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Am I the only one who is extremely disappointed in Annie? Out of everyone, you'd think she would know what it's like to be an outcast among her friends. Don't get me wrong, I like Annie, but way to be a complete bitch! Adrianna was actually right about everything. I honestly thought Annie would have no issues with Adrianna to be honest. It's the first time they've actually come head-to-head. I'm still waiting for the counter-attack between Adrianna and Naomi. It's the one I'm still waiting for.
As for Annie, how ignorant is she? "I met a man, who paid for my services". You honestly didn't think you'd be the only one? He travels a lot on business trips. How did he meet you? A business trip. Dumbass. However, well done if you get money for Dixon and his rehab!
Speaking of Naomi, I actually feel sorry for her. Every time she tries to do the right thing, she gets crushed. I don't see her and Austin lasting long. Out by midseason perhaps?
Silver was actually enjoyable this episode. It could be the fact that her and Navid are apart, but when they're apart, their storylines are actually better. Not gonna lie, I laughed so hard when it was just the two them in the hotel room, looking at the view AND when she caught him with the cop. Awkward much.
Liam is just stupid. Honestly, you blew 80K, when the buy in was 10K? How many times did you buy in. Didn't think 30K was a limit? Dumbass.
I'm pretty sure this was the last appearance of Teddy, unless he has ONE more episode left, but even if it is, it was a great way to send his character off. Goodbye Teddy!
I thought it was poor to just have ONCE scene for Ivy. I also thought it was strange that she was seen talking to Adrianna. Pretty sure it's the first scene with them together and there was no tension. I guess that means Liam, Ivy and Dixon are all cool with Adrianna. Navid seemed to be too at the bar. 4 down, 4 to go, hah Ade?
Overall, it was a great episode and it made up for the episode that was kinda piss-pour last week. My favorite part was the Addixon hook-up! I thought the first kiss was gonna be the whole "sorry, that was a mistake", but when they kept going, my God! Hell yeah! I can't wait to see Navid and Silver's faces! Hahhahaha.


Tonight, I think Annie may very well have replaced Silver as this show's most annoying girl. And like Silver, I highly doubt Annie will ever apologize to Adrianna. I don't think Annie has any right to judge other people, especially considering that she's a prostitute.

Why does Adrianna even want to be friends with these girls? None of them acknowledge that Silver (or Navid) wronged her in any way. And they all treat Adrianna like she's some kind of demon when she's actually the most likeable girl on this show. Adrianna deserves better than these idiots.


I liked this episode a lot but I'm getting really annoyed with brandy too. Oh and I missed Raj this week :(
I'm glad Annies finally being smart about something.
Dixon and Adrianna are definitely gonna date for a while.
Naomi and Austin are annoyIng. I like Max better :)

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