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I'm bewildered that no one has complained yet about Miami Metro using some intern to track an IP Address when the FBI has a whole branch dedicated to this sort of task. Not only that, but Colin Hanks played a member of this branch in "Untraceable".


Quite the race to the bottom on the part of Dexter's writers.To say this show "jumped the shark" would be giving it far too much credit. Since season four, the writers haven't even pretended to try. Dexter's no longer entertaining, either. How can one suspend their disbelief from something so abjectly absurd and contrived?
II'm no advocate of tortue, but hear me out. I firmly believe any individual who is profiting from this show should be drawn, quartered, and half-way hanged, only to be resuscitated, cut down and then waterboarded repeatedly in the public square. Only then can we put this sad shell of its former self out of its misery. OK, maybe just waterboarded.


Typically I annoy the hell out of my friends and family in predicting these things. In this case, I honestly did not see this coming.

Perhaps it is because I don't think Dexter has had any sort of twist (not simple shock a la Rita's death) of this magnitude since Brian's introduction as the Ice Truck Killer. I didn't expect a twist (though in hindsight, it was very obvious, except for Dexter "seeing" Gellar last week). Anyway, in short, it was way more fun not seeing this coming...and if I did...I'd probably share your sentiment.


Who's there?
Dexter's Kill room!
Dexter's Kill room who?
Yeah, we've forgotten what that is, too.

After season 5, we all whined about how off track Dexter was getting, and we hoped for a comeback for season 6. After giving it time with a very slow start this season, it became clear this season was just as disconnected as last year. Now, Dexter is tracking a phantom Gellar and the viewer is asked to ignore some pretty major plot stretches/holes and Dexter's complete laziness to get us to this point. Did Dexter really thing Gellar would be in that hidden basement area that was only accessed by moving that heavy table off the entrance? Perhaps there are multiple entrances, but if that's true, Dexter being down there isn't a real problem. He can just leave using a different route. Would the Dexter of seasons 1-4 really have given his telephone number to Travis, someone he knew Deb and all the rest of Miami Metro was looking for? Or run around a college with an ax knowing that every college in this country has security cameras? The main issue with all of that is Dexter was intense of not leaving a trail before and not being suspected of anything. Now, the writing has him being sloppy at least once an episode.
I guess I'm just frustrated that the biggest twist for me this episode involved a Waffle House.


I dont usually criticize other people´s reviews but Matt, what the hell???? This ain´t a review it´s a list of complaints about last 30(!!!!!) seconds of the show....Of course its your opinion but at least try and be objective..... This deserved at least 4 stars if not 4,5.....


@Sommerleigh Pollonais: We ran a poll about this very topic last week and I expressly said the only reason I didn't think it would happen is because it was just SO stupid that I couldn't imagine the writers going there.


I didn't see it coming but I believe those who say they did. I probably should have. But I think it nicely sets up the more interesting moral quandary that ties into Dexter's exploration of morality and religion (vs simply following a code designed to keep him from getting caught) - he now knows that Travis is not simply evil, but is truly schizophrenic and crazy, and in need of institutionalization. But Travis has seen his face now and knows him. To be free, Dex has to kill him. To kill him would be to violate the code and his new moral compass. That's a great quandary.


I didn't see this coming at all, and actually I think you didn't either. I love the fact that they brought in a a character, that has his own Dark Passenger, and I thought the reveal was well handled. That's just my opinion. (OH, and by the way, I figured out Sixth Sense - which left clues all over the damn place, Dexter didn't !)


For those wanting to know where this "twist" is going to take Dexter, here is a spoiler. Dexter makes his way back to where Brother Sam's ashes are spread, dips his toes in the water, finds a pair of water-skis and manages to jump the shark.


I'm not denying that I absolutely saw this coming, I'm still interested though and you're being too harsh on the show. This has not been the best season, but Olmos was a great character, imaginary or not. The fact is, that Dexter seasons take a long time to come together, and I have strong faith this one will do. Since this is only episode 9 there are at least 3 shockers in the future. Dexter being seen by the police in the church? I don't believe this is the big twist since it has been quite clear it's going to happen. You think the writers are dumb, I think they're just building up to something better and bigger.

It's clear from your review and the reactions that you don't represent the majority reaction to this episode. There is no way this is a 1/5.

If you didn'y get Fight Club either ... that explains a lot.

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