The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Reckoning"

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The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries was packed with more action than Lindsay Lohan's bedroom on a Saturday night.

Sorry, Linds. But, seriously, a whole lot went down on "The Reckoning!" Where do Round Table panelists Matt Richenthall, Steve Marsi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella begin? Find out right now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: My favorite scene? I only took one breath the entire hour. It's all jammed together in my head as one, long, action-packed scene of awesomeness.

Steve: The look of sheer delight on Klaus' face upon murdering Tyler. Joseph Morgan was an amazing choice for this role, and the fact that this shocker of a scene happened so early set the tone for the edge-of-your-seat thrill ride to come.

Dan: Mine was also Klaus snapping Tyler's neck. That move dropped my jaw like a "mother-father" and I don't think it came back up for the rest of the episode. We knew right then and there that Tyler was either going to die or become the second legit hybrid before the end of the installment.

Eric: Yeah, sorry, pretty sure we're all headed to the basketball court for our favorite scene. Next.

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Dumber mistake on Klaus' part: Leaving Elena behind or leaving Tyler behind?
Matt: He did at least leave Elena in the hands of newly hilarious/cold-hearted Stefan, so there's a protection plan in place there. But if Klaus is really lonely and aiming to make hybrid friends so they can do hybrid things (like save on gas mileage), departing without his new hybrid didn't make a lot of sense.

Steve: Tie? I realize that after "The Reckoning," where the producers turned Klaus loose on steroids, they feel they have to cool it for awhile in order to retain his aura of mystery. That said, he sure peaced out abruptly at the end, and his decisions to leave Tyler and Elena at various points felt a bit dubious - written in only to ensure the unlikely survival of each. That said, I trust the writers and the overall narrative they weave, and these minor points did not detract from an episode worthy of five stars.

Dan: At first look, it's leaving Elena.  s long as he has her blood, he can make as many more Tylers as he wants. But eventually he's going to regret leaving Tyler behind, as the newly formed hybrid will turn up to be Klaus' undoing... like a certain Bold Prediction a certain commenter made in a certain previous Round Table.

Eric: Elena! Tyler was an experiment. With Elena you can always make new Tylers.

More exciting development: Tyler becoming a hybrid, Stefan losing all humanity or Katherine and Jeremy awakening Michael?
Matt: Stefan all the way. It's like when Jerry and Kramer switched apartments and personalities on Seinfeld, only with fewer Kenny Rogers Chicken signs and more heartbreak for Elena.

Steve: This episode was outstanding all around, making arguments for any of these (and other) options viable, but I'm gonna go with the last option. Laying eyes on the one vampire who scares the crap out of Klaus - who had just proven to be more vindictive, evil and powerful than ever before - was an incredible way to end the hour.

Dan: It's definitely Michael because it's so new. What will he be about? Will he be awesome or lame? Does he actually have the power to take out Klaus? And who else will he take out in the process? So many interesting developments come along with Michael.

Eric: Tyler becoming a hybrid! Not so much that he in particular did, but that Klaus found a way to do it without killing the doppelgänger. I've gotten kind of a soft spot for Elena these last years. Glad she'll be able to stick around as this storyline continues. And, who am I kidding, I'm glad to see my favorite couple on TV both being vampires. Now they can be Forwood Forever. All together now: awwww.

Matt can now see Vicki. Do you care?
Matt: Only if it detracts from his time serving drinks at The Grill. Customers need their service!

Steve: Of course I do. As a card-carrying member of Team Matty, I'm stoked that he's finally getting in on some form of supernatural action.

Dan: No. I haven't enjoyed Matty since Caroline sent him packing.

Eric: No. An unlike Dan, I didn't even enjoy Matt when he was dragging Caroline down. But I did enjoy him drowning. Just not so much Bonnie rescuing him.

Were you impressed by the senior class pranks?
Matt: No, nor was I impressed by the lack of backbone on said seniors. Klaus, a total stranger, comes in and says that's it, the evening is over, and they scatter? Man up, seniors, paint handicap signs in the faculty parking spots while you're at it.

Steve: Let's just say that as a person who once wedged highly illegal fireworks under a neighbor's door, then jumped to a nearby trash can, from which I lit the long fuse and filmed his reaction while remaining hidden, I was less than wowed by the Mystic Falls gang and their weak mousetrapping/toilet papering. True story, unless my mom happens to be reading this, in which case I'm obviously kidding.

Dan: No. Lame sauce. Here's a senior prank for them: turn all of the students into vampires. Boom!

Eric: No. But, I mean, if we didn't want to go the insane route of Dan's suggestions, there's still way better middle ground for picking on underclassmen than feeding on them. And let's give them credit, this was the stuff the night before. I'm sure they had the obligatory super soakers loaded with urine for the next day and plenty more tricks up their sleeves.

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