Bones Season Premiere Review: A Hormonal Hit!

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If you watch Bones for the gruesome body finds, the awesome science that makes work feel like fun, the witty banter and, of course, the romance, this evening's seventh season premiere did not disappoint.

After a sixth season finale that many fans felt was a major shark jumping, or were at least very confused by, creator Hart Hanson has redeemed himself and then some, as the show is back to normal.

It's just a newer, sexier, more familial normal.

Booth and Brennan in Bed

"The Memories in the Shallow Grave" is the first of six fall episodes in which Booth and pregnant Brennan prepare to raise their child, and picked up with Temperance five months into her pregnancy.

The question on all of our minds all summer was a simple one: Is this going to work?

Booth and Brennan have been thrust into full-fledged coupledom after all this time. How would such a massive shift in the show's dynamic presented? Would it be fun or forced? Would it feel organic?

I don't know about you, but I'd say very realistically, entertainingly, and yes.

It took all of two minutes for us to witness the new normal for B-squared. I knew instantly when I saw Booth making overtures toward pregnant Brennan in the kitchen I was going to like this season.

Bones may have jumped past some of the scenes TV shows would normally depict in bringing such a popular couple together, but it feels a lot less cheap after witnessing their interactions tonight.

Certain things have progressed: They kissed multiple times, and might have even done more than that had a case not fallen into their laps, while both spoke openly about their sexual relationship.

New Season, New Crime Scene

Brennan's also got a pic of Booth cooking naked, should she ever need embarrassing ammo. In moments big and small, their life together has evolved while remaining true to both characters' individuality.

That's also true regarding issues that aren't as fun, like figuring out where to live, or whether to get married. This caused a major rift between the expectant parents, and it felt very believable.

Brennan, not surprisingly, was the one putting up roadblocks to getting a place with Booth (and marriage, though that wasn't discussed in nearly as much detail), while he was completely for it.

This was the kind of thing so many of us struggle with in relationships, even with courtships more traditional than theirs, and the standpoints of Seeley and Temperance were both true to form.

With help from sidekick Angela (at her maternal best tonight) and Sweets (always there to prod Booth more than he'd like), they ended up on the same page, and not just because of the Iroquois.

Booth wants their child to have the stable upbringing he never had, while Brennan is struggling with putting a child, and a relationship, ahead of her career. But their priorities are definitely in line.

Rubbing the belly and reading real estate listings in bed is just the beginning. They're going to make it work. They should be able to afford a nice place thanks to her book advance, too. Who knew!

Angela and Baby Michael

The seventh season premiere also treated us to the newest Jeffersonian team member: Angela and Hodgins' son! That bundle of joy won over Cam - and likely millions of viewers - within seconds.

The topic of who's watching little Michael while there's work to be done was addressed - on-site day care - and the couple appears to have a pretty sweet video monitoring system set up as well.

Hodgins and Angela struggle with relationship issues too, but as usual, they're the show's rock. Nine months ahead of Booth and Brennan's parenting timeline, they're already leading by example.

With the team members' personal lives taking center stage, the murder case felt like an afterthought, although it had its memorable moments for sure, especially in the episode's opening minutes.

The body find, subsequent eyeball gouging and beetle infestation were beyond hilarious and gross, clearly deserving of many high-fives in the show's writers room when they were conceptualized.

When the team identifies the remains of a woman found in a paintball field, they discover two Missing Persons reports in her file. Like Brennan in a sense, she was searching for her identity.

Booth, Sweets, Cam and squint Wendell Bray piece together the puzzle - bullet wound, inconsistencies in her medical records, a fugue state, and surprising crime spree - before nailing the killer.

Not the most compelling case in history, but far from the worst. It just felt secondary and almost distracting from the rest of the action, which is a testament to the episode's overall quality.

Overall, the premiere erased many doubts cast by the game-changing season finale in May, setting the stage for what could be Bones' best season to date if every installment is this strong.

A few of the most memorable quotes from "The Memories in the Shallow Grave" ...

  • "I can always count on you to assist me practically, physically or sexually." - Brennan
  • "I love you." - Brennan. "I know." - a Han Solo-esque Booth
  • "God is not a sociopath!" - Booth

What did you think of the Bones Season 7 premiere? Comment on it below!


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I feel ripped off too after investing my time, season after season, waiting to see if and/or when Booth and Brennan would get together only to have a glossed over plot that leaves one very unsatisfied. I wasn't even sure they had sex. Nothing indicated they did until Dr. B annouced she was preggers. They have to give us more. We deserve more. Even if it's a flashback episode going back to the day they slept together and how they became a real couple, but we need something to get this nasty taste out. I can not go on for another season pretending that none of this matters. To TPTB please give the fans what they want.


Total shark-jumpage. We viewers got robbed of all the scenes that might have explained how these characters went from tentative, insecure to full-fledged old-married-couple.
I feel utterly cheated. Booo!


less than 9 months ago and some 5 seasons or more we have Dr Temperance Brennen totally denying love exists and now it's... I love you booth??? WTF??
Who are you and what did you you to the real Temperance Brennen?


Like her character, Temperance, kudos for Ms Deschanel working so late in her term to bring us such fun. It had to be tough. I can see certain accommodation made in the story to make things as easy as possible for her. That accounted for the isolated awkward moments - Wendell & Hodges in the field together. Really? I am glad to see this change in B&B's relationship from friends to loving parents-to-be. FINALLY! IMO. I felt season 6 was the season that got sidetracked. Now they are back on track - together. Maybe its helped that my husband became a fan this summer & our family spent the last few months watching all 6 previous seasons chronological order. What fun! Let's see what the rest of short season 7 brings! Signed,
Longtime fan.


Brennan's crying may have been unusual but it fit perfectly with her character. Nothing about Bones runs to the unusual. Thats what makes her such a great character.


Who was Emily Therese Maki?


dr brennan was really horrible. I'm watching it again, her crying was badly done, totally unbelievable. What is wrong with her upper lip? it doesn't move.... yuck


While I'm glad that they finally are together it feels forced, like they just wanted to include the pregnancy. How can I believe that these two were suddenly an instant couple? I loved this show but this kind of ruins it for me.


While I understand the murder was a complete side story in this episode, I was still dissapointed that I knew the doctor did it after about a minute. Normally, with Bones, it takes at least a while longer. On another note, I get that Brennan is supposed to be hyper rational and all, but how could she even think that she was treating the living situation well? I think her character is treated with many inconsistencies - sometimes she knows much about normal people, not from experience, but from study. Other times, like in this case, she understands nothing at all and it's all wiped under the heading of her being a foster kid? I don't think so. Otherwise, a strong episode. It was great to see the two back in action, and how adorable was that baby??


I'm very disappointed. I thought the episode itself was good, but I wanted to see the previous five months of her pregnancy. I wanted to see everyone's reaction to them even being together, not to mention her being pregnant. I was very much looking forward to those things over the past few years, and I sort of feel like they were stolen from me as a fan of the show and characters.

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