The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

On last night's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - follow links for review, music and quotes - Mystic Falls was overrun by a number of ghosts, each of whom craved something different. Damon and Rebekah also ate some smores. Come along with Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger as they analyze the episode via our weekly Q&A.

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What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I continue to enjoy cold-hearted Stefan, so any scene in which he was cracking wise. Referring to Elena as a "blood bag?" Calling her "pathetic?" Playing bloody twister! Why does Elena want this guy's humanity back? He's hilarious!

Steve: Mason's return and Mikael's awakening for pure shock value, or the scene with Rebekah for other reasons... if you know what I mean. I mean she's not un-hot.

Dan: As much as I hate all the ghost stories, I absolutely loved when Vicki proclaimed to her brother that she was going to kill Elena and then smacked Matty in the head with a wrench. I've been waiting a while for that kid to get his clock cleaned. No offense, Steve.

Eric: Mason's return. That was more shocking than when I found out he was dating Lady Gaga. But Mikael biting Katherine? A very, very close second. Only it didn't let me sneak in a Gaga reference.

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Is Katherine dead?
Matt: Heck no. She's harder to kill than Steven Seagal's character in the 1990 action film Hard to Kill.

Steve: I might incur some heat for this one, but I really hope so. Katherine's role is lost in the shuffle at this point, no longer directly related to the overarching storylines. TVD is almost juggling too many characters, she's become somewhat expendable, and this would be an awesomely unexpected way for her to go out. After half a millennium on the run from Klaus, she unearths the one vampire who can take him down, only to be devoured on the spot? R.I.P., I hope.

Dan: No. I'm going to assume sucking out a vampire's blood doesn't kill them, because you know, that's what we have believed since the beginning.

Eric: Like Steve, I really wish she was. I love Nina as Katherine. She gives that role such an evil seductress feeling that's so different than Elena, but her character has served its purpose and is merely a plot hole filler at this point. RIP, because damn that would be a good way to go.

Sexier Rebekah scene: The cheerleader split or the marshmellow suck?
Matt: What about the one where all the cheerleaders showed together after practice and then got into a naked towel fight? That is what goes on in high school, right?

Steve: The former. Man, that is one limber Original.

Dan: Ummm...what? Sorry, please don't tell Caroline that I was just daydreaming about Rebekah doing both of those things.

Eric: Her flirting with Damon was hot. So was her sucking down of that marshmallow. But I'm a sucker for a flexible girl in short shorts. Wins every time.

Is this the last we've seen of Vicki?
Matt: You want me to make sense of this ghost mumbo jumbo? I'll say yes because the one constant appears to be that apparitions only appear when a character thinks about them, so how would Vicki come back if she's out of Matt's mind? Then again, I somehow doubt Damon was fantasizing about Mason. So... I don't know.

Steve: Definitely not. Now that we know how desperate she is to escape, and that there's an actual path for her to come back and stay back, there's no way we've seen the last of Vick. I just hope this stoner doesn't come up with some half-baked plan to seek revenge on Matty now.

Dan: Yes. If her own brother doesn't even want the ghost version of her around, why would she want to come back? She made her attempt, which is now leading to ghosts upon ghosts coming back to the real world, and I'm mad at her for it. I don't like all of this coming back to life. If you're dead, you should stay dead.

Eric: Gosh no. For a show I once praised for having no problem killing off characters, it seems to have a nasty problem with bring them back. We need to use some sort of Extended Control Roundup next time and zap them. Eh? Eh?!? A little homeowner/landscaping joke for you guys there.

Biggest stretch: Rebekah entering Tyler's home without being invited, Elena thinking she could run the opposite way on the track to elude Stefan or the school allowing the Spirit Squad to sponsor a keg party in the woods?
Matt: I'm going with the Spirit Squad, which might wanna change its name with all these ghosts in town. People might get the wrong idea. But what high school allows a keg party to be advertised all over its hallways?!? That's more irresponsible than condoning those all-girl cheerleader showers.

Steve: Ah, the biggest stretch question, a Gossip Girl Round Table staple. Elena likely didn't think that through, so we'll give her a pass. The kegs probably didn't come from the Mystic Falls H.S. budget, so we can overlook that too. Rebekah waltzing in is a nice catch by our critic-in-chief, though, and a blunder on the writers' part, unless there's some explanation I missed. Honorable mention: Bonnie conveniently negging the spell that allowed Vicki to cross over. I realize that Bonnie was responsible for Jeremy's return from the dead and everything that entailed, giving her direct knowledge of this predicament. Still, it irks me sometimes that her only purpose is to occasionally show up and undo whatever.

Dan: I'll go with Rebekah entering Tyler's home with an extra point for Rebekah entering the Salvatore house. Doesn't Elena still own that home? Did she invite Rebekah in last week or was that another stretch?

Eric: Rebekah entering Tyler's home is kind of an interesting point. Does that apply to homes owned by supernatural creatures? But then again, the mother does own it.  Okay, this one wins. Man, I like debating myself in a Round Table discussion. Who needs other participants?


Isn't anyone in the least bit curious as to why Katherine released Mikael from his shackles without even batting an eyelid? The smart, conniving evil thing that she is, I'm amazed she didn't give it some more thought! She knows that he's pretty much the biggest, baddest vampire-vampire killer. Agreed, she mustn't have expected him to bite her. But still, what was she thinking?!


Considering tyler has been sired and that rebekah is watching over him i assume she was invitied in by tyler at some point, dont forget rebekah is an original so she can compel vampires. I doubt tyler is still on vervain. I would bet elena still owns the house but remember she did die at one point so maybe its possible for a vampire to enter the home without an invite. I also think the party was a bit of a stretch. Its a yearly thing for the school and the keg may not have been paid for through the school budget but HELLO! the cops totally would have known about and it would have been crashed it cuz thats how it works in reality.


I completely agree about Bonnie. She's becoming useless. We all know Jeremy and Anna are going to grow even closer now that they can touch. Bonnie will be jealous and head Matt's way. We can only hope that Mystic Fall's favorite deus ex machina and butt monkey leave for college, move elsewhere and have boring babies who pop up whenever the interesting characters need a quick fix. I wouldn't mind Bonnie popping up and bringing the big mojo like Willow did in Angel if they just bothered to show her studying witchcraft or researching every few episodes or so. Hell, even when she was away in the beginning of this season she could have been calling from a coven in Devon *cough, cough* or somewhere on the east coast. For all the jaw-dropping cliffhangers and sexy scenes, the writers seem so lazy sometimes with the background or temporary characters.


I think another really big stretch and contradiction was Katherine entering the Salvatore house in the season finale to give Damon Klaus's blood. Elena definitely still owned the house and never would have let Katherine in.


Me and my friends that watch the show find it so funny that Delenas who were constantly complaining about Stefan being boring, broody, etc. Umm, have you guys seen Damon??? He has got to be the most boring character to watch now. Shit, even his one liners are sliding. As for Elena, she should go on Jerry Springer 2 brothers one girl. lol One brother follows me around acting all whimpy (Damon) the other is freakin crazy (Stefan).


We know that Rebekah gave Tyler a blood bag but we didn't see it happen. So it's entirely plausible that Tyler gave her permission to enter during that encounter, which was before she gave him the bleeding human.

Uncle jackass

Buffy Gilbert Grape: Warrior Princess Well, firstly, I thought it was ironic that both Elena and Katherine have a similar fascination of poking Stefan with a sharp object... "That sounds like the start of a romance not the end." The triangle seems to be moving quite nicely. Even to the point where Elena is leaning to an extreme point towards Damon and jealous of him flirting with Bex. Standup Comedian Stefan: Yes, the broading Stefan of season 1 has long died. In his place is a Stefan with a sense of humour; must be nice. Ian must be very angry as I think those lines are rightfully his and part of his contract. Is he working the double agent angle? Is the working off the brain wash? Is his humanity still there? Given that Lexi tortures him next week, I don't so (sorry @sepi). Lexi wouldn't torture his bestie, but he would if Stefan went off rails and needed re-training. Sired Tyler: Fast Forwood I'm feeling bad for Caroline and her problems with her boyfriend. Tyler is acting all puppetry (and I don't think he is Rebekah secret weapon against Klaus). P.S @Emma Nelson, good prediction about how Rebekah got into Tyler's home. Previous exposition example: Elijah had been invited to Tyler's home by his mother too but we didn't see that scene. Therefore, just because we didn't see the scene doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. Elena could've easily handed back the title to Damon at any one time off-screen. So maybe Tyler brought Rebekah back home and said to her mum "Hi, mum can we both come in so we can have a nice cup of tea together for our guest?" @Elliie, I still don't know if Elena died in the last season finale as Bonnie's description of the spell described a life force transfer that sustained the spirit of the person who is dying (not dead) where the energy is transferred over from the marked individual. Am I wrong? I need some intelligent discussion.

Reese williams

the first thing I noticed when I saw Rebekah was that she strolled into the Salvatore house without being invited in. Is it because Elena died in the sacrifice? So anyone can enter it? Even then i'm surprised Damon hasn't fixed that up yet. Might of been a good way to keep Stefan out if the deed was left only to him. Maybe I'm thinking about it too much :\


1) My favorite scene was the ending Jeremy and Anna scene, mostly because my love for them together. Chemistry.
2) I don't think she's dead, it would be more of a shocker if she was.
3) Smores are sexy... lol.
4) As much as I wish she was gone for good, I doubt it. The ghosts are confusing.
5) Rebekah entering Tyler's house.


Favourite scene - Stefan running backwards on the track saying he doesn't want homecoming to be awkward. Katherine - Hopefully dead, just in case they feel the need to bring in the original character. Three Elena clones would be Dobrev overload. Rebekah - at her best when she's stabbing Damon with the smile on her face Vicki - Now that she wants to kill Elena and has a solid plan, I hope she comes back again. I wish her success in all future endeavors Stretch - not the invite to Tyler's - they've obviously been in off screen communication. The biggest stretch is probably that Matt would rather keep Elena than his sister who he missed so much. I mean, the girl was a stoner but between resurrecting your sister and letting Elena die (not like he had to kill her personally, Vicki had it covered), plus killing Elena is also good for the community...

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