Burn Notice Review: Now Where Were We.....

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The mid-season premiere picked up where we left off with Michael being in the situation where he was damned if you didn’t or "Damned If You Do."

Let me say right up front, Anson is 50% insane Joker, 50% suave Captain Hook, and 100% bad news. Not only is he bad news, he’s evil bad news. Michael may have finally met his equal. 

I can already tell that Anson is one of the smartest, if not the smartest opponent Michael has faced off against. Look at how he has been able to stay hidden, and has set both Michael and Fiona up in recent days.  He’s so evil you almost want to like him. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what he does next. 

In Puerto Rico

On the flipside we have Agent Pearce who started the episode pretty hostile, but ended it smiling at Michael. 

Does anyone else think that his meeting running long and her comment about “Only tell the lies we want” hints toward him having told her about Anson and they are working to catch him? 

Maybe I’m just projecting my wishful thinking onto Michael. But, it would be an awesome twist if he actually went against his nature of keeping stuff close to the vest and let her in on the secret and *we* were the one’s not in on it?

I do love when a show picks back up and feels like a comfortable blanket, just enveloping you and fitting just as you remember it. Everyone was great, from Madeline earning her "Spy 101" badge, Jesse and Sam meeting Anson, and I adored Fiona giving Michael are hard time for being sincere. 

Hell, even the bad guys were a bit on the dreamy side. I hope that we get to see Xavier again. Ian Anthony Dale made a pretty hot drug kingpin in his awesome suit and three-day stubble.  

Matt Nix even managed to speak to my inner-geek by throwing in a reference World of Warcraft when Sherry and Oswald were fighting along with some other great lines this week. 

Speaking of Sherry and Oswald, they really felt like “what if Michael and Fiona were nerdy geeks?” Not that it’s a bad thing, speaking as a nerdy geek. It was just nice to see a similar relationship dynamic and know that Fiona and Michael might make it after all.

Fiona Glenanne in Action

In conclusion, with Anson steering the ship right now, I think we should all buckle up because it is going t be one crazy ride! 


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This was a great episode. This season it appears we will be taking a new turn, it will be interesting to see how it shakes down.


Great. "I've read your psych profile. You can do whatever you set your mind to" but "I own you" That's scary. Usually we get just a case or a case with some main plot. Sometimes we just get main plot. Sometimes the case and the main plot are intertwined. In this episode it felt like the main plot told as a case with Oswald as the client. That was cool. I love that Michael being good saves his ass while others being evil screws them over. I liked Xavier. Most of the Bad Guys of the Week are uninteresting. I'd like it if Pearce knows about Anson, it'd be a good, original twist.


Okay, never got to see the episode before this one so what is preventing one of the troupe from killing Jere Burns' character?


Overall while there was a couple of funny parts, I was very disappointed with this episode. Normally premiers (and finales) are amped to a fever pitch the show could never hope to sustain week to week, but this week's plot was flat and disjointed. The client of the week (oops there was no client) was Anson? And why is the CIA always the collection of stupid people that are unable to track the where abouts of their agents? The biggest leap of faith and logic was Michael knowing that he could intercept the man he setup and then steal the info the guy had before homeland security caught up (and of course get away clean). The second biggest was Mike thinking Anson would just go away when he got the virus. Yep black mailers only lean on you once when they have the goods on you!! And you can just hunt him down some time later at your convenience. Overall a mediocre episode at best


To those who are hypothesizing that Pearce already knows about Anson: What if there's a counter-twist such that Anson KNOWS that Pearce knows and this has all been some kinda test of Michael's loyalty to the agency? HA...marinate on that!! :-)


Michael, As Jeff pointed out, on rare occasions some shows are nice enough to allow press type people (such as reviewers) watch an episode a few hours early (especially premieres as Jeff said). That being said, the show was over at 10pm EST when it was posted, I'm guessing your watching from a different time zone maybe? @Glenanne, I agree, I had nearly a page of quotes to post when the show was over and I know I missed at least one good one!


I especially love when a program "stings" the audience so I'd love it if Pearce were, indeed, in on the whole thing. Great thought! The show just keeps getting better and better. This has been such a great season - I just can't wait for next week!


Good overall, intriguing enough for a mid-season premiere. Anson was evil-er, I feel Sam and Jessie were themselves after a long time, Maddie was AGAIN the reluctant 'spy'.
I quite like a lot of lines said in this episode, like 'What if Im past saving?' 'ive been past saving, you didnt walk away and im not gonna walk away'.


Sigh..This show just keeps going in circles. As much as i love burn notice it really does need to end


Nice job Jim. I hadnt thought about Michael alreayd having told Pearce, but that would be a cool twist! @Michael Premieres and such are
often available to press ahead of time.

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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Fiona: What if I'm past saving?
Michael: I've been past saving, you didn't walk away and I'm not going to walk away.

Michael, you can do anything you put your mind too, or at least anything I put your mind too.