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What about Zack? He was around for the original version of that note. He always comes out of the woodwork at some point. The last year of the series is a good as any.


I love everyone's theories on the mysterious author, and I definitely think there's something up with Ben. I can't quite place my finger on it yet, and I also can't wait to find out!

@Luis Uribe - Thanks for the reminder.


could it be mary ann and Paul had a other son and he Ben


i definitely don't think ben can be trusted. it all seemed waaaay too easy that he'd agree to re-bury the body. and bree confessing to him was dumb; she barely knows him and she not only put herself at risk but also her close friends. very stupid. which leads me to believe ben probably knew all along. the only person i can see writing the note at this point in the season is ben. he's the new character, we don't know much of his background and he mysteriously chooses the exact site where the girls buried alejandro as the start of his new real estate project? (the whole endangered frog story - while viable - could have also been a very good red herring).

on another note, gaby ALWAYS brings the lols. eva longoria is such a hilarious comedic as well as dramatic actress. she pulls off the heartfelt and hearty all the time. loved her the most in this episode. as for susan painting the burial scene... stupider than bree's confession. i think it's safe to say the poo is about to hit the fan and i can't wait to see where it all goes.


no clue on who wrote that note, I have thought about it and no one fits right now. I hope they don't spring a character out of no where and reveal to us that they wrote the note. Whoever it turns out to be should come from the characters we have gotten to know this season.

This episode was a huge step up from last week. The plot has finally moved forward in a huge way. I can't wait to see how this will all unravel. But truth be said, in the end Carlos might just end up in jail.


Funniest episode in a long time. Celia was hilarious without saying anything. I totally couldn't remember her name either. A lot of surprises.


The only word Celia has said is "sperm". It was back in season 5, in the episode where Juanita finds Carlos and Gaby having sex. Then, Gaby explain to her the whole sex thing that Juanita shares with her friend and her sister.

I think that this episode and the previous one were AMAZING.


I am thinking its Martha Huber. Her vengeful spirit has come from beyond the grave or Paul. Isn't he still alive? Maybe he saw what happened?

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