The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

On last night's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - follow links for review, music and quotes - Mystic Falls was overrun by a number of ghosts, each of whom craved something different. Damon and Rebekah also ate some smores. Come along with Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger as they analyze the episode via our weekly Q&A.

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What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I continue to enjoy cold-hearted Stefan, so any scene in which he was cracking wise. Referring to Elena as a "blood bag?" Calling her "pathetic?" Playing bloody twister! Why does Elena want this guy's humanity back? He's hilarious!

Steve: Mason's return and Mikael's awakening for pure shock value, or the scene with Rebekah for other reasons... if you know what I mean. I mean she's not un-hot.

Dan: As much as I hate all the ghost stories, I absolutely loved when Vicki proclaimed to her brother that she was going to kill Elena and then smacked Matty in the head with a wrench. I've been waiting a while for that kid to get his clock cleaned. No offense, Steve.

Eric: Mason's return. That was more shocking than when I found out he was dating Lady Gaga. But Mikael biting Katherine? A very, very close second. Only it didn't let me sneak in a Gaga reference.

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Is Katherine dead?
Matt: Heck no. She's harder to kill than Steven Seagal's character in the 1990 action film Hard to Kill.

Steve: I might incur some heat for this one, but I really hope so. Katherine's role is lost in the shuffle at this point, no longer directly related to the overarching storylines. TVD is almost juggling too many characters, she's become somewhat expendable, and this would be an awesomely unexpected way for her to go out. After half a millennium on the run from Klaus, she unearths the one vampire who can take him down, only to be devoured on the spot? R.I.P., I hope.

Dan: No. I'm going to assume sucking out a vampire's blood doesn't kill them, because you know, that's what we have believed since the beginning.

Eric: Like Steve, I really wish she was. I love Nina as Katherine. She gives that role such an evil seductress feeling that's so different than Elena, but her character has served its purpose and is merely a plot hole filler at this point. RIP, because damn that would be a good way to go.

Sexier Rebekah scene: The cheerleader split or the marshmellow suck?
Matt: What about the one where all the cheerleaders showed together after practice and then got into a naked towel fight? That is what goes on in high school, right?

Steve: The former. Man, that is one limber Original.

Dan: Ummm...what? Sorry, please don't tell Caroline that I was just daydreaming about Rebekah doing both of those things.

Eric: Her flirting with Damon was hot. So was her sucking down of that marshmallow. But I'm a sucker for a flexible girl in short shorts. Wins every time.

Is this the last we've seen of Vicki?
Matt: You want me to make sense of this ghost mumbo jumbo? I'll say yes because the one constant appears to be that apparitions only appear when a character thinks about them, so how would Vicki come back if she's out of Matt's mind? Then again, I somehow doubt Damon was fantasizing about Mason. So... I don't know.

Steve: Definitely not. Now that we know how desperate she is to escape, and that there's an actual path for her to come back and stay back, there's no way we've seen the last of Vick. I just hope this stoner doesn't come up with some half-baked plan to seek revenge on Matty now.

Dan: Yes. If her own brother doesn't even want the ghost version of her around, why would she want to come back? She made her attempt, which is now leading to ghosts upon ghosts coming back to the real world, and I'm mad at her for it. I don't like all of this coming back to life. If you're dead, you should stay dead.

Eric: Gosh no. For a show I once praised for having no problem killing off characters, it seems to have a nasty problem with bring them back. We need to use some sort of Extended Control Roundup next time and zap them. Eh? Eh?!? A little homeowner/landscaping joke for you guys there.

Biggest stretch: Rebekah entering Tyler's home without being invited, Elena thinking she could run the opposite way on the track to elude Stefan or the school allowing the Spirit Squad to sponsor a keg party in the woods?
Matt: I'm going with the Spirit Squad, which might wanna change its name with all these ghosts in town. People might get the wrong idea. But what high school allows a keg party to be advertised all over its hallways?!? That's more irresponsible than condoning those all-girl cheerleader showers.

Steve: Ah, the biggest stretch question, a Gossip Girl Round Table staple. Elena likely didn't think that through, so we'll give her a pass. The kegs probably didn't come from the Mystic Falls H.S. budget, so we can overlook that too. Rebekah waltzing in is a nice catch by our critic-in-chief, though, and a blunder on the writers' part, unless there's some explanation I missed. Honorable mention: Bonnie conveniently negging the spell that allowed Vicki to cross over. I realize that Bonnie was responsible for Jeremy's return from the dead and everything that entailed, giving her direct knowledge of this predicament. Still, it irks me sometimes that her only purpose is to occasionally show up and undo whatever.

Dan: I'll go with Rebekah entering Tyler's home with an extra point for Rebekah entering the Salvatore house. Doesn't Elena still own that home? Did she invite Rebekah in last week or was that another stretch?

Eric: Rebekah entering Tyler's home is kind of an interesting point. Does that apply to homes owned by supernatural creatures? But then again, the mother does own it.  Okay, this one wins. Man, I like debating myself in a Round Table discussion. Who needs other participants?


It's almost like Damon and Stefan are taking each other's roles. Next thing we know, we'll have a full blown, mad and fanatical Stelena shippers.... Oh wait... Anyways, even though the big and bad keep on getting bigger and badder, I'm completely fine with it. The only thing that irks me is the speed at which TVD writers introduce us to another bigger and badder. It took them a season and a half to come up with Klaus and literally 3 episodes to nix him out. Kinda. He's still big and bad, but also running, just like Kat. Speaking of which, Katerina/Katherine/whoever she wants to be is a major BAMF. The beauty of Kat is her flighty attitude. At this point, people should recognize Kat as she truly is: an anti-hero. She's not a villain because all she wants is to survive and have fun, but she sure as hell is not going to join the human lover side. I actually think her character makes sense. It's just the way she's portrayed that's a bit lackluster. And final note: Bonnie/Matt shipping! This way Matt will officially have hooked up with not only every main girl, but also a human, a vampire and a witch and become magically relevant! Oh wait, that's what they did to Jeremy...


I have to say, I don't really care why houses suddenly are open to everyone. I do want Stefan to stay like this for at least the rest of the season. He is so much fun right now. I am not looking forward to the season where he feels guilty for everything. Still.. don't know about all the ghosts, but I guess that is because I was never a big fan of Mason or Vicky.
Oh, and I don't care for Bonny at all, I didn't mind the first few episodes when she was not around. I dislike Bonny and Jeremy together. sorry :)


guys well t reason rebekah can enter salvatore house is bc elena died so the speel has been broeken. salvatore house has no owner bc remember how kat came to give damon blood on the 2nd season finale. same reason to why she was allowed to enter. elena died now no one wons the house.


guys well t reason rebekah can enter salvatore house is bc elena died so the speel has been broeken. salvatore house has no owner bc remember how kat came to give damon blood on the 2nd season finale. same reason to why she was allowed to enter. elena died now no one won the house.


I hope that Katherine doesn't die like that! It's just a horrible way to go! But who else thinks it's a tiny bit weird that Taylor Kinney was going out with Lady Gaga??!

Well thats too bad

mrs. lockwood could have invited her in. nobody thought of this?


One thing was missing for me: Klaus.
I know, I know he's supposed to be in the run. But still, Joseph Morgan makes the show for me.
I also hope Katherine is dead!
I like Bonnie too, I think she needs a better storyline. Like her own witch-arc like what she and Lucas had going on.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.
I rate you need to have been asleep half the episode not to notice the huge amount of chemistry between Elena and Damon! I totally loved it.
I'm really liking Rebecca too, she and Stefan make a really hot couple. I do think she's working her own angle with Tyler though.
Damon totally misses Alaric! I'm sure they'll kiss and make up soon.
Bonnie should get over her jealousy issues, Anna and Jeremy are soulmates.
Does anyone else think Stefan still has some of his humanity? His scenes with Elena still show his caring nature.
Loved Elena acting drunk by the way.
Damon and Elena's scenes were obviously the best tonight!!!


I was thinking of the same thing! How the heck did Rebekah entered the Salvatore home when it is technically owned by Elena??? Did Elena invited her in before? Or did the homeownership switched back to the Salvatore brothers during the summer when Stefan was gone? That was a big plot hole. And I don't think Originals are the exception to the rule because when Elijah woke up in the basement he suddenly ran out of the house and was bleeding or something because Elena hasn't invited him in yet. But maybe inviting one original invites all of them? I don't know. Maybe they'll explain it later. When I watched Delena I get all fluttery... but when I saw Stelena after it was heartbreaking, especially when he caught her falling from the bleachers. There is love there, and no matter how flirty Delena gets I think there is true love in Stelena. I just hope that turning Stefan back into human will not be fast and will not be too sudden because I freakin' love him right now as Stefan the Ripper. =) Lastly, when Mason appeared and punched Damon and when Anna can suddenly feel Jeremy's touch and vice versa, I got this feeling we will see Lexi and Jenna and the rest of the supernaturals who died in Mystic Falls at one point in the season. Bonnie's spell just removed Vicki out of the picture, but whatever Matt did, it affected every single supernatural who died in Mystic Falls. And just like Vicki, they can make contact with the living. Can't wait for next week!


Love the show! Its getting better and better and I agree with nearly every person commenting. Rebeccas smokin hawt, but I still love Caroline. Tyler needs to get it together, Stefan is much better bad even if its a half azzed baddie. Damon is awesome and even tho im anti ship, you cant help but want them together.

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