Blue Bloods Review: Who Will Miss Thanksgiving?

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Blue Bloods gave us a heartfelt "Thanksgiving" episode that included terror threats, art thieves, murder, and gambling debts. But at least they said grace at the end.

Nothing ever goes easy for the Reagan family but at least they band together through it all.

Henry's Favorite Holiday.  Henry was darn lucky Linda was there to save his life or he certainly would have missed this one. Henry liked Thanksgiving best because he didn't have to worry about presents, just family and good food. He may have a point there but I still enjoy the gifts.

Frank and Linda

Thanksgiving Terror Alert.  Henry's heart attack was probably the only thing that could have dragged Frank away from his hourly meetings with the nervous mayor over the ongoing terror threats.  I can only imagine how many of those the city of New York must get regularly, never mind during a holiday event like the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Honestly, I really don't think I want to know.

Frank of course was steady as a rock for both his family and the new mayor. Frank's lost a wife, a mother, and a son and yet he still stands strong when tragedy strikes as though he knows no other way.

Renzulli's a gambler.  Well, damn. That could pose a serious problem for a cop. I was surprised he confided in Jamie but not by how Jamie handled it. Since he didn't have the money himself, he went to his Dad which led to an interesting twist.

Even though Jamie didn't mention any names, Frank's been a cop too long to not figure it out. I loved the sit down he had with Renzulli where he diplomatically but firmly let the man know that this was his one and only second chance. Then he managed to wish him a happy Thanksgiving that still sounded completely sincere.

Erin and the art thief.  Poor Erin finally found a nice guy who wasn't a part of law enforcement. Unfortunately for her, he turned out to be a thief. He might have a Robin Hood complex but that won't stop the NYPD from arresting him once they have enough evidence. 

Erin needs to drop this guy before she gets in too deep to save her heart or her career.

I couldn't say I was all that interested in the murder of the week other than Kurt's parents were really annoying. It was fun seeing them arrested for obstruction of justice and hauled out of their fancy holiday dinner.

The Thanksgiving Day dinner at the hospital was very sweet but in reality I'm sure Henry wouldn't be allowed to eat any of it after bypass surgery. Still, it would have been a disappointment to go an entire episode without a Reagan family dinner. On Thanksgiving, that could actually be considered a crime.


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another great show in the series, Friday nights is probably not the best but I pray this show continues for a while as the characters are believable/likable and it's currently one of the few New York based shows I truly enjoy...of course Selleck leading the cast helps...


This ep was the best so far this year with Tom Selleck's stellar performance!


Tom Selleck is awesome in this. This was a really strong episode. Maybe even one of my faves so far.


He didn't have bypass surgery, he had angioplasty, they just cleared out an artery with a balloon. But he definitely could have turkey just not the skin! :) I couldnt see what else was on the table :) Love this show. Love the character development and this particular episode just showed everything I love about the show in spades.


Let me corect my spelling I love this series ,Im from new york but live in florida.


I love this series i hope that it will last for a while.Im from new yourk but love in florida and i love seen the senario and the story this series brings is great.Keep up the good work.


Best new show of the season hands down if Friday is not a good nite move it to another nite but please don't take it off we've lost some really good shows don't let this be another one


I love the CONCEPT of this show, the development of all the characters, the acting is believable....the plots are all good. Here's the problem (and I hope it does not prove fatal to the series) the PACE of the show is so SLOW. The writing is at fault or maybe the direction. I find myself slightly bored and wanting themto speed it up and get to the dinner scene.

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One year we lost a balloon to a nor'easter and we had to shoot it down.


Henry: Now that is some big bird.
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