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my favorite scene from this episode was the damon vs. caroline fight. she has really grown as a character and I find myself fascinated with every seen shes in. who would've guessed that she would totally own damon........... I don't think weve seen the last of bill, he's this seasons john gilbert. look for his unique take on the human mind to return somewhere down the road. the show was really trying to drive that home with the 2 episodes he was. so I expect it to come back somewhere........ team Anna all the way !!!,i adore her.............. alaric will forgive damon, but not right away...............Stephen should take klaus to the grill and share some man-mosas lol............ by the way, what happened to the daggers mythology ? I have brought it up before but nobody commented. klaus killed elijah with it yet nothing happened to him, and it appears that all of the other originals will have the same type of dagger embedded in their chest.are we to believe that the writers/producers just forgot the part about the dagger killing what ever it is supernatural that wields it ? ? I don't know why but this issue has really bothered me ever since he killed elijah.


too many epic moments to break down! loved forwood and damon forcing elena to admit she does care for him - i think this is why he's flying off the handle more because he's frustrated. interesting new direction taking place for next ep and katherine and stefan and klaus storyline. LOVE beremy so team bonnie definitely. cannot wait for next episode. hope alaric and bill don't team up - but this could be a possibility right?


Caroline has become my favorite character in TVD! I see more of her as a lead role every time she's on the screen.

Also her scene with Tyler was really great. Candice and Michael have really good chemistry. More Forwood scenes please.


1. There wasn't enough Forwood Foreplay so I'll go with Caroline fighting Damon.
2. Bill will be back. He's probably related to this whole vampire hunter storyline we're sure to see.
3. Team...neither? Anna I guess. Bonnie is only half on this show, she keeps disappearing.
4. Well, Alaric should know that you have to take your friendship with a lunatic like Damon and kind of expect some stuff to go down. That said, Damon should get punished somehow. Bad little Damon.
5. The Grille on TVD is like the Peach Pit on the original 90210, where else would they go?


Team Anna all the way


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Two words. Caroline. Bad-Ass

Is this the last we've seen of Bill Forbes?
I truly hope so. I really am not a fan of Jack Coleman. That pair of glasses really bugged me.

Are you on Team Anna or Team Bonnie?
Team Anna definitely. Bonnie still bored me to death. Jeremy is a fool for shutting Anna out.

Should Alaric forgive Damon for temporarily snapping his neck?
I don't care. Seriously, I yawn every time Alaric came into a scene. Can we brought the "Uselessness Scale" to this table?

What sight should Stefan take Klaus to see first in Mystic Falls?
The cemetery where Klaus find out that Stefan is a loner.


I loved all the scenes with Jeremy and Anna except when he tuned her out so he could tell stupid Bonnie about seeing ghosts of girlfriends pastm lol. Yeah sorry Bonnie fans me personally not a fan and can't believe Jeremy was so quick to fall for Bonnie considering she played a key role in Anna's death. I've been a huge Anna fan since S1 and was so glad she is back and Jeremy totally has feelings for her still. Love that Stefan got outted for still being in love with Elena I just wish he would stop being so mean to her I know he is trying to protect her but it looks like the cats out of the bag and yet in the preview for nexts weeks ep. he is still screaming at her and treating her like dirt? WTF Stefan??


I don't understand why Klaus won't compell Stefan to obey him and to tell him the truth. In real life, well, obviously not real life, he would have compelled Stefan ages ago! Rebecca too, she can make him love her like Katherine did! These originals, why won't they use all their power?! I would love if one of them complelled him to forget Elena, I want The Ripper back!


1. My favorite scene is the Forwood scene. These two are my favorites! We need more Forwood scenes, Julie Plec!

2. I'm predicting vampire-hating Bill owns a school (or something) where he teaches people to train their powerful mind~ against vampire compulsions and what not. I can also see him writing a book about this so my answer is he is going to be back.

3. I'm sorry Bonnie fans but I wasn't really a Bonnie fan since the beginning of this show. I love LOVE LOVE ANA! I was really disappointed when they killed her in season 1.

4. Of course, Ric should! He and Damon are bros!

5. I'm not really sure about this one.


1. Caroline saving her dad. Damon: "I'm stronger" Caroline: I'M ANGRIER!!! Caroline: Grow up!
2. Of course not. He'll be back.
3. Anna. Bonnie's not written well. Bonnie/Jeremy have less chemistry than Anna/Jeremy.
4. Why they're friends I don't know but temporarily killing your friend while under a lot of stress is forgiveable if they're really friends.

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