Dan and Blair: Moving in Together on Gossip Girl!

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Yes, you read the headline correctly. Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair will be moving in together. What that means for the long term future of their relationship is unclear, but there will be cohabitation up in Brooklyn.

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, Dair will be living under the same roof.

Uncertain about her future and plagued by swarms of paparazzi, Blair apparently moves her stylish self to Brooklyn and bunks with Dan on Monday's midseason finale, "Riding in Town Cars With Boys"!

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Of course, those hoping for hot, heavy Dair action may not want to hold their breath. While there, she seeks his advice in helping her finally choose between Chuck and Louis. So ... that's that.

Hey, at least they're giving Dan and Blair some relationship, right? Even if it's platonic? We're also hearing that he may lay his feelings for her on the table, too. Who knows where that may lead.

What do you think of this development? Will it lead to anything more than it sounds like, or will Dan simply be the conduit through which Blair decides whether she belongs with Louis or Chuck?

Share your views in the comments and vote in our informal survey below, and if you haven't seen them, be sure to watch and vote on the finalists for our Dair tribute video contest by Friday!

Who does Blair Waldorf belong with?

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I'll tell you, I've been watching TV since I was 4 and I can tell you, Chuck and Blair are unique. It's a dynamic hardly explored on TV before. The writers could have done a better job with this story but at some point they lost their way and really messed it up. That doesn't mean that this story is not worth telling. After waiting for 4 years for a positive outcome, if these 2 don't end up together it will feel like a slap in the face for millions of fans. I'm seeing females from 10 years old to 49 years old rooting for this couple, that should tell you something. You have to keep in mind that this is not real life but a show that is being written by writers, which means that they can totally write situations that allow to fix Chuck and Blair's dynamic and make then a functional couple. The writers can write what is necessary to achieve this just like Heddy said.


I have been a Dair fan since the last part of season 3, still am. That being said, I would be pissed if Blair chooses Dan after she chooses Chuck (as seen in next week's promos). If Dair happens I would like it if Blair chooses Dan over Chuck. However, it looks like they are re-igniting Derena from the Producer's Preview for next episode.


If Chuck and Blair will be back together, its repetitive, redundant, so on and so forth. No wonder in the midst of Season 2 - Season 3 the ratings were pretty bad. I don't see myself how this relationship can grow by itself. What I think about that Blair needs someone like Dan. I don't give a shit about Chuck and Blair history because truthfully there's no great memory in my head left between them. Let's all be mature here and just accept what Dan has to offer for Blair. All we have to do is wait.


If Chuck and Blair is the 'GG brand' then its a big failure. Heck, I was averse to watchng the show because of these two, becoz I never saw it especialy after the horse ref. So please, just becoz you see a brand, doesnt mean its not tired and worn its welcome.


@Saph hahahahaha...... its prob you over and over again using a diffrent name. that wasnt obvious at all. good job.


Blair thinks she's better then "lonely boy", GG has trouble with character development. That is putting it lightly. Blair thinks she is better then any female that's ever lived and deserves some matriarch. She looks down on Dan because he is "simple" and its just because he doesn't b.s. and doesn't act, he is REAL. I guess I'm just waking up and realizing that Blair needs to mature to be able to fall for a MAN instead of troubled bad boys. Blair and Dan have loads of chem its just that she wont allow herself to go there. Eventually that wall will come down


chuck and blair will always be endgame. dair fans, i love how one little fantasy dan has and people go crazy.......
but im not worried what so ever, we all know chuck and blair are meant to be. and the voting just proves what the viewers want, and thats chuck and blair.
go ahead, explore dan and blair... im just waiting for another shut down. im sick of dan pinning over blair. she does not love him, only friends. it would be a funny scene to watch, dan getting shut down for the hundreth time by blair. dan and blair are boring.


boring! dan and blair have no chemistry other than a friendship, i dont know what people are trying to force this, its just stupid. you cant force blairs character to like dan. obviously she does not look at dan that way. how many more shut downs do you need? chuck and blair belong together. end of story.


I'm sick of Chair, that makes them boring. Theyre probably the reason ratings are so low, if it weren't almost over it would be canceled based on lack of audience. If Chair is GG brand...no wonder the idea of Dair is popular. This show desperately needs change, soaps are going extinct for a reason. I hope this show surprises us all and puts Chair and GG out of its misery . Is it to much to ask that they do it with a bang and one hell of a change up pitch?!! Chair really is played and its hard to watch


You guys, Blair and Chuck ARE pretty much the gossip girl brand. They've been on magazine covers and have endorsed products together worldwide... as a couple. You can't take them away from each other. Chuck doesn't really do that well on the show without Blair, and Blair can pretty much carry her own (even with Dan) but it just doesn't feel right without Chuck and Blair together. To hell with morals and how Chuck is such a bad guy... Blair's no saint either. In real life, Chuck would be a crappy abusive boyfriend and Dan would be a nice, loyal boyfriend. Ok. I get it. In real life Blair would be a bitchy, gold-digging, manipulative, cheating girlfriend. But this isn't real life, it's fantasy. A fairytale if you will. It's whatever you want it to be. It's a smutty soap. Let's not try to get all pc about it. This is a love story about a bad boy who loves a bad girl and their transformation into adulthood and maturity and they still love each other when realistically they shouldn't. Dan's just a prop. I'm actually surprised to see a large demographic of the shows audience who have watched since episode one wish for Dair. That's like a whole other show (a boring one at that). I think they're great as friends though. They're like an old married couple. Not hot.

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