Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: A Forwood Feud

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Uh-oh. Things will not be coming up Forwood this Thursday on The Vampire Diaries.

As teased near the end of last week's "The Reckoning," Tyler isn't just the first successful hybrid ever created by Klaus. He's the first successful hybrid every created by Klaus - and he's REALLY excited about that. So much so that he strolls into school on "Smells Like Teen Spirit" wearing a drop of his breakfast on his shirt.

That is not cool, T. Neither is the source that hooked Tyler up with his early-morning meal. See what we mean in the following sneak peek:

Check out the official CW promo for this week's new installment and start to debate: Will Elena succeed in locking Stefan up?

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Poor Caroline! Forwood was so happy together until Klaus and Rebekah came around and ruined everything that was good about Tyler...


Ugh. How did I see this coming.He gets stronger and faster and cocky. Thus, he's going to act like he has testosterone poisoning. AKA being a dooshbag. But, I guess for a couple whose ship name sounds like the name of a town.....maybe they're not gonna be together forever. I just liked that we had one stable couple on every week. But, this is TVD, what else can we expect.


Wow!!! I loved Tyler and Caroline they were so sweet and good together. I can't believe they are gonna spin his character back to his old rude ways. They are my favorite couple. Please bring good sweet Tyler back soon.


I just dont get it, I've heard they were fighting over Rebekah, means she's staying in Mystic falls. I thought that Klaus ran away coz Michael was going to be around, and both siblings were afraid of him. How could she stay then.


i hope tyler doesn't go back to being a jerk now that he's a hybrid.


This is not fucking cool. Tyler was becoming one of my favourites, and Caroline deserves to be with the happy, nice Tyler. Not have her heart broken by douche bag tyler.


They are my favourite couple on the show. I knew this was going to happen, caroline had a weird face while hugging him last episode, she looked like 'wtf tyler' I think its too soon for trouble, caroline just almost lost her bf, c'mon give him some time to let him be him again after his process.


Klaus is the ultimate sexy hybrid. But I'm sure Tyler will fill my hybrid needs just as fine while Klaus is gone.
Like you said I still wouldn't want him to be a jerk. Even if he does become one I'm sure kickass Caroline can take care of it!


Well it's a good thing that there is a bit of an issue for this couple, but on the other hand I hope he doesn't go back to being a jerk t oeveryone around him just cause he is the coolest hybrid ever made by our sexy man Klaus.


I hope Tyler won't be back to the "douche mode" now he's an hybrid!

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