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Drew is the next generation Sarah McLaughlin. She was absolutely brilliant!! Melanie Amaro....yes she can sing, obviously. But really? I'm so tired of the same old sounds!! Whitney did it, Mariah did it, that loud wail (and yes it is impressive the hights and power they reach) but there is NOTHING else there! There was nothing in that performance to make her stand out as a unique artist. It's carbon copy and I'm tired of listening to it...every radio station has 10 of these. Give me something new....give me Drew!!



You should become a music producer for christ's sake, you seem to know your thing wayyyy better than L.A. Reid and Simon Cowel, guys that been in this business for I don't know how long, with the best artists out there.

Honestly, TV Fanatic should consider another member to review the X factor. It's going to be brutal each week, cause this person is clearly hating the show, the judges, the contestants, everything.

Giving a 3/10 to Chris is just plain bashing.

My 2 cents.


Be a man and just off the contestants, don't pick the crappiest song and watch them try to do something good with it. Just cut them loose don't humiliate them for s&^ts and giggles. You can't tell me that someone the caliber of LA Reed didn't realize he was shooting them in the foot with some of those choices. As well as Paula and Simon. Nicole I give some leeway cause she just seems confused most of the time.

I can't believe how grateful that Tiah is gone. I think I disliked her as much as some people disliked Haygood.


I was tired of the arguing back and forth. If someone does a bad job just say it. I find it crazy that the Brewer boys aren't worthy of a 5 million dollar prize but InTENsity is? I'm a fan of Josh but I totally was annoyed by him repeating Forever Young over and over again. Overall a good show but I am glad America gets to choose now. We can seriously do better than the judges.


It'll come down to Drew and Melanie. They both give me goosebumps.


Whoa, such criticism and low-ball scores! I'll admit Dexter's performance was meh, but he is an entertaining performer and he DID deserve to be there. He needed (needs) a break just like everyone else and had he killed the performance, who knows?? You were right about Drew though, best performance of the night! Josh Krajcik was amazing! What show were you watching? Sheesh.


I agree to an extent. I agree that these judges have no balls to criticize the contestants. This show has become about the judges. But I did like how LA and Simon had their argument over Simone. LA did flat out say how did this girl get in. But yeah, they could improve, I will continue to watch.

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