Blake has stepped her game up with this material). However, why would people read Serena's blog? She's not going to write about the crazy, scandalous moments like GG does!

4. The bridesmaid stuff started out awfully. The plot was tolerable at the party - the episode came together there, in my opinion. Anyway for the royal wedding? Bring back the whole gang! Every recurring guest star ever, Seinfeld style! Georgina would be the best but I want to see Uncle Jack and Carter Baizen something bad, y'all.

5. No! Dan should succeed. They spent quite a few episodes exploring the book and then nothing? They use it to explore like 2 episodes? wth. I hope it wasn't only a Derena/Dair prop because they could have pulled out some self-reflection here from everyone- not just Chuck. Plus I wanted to see Dan being tempted by stardom- what would he do if he really got the Chuck Bass treatment?

6. I thought they were cute together and Ivy kind of won me over a bit, I have to say. Ivy was pulling schemes like our old queen B and it was pretty great! They won't be another one of these ~epic couples ( :-) ) but Nate looks good, she's cute, they have a nice little chemistry going on....I'm game.

7. There will be Phantom of the Opera sex games.


okey, i wrote that before I saw promos... :)


it seems like i'm the only one, but I actually think that the real charlie might appear soon.

and since chuck took his "rehab" seriously, I (sadly) don't believe that we'll see any super hot Chair sex scenes. I still tottaly believe that chair is the only happy ending, but this time, they will take it slow.


Why would people read Serena's blog about herself instead of GG's? I mean it's not as if S would post her own scandals on the internet?

+ I HATE DIANA! I don't find her pretty at all (man shoulders) and she always talks so forced and stiff. Oh and she gets psycho eyes when she's excited.


1. Okay, I can't choose: "Even Pippa knew when to pipe down!" and Chuck's whole apology.
2. I feel a Chair reunion on the rise. I think Chuck has changed and realized he had to change or he'll lose Blair even as a friend.
3. Probably not. Serena is the one who is written about not the one who writes about others. She's way too mainstream for that.
4. While I thought it was so funny and so Blair Waldorf. I hate that Charlie and Blair are like "friends" now. Mostly because Charlie has an annoying voice and face.
5. I hope not. I want Dan to succeed just without Blair.
6. Gross, I hate Charlie. Nate will always be hot. Charlie will NEVER be hot.
7. I just want to know who Blair's baby's father is. So hopefully that will happen. I don't think Blair and Chuck will do anything this week. You know these previews always trick us into thinking things are going to happen and they DON'T.


1. Favorite quote was Diana's "How much do you want this project to go away?" but only because it's begets the real question "How much do I want Diana to go away?".
2. Yes,, I'll believe Chuck has turned a Blair-sized corner, but not a general life corner. I don't want him to stop being Chuck Bass.
3. No, Gossip Girl will never allow S to scoop her about herself. GG is all powerful. Fear GG!
4. I believe it is completely unrealistic that Blair would share the spotlight on her wedding day with a minion. I wouldn't trust those girls!
6. NAte can have chemistry with the dog, so of course he and Chivy are hot.
7. This is the stupidest round table question ever.


LOL Narlie. Good name


1. Everything that chuck says about blair...and specially the apologizing...
2. well he's definitely turning the corner of becoming a better person by
admitting all the pain he've caused to blair...
3. well serena does always enjoy her job until she mess everything up,but i
really want her to find a happiness though, to have a real true love....
4. well i really enjoy watching the hazing specially dorota...and i like how
charlie's playing along. I def want georina's presence at the wedding,with
her presence there's turmoil...
5. I really wish dan to be successful as a writer...
6. Hot. I usually don't like her..but with this episode.. i started to like
her. and Navy has a quite spark there...

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