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Last night's GG was truly awful. And when did Blair become so unbearable to watch?


Yeah...Not of GG best episodes.And the plot gets kind of confusing. Why the hell is Diana (who by the way is evil incarnated) working with Nate's grandfather? And why would Nate's grandfather give a **** for GG? And how is Nate's profile rehabilitated by making a public knowledge he's dating a cougar who also happens to be his boss? OMG so many questions that i can only hope to see them getting answered!
Now about Blair... Eeeeh... I worship Blair and i am a Chair shiper all the way but Blair's scheme to expose Chuck seemed...irrational. I mean what kind of excuse is '' I'm going to seduce him to prove that Louis was the right choice to make''... And how could she even believe that Chuck would fall for such an obvious act. Did he fall for it when she was trying to seduce him AGAIN so that she wouldn't have to say she loves him?
Also... Can i ask if Dorota's actual goal was to have Blair's doubts for the wedding disappear? Cause i can't see how a person who knows Blair sooo well would think that after she had kissed Chuck again she could finally get over him. I'm failing to see the logic in that.....


I love how the teasers made it seem like a super hot Chair sex scene was coming and in actuality it was kind of ... limp. Leighton kissing anyone is hot but this kiss was...meh. Besides the fact that she shouldn't have kissed him at all I think that she will just realize she's not ready to be married yet. She's too young and not willing to throw herself down a path where her dreams are limited to what's appropriate for royalty. I certainly didn't glean from this episode that Chair is endgame, just that Blouis is about to be over.

Also, I think Dorota's expression said it all. She know Blair and while Blair is happy about the wedding; this is not her dream and will not put her where she wants to be. Which is with Dan. Zing!


That was the dullest party Gossip Girl has ever thrown! And I'm still scratching my head about Chuck's "'Phantom of the Opera' Sex Game".


all you people complaining about the chair kiss being cut short... well now you know how us DAIR fans feel.


Even if I think poor about last nights episode, it gave us a sexy scheming passionate Chuck and Blair which I have been feeling its absence alot lately. Last night proved that it doesn't matter if an episode is too little when there is Chuck and Blair in it the episode becomes magic.


I think those pics of Blair in the weddin dress can't be the real thing.... The whole look doesn't even look regal. In fact the whole storyline with the prince is ridic......who runs away from a royal wedding?


Very disappointing episode. Honestly who gives a f... about Ivy and Diana??
Ed and Leighton's kiss was cut short and the writers keep messing with Blair's character, which is unacceptable!


@ CHAIR FOREVER yes, these pics of Blair in her wedding dress are all over the internet. What bothers me is that not only is she wearing her wedding ring on her left hand but also her engagement ring on the right so it looks like she actually did marry Louis. the only hope for me is that as you said the producers are probably messing with us, otherwise I'm done with this show, cause the last thing that I want for Blair Waldorf is to become Kim K.


I was so disappointed by the over focus on Diana and the way they directed the Chair kiss. If not for Ed and Leighton's epic chemistry I would have tuned out a long time ago. The writers barely give them any story and they somehow manage to make gold out of crap every single time. They save this show for me.

I think the writers need to speed up the storylines and bring back more of the sexiness and glamour of the UES characters like the NJBC. This season has been so boring. Actually the show started going downhill the second half of last season. I just hope we get a decent wrap up before the show ends and the loyal fans that have stuck with the show through thick and thin are rewarded for all the angst they'be been put through.

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