Dan and Blair: Moving in Together on Gossip Girl!

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Yes, you read the headline correctly. Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair will be moving in together. What that means for the long term future of their relationship is unclear, but there will be cohabitation up in Brooklyn.

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, Dair will be living under the same roof.

Uncertain about her future and plagued by swarms of paparazzi, Blair apparently moves her stylish self to Brooklyn and bunks with Dan on Monday's midseason finale, "Riding in Town Cars With Boys"!

Dair Picture

Of course, those hoping for hot, heavy Dair action may not want to hold their breath. While there, she seeks his advice in helping her finally choose between Chuck and Louis. So ... that's that.

Hey, at least they're giving Dan and Blair some relationship, right? Even if it's platonic? We're also hearing that he may lay his feelings for her on the table, too. Who knows where that may lead.

What do you think of this development? Will it lead to anything more than it sounds like, or will Dan simply be the conduit through which Blair decides whether she belongs with Louis or Chuck?

Share your views in the comments and vote in our informal survey below, and if you haven't seen them, be sure to watch and vote on the finalists for our Dair tribute video contest by Friday!

Who does Blair Waldorf belong with?

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Uncle jackass

New spoiler pics up for the 30/11/11 (or it could be old if you've already seen it)...

Louis and Blair are kissing outside of their limo in the night. One pic shows that Blair isn't happy whereas in the public light they happy as a fiddle. Flowers are attached to the car which means it's either before or after the wedding? From Louis he doesn't seem to be carrying an engagement band ring rather than it seems to be a wedding ring. There also seems to be a lot of man-handling from Louis to Blair.
Okay, so if Blair does, forever what reason marries Louis due to guilt or bribery or etc. I wonder if Team Duck would intervene with a married woman? I sense an awful story line coming from bad to the worse?


The spoiler is strange. I can't see how Dan and Blair would be moving in together at the present moment- Blair's pregnant and engaged! Do they seriously not remember that she is WITH CHILD!? Blair is kissing and moving in with men other than her fiance/baby's father? WTF? Makes NO sense. I suppose sloppy writing is what happens when you use a baby as a shock device, though. Blair is going to make it to the altar so she can't be living with Dan for too long. Maybe she bunks with him next week because she's contemplating leaving Louis? @AmyGirl- ITA. I am a fan of Chair and Dair so I guess I am a traitor too! All I want is for whatever is going to happen to be interesting and relatively well crafted. I'm watching this show almost purely out of habit now- there are a few good scenes here and there but, as a whole, this show is not interesting anymore. I'd really like Blair to be single for a decent amount of episodes. @pty- I also agree with you. I did (do) like Chair's dynamic and it was a big part of what hooked me on the GG. I guess I would like them to be together in the end, however, I do think they need to be taken apart at this point. They should develop them separately, do Dair and other story lines and then come back to it- have them fall in love again. I don't know, I'm not a writer. All I know is that they can't have Chuck and Blair doing this same dance until the series finale. @S is right that the Chair sl has been full of sloppy characterization, terrible plot devices, etc., Well...like most sl's on GG tbh. I don't want to see Chair's story recycled- it's just a watered down version of what we've seen before. IF they ever revisit them for real, I want to see a different aspect of their relationship / a different build up to their re-coupling. @cc- Spot on. The root of the shows problem is all around bad writing not just with Chair. I'll hold out some hope that new plots like Dair will breathe life into the series but I can't see how the writing will suddenly improve. Another thing is they need interesting and well developed plots outside of the romantic relationships which they really haven't done thus far this season.


I just don't buy this argument that because the show is fiction we should all accept a bad relationship simply because its "epic" (what the hell does that even mean anymore??) and because the actors may have chemistry or history. Writing repetitive crap in the name of 'its just fantasy' doesn't really cut it.
Fiction has to be done well and convincing so it can be truly enjoyable.
Ofcourse we all forgive GG the many ridiculous story lines and plot holes but that's because we love the characters and the ironic humor of it all.
If you take away any character consistency and overdramatise and recycle- what are you left with?
You can't excuse that with a 'its just fiction' argument as in fiction itself there is good and there is BAD.


I would like a single Blair. She has never been single, ever. Throughout the entire course of all the seasons, she has never been not chasing someone or in a relationship with someone, or whatever. I do like Chair and Dair. Call me a traitor, but I can see it going either way. It's a fictional story, I could care less. It's just I liked if Blair at least had a few episodes being single. I don't want to see Blehah breaking up with Louis... then being immediately with Chuck/Dan!


I used to love this show because i always looked forward to scene's between Dan and Blair. I always hoped they'd get together, preferably before they killed of Serena (has been a dream of mine for years). Now i can't stand the show because the writers keep dangling Chuck and Luis in front of her and it just makes me want to dismember them all and burn the pieces. I asked my friend to tell me if they ever get together because i stopped watching it. Looks like i'm not watching GG anytime soon, if ever...


@pty, I totally agree with what you say!


@Heddy I somewhat agree with you say about how Dair are together. The writers have just started to "explore" Dair, that's why its popular. We see something there, more then friendship. Blair thinks she is superior and that's the beauty of it. To me, Chuck and Blair were great when they were younger. However, I don't care to see the same old thanh. Love isn't enough and Dair must be explored. Whether I shipped Chair or not Id want to see full on Chair because It would solidify Chair if that were endgame. What I'm saying is which ever one gets explored first wont be endgame. Chair is so obvious, endgame is never obvious on these kinds of shows


Blair's moving in with Dan? That seems really sudden. I hope that Dair does happen because, even though I am a Chair fan, this show needs to switch things up especially if it goes into another season. However, I want Dair to be written well and I don't really have faith in the writers to pull this off. Every spoiler I hear gets weirder and weirder. I haven't liked how they've written Dair since episode 4 of this season. Blair is being a complete b--ch to Dan and looks like she only runs to him when no one is around. Anyway, while I hope that going Dair can spur the writers on, the prospect is grim because NOTHING is being written well. I think the poor writing is more evident in the Chair storyline simply because it is the only plot still ongoing from the beginning of the series. Some people blamed the ratings decline in the 2nd half of season 4 on the new Dair friendship and I always thought that was pretty ridiculous. Who knows why people tuned out then? I think it had to do with bad writing and the overuse of guest stars. Now people are blaming the ratings decline on Chair- which, again, I don't agree with. It's the same issue as last season and it will continue to be the same problem for the second half of this season if the writers haven't improved the storylines. @pty- I agree with you to an extent. I really like Chair, I do think their dynamic is and can still be great/unique but the writers definitely lost their way. After some point their storyline was not written "organically" (a word these showrunners LOVE even though GG is about as organic as a happy meal). I really want them to be apart, though, for a while- until about the end of the series- for a few reasons. The writing is trashing the memory of something that was once entertaining and I feel for the actors who have to constantly rise above the dialogue. I would also like to see the characters- especially Chuck- have a storyline separate from one another. Focusing elsewhere COULD breathe new life into the show. Although I have a suspicion that the writers will just trash new story lines and, I'm not gonna lie, it would be nice of them to ruin something other than Chuck & Blair for a while. lol


All these long essays aren't going to change the plot.


You guys think Chair is boring (and that's fine, because I only find Dair mildly entertaining), but Chair makes the most sense. Obviously I'm not converting anybody here because that would be about as effective as someone trying to convert me to Dair, but this is simply why I feel the way I do:
Obviously Louis is out of the equation because the writers have done absolutly nothing to convince the viewers as to why Louis even loves Blair in the first place. Plus they're not even trying to make us like him.
The writers have, however, tried to explain why Dan likes Blair (similar interests, he's seen a different side of her) and those are realistic reasons why someone would like someone, it's true. But I don't REALLY see Dan liking her for all of her. As we've seen before, Dan puts the women he loves on pedestals. He sees a romanticized version of them and feels betrayed when he sees a side of them he doesn't like. Blair is mean to Dan. She only runs to him when she needs his help but when he needs her help she's never there. She belittles him, even when she's being "nice" to him.
I can understand, however, why Chuck loves Blair. He can handle her and when they're snippy at each other it comes across as loving rather than mean because they understand and can relate to each other. Blair is always there for Chuck and even though he hasn't always been there for her he still loves her because he's making a real attempt at being a good boyfriend for her. It's taken him a little longer for him to mature than Dan but his love is still stronger than Dan's.
Blair clearly loves Chuck the most and Chuck is finally turning into the person that Blair has seen deep inside of him the whole time.

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