The Vampire Diaries Review: Best. Prank. Night. Ever.

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Paging, Bonnie! Stat! After sitting slack-jawed and bug-eyed through the "The Reckoning," one thing is for certain: Matt was not the only one in need of CPR tonight.

What an incredible episode of The Vampire Diaries. Consider, Klaus apprehended Elena, compelled Stefan and snapped Tyler's neck; while Matt drowned himself, Katherine kidnapped Jeremy and the rising seniors took some serious TP to the school hallways.

And all that happened in the first 30 minutes.

Got Her Finally!

Were there a few plot holes? Yes. Let's get them out of the way now: Klaus created the hybrid he's been dreaming about for decades... and then just left him? Klaus discovered the key to building his own army of these creatures was Elena's blood... and then just left her? (Under newly non-human Stefan's creepy protection, I know. But still. Seems hard to believe Klaus would let the doppleganger out of his sight again.)

Moreover, despite all the action packed into the hour, the key points were all expository. They were just laid out to us. We were simply told that Klaus figured out the Original Witch lied to him; and it seemed awfully convenient that Pearl told Katherine that she knew about the vampire/vampire hunter... who told Anna... who told Jeremy via the great ghost beyond.

That's a lot of seemingly random telling and not a lot of showing or coherence.

But, man, when an episode takes you on that kind of ride, it's silly to pick at too many nits. Did any character's life not change tonight?!?

I'm still smiling over Damon and Stefan's role reversal, right down to the latter's drink-pouring and snarky one-liners. Oh, please, continue, Delena. Don't mind me and my utter lack of humanity hovering around the mansion. Creepy. Cool. Funny. Awesome.

I've also complained in the past about how VD was dragging out the longing looks between Damon and Elena, teasing a relationship that would never take place just because it knows how to get fans clamoring - but Damon's actions here spoke a lot louder than even his most heartfelt words ("I promise you. I will never leave you again."). The guy came back for her. He took on the oldest Original of them all for her. Bryan Adams really said it best: everything Damon does, he does it for Elena.

I actually believe there's a chance for these two now, and I'm actually rooting for one. Sorry, Stefan. I know you couldn't control it, but it's hard to maintain a relationship after killing two innocent students in front of your girlfriend in the high school gym, only to later drink the blood from her neck. It's almost never happened.

Forwood Photo

Elsewhere, it's great that Tyler is all happy and powerful and all, but, ummmm... Klaus just turned you into a hybrid, dude. Yes, you have a gorgeous, fun girl on your arm and, absolutely, senior year of high school is a blast, but you might wanna contemplate your next move against Klaus more than your next move with Caroline in bed.

As for Matt, I had completely forgotten he ever dated Elena. That feels like decades ago. Was I happy he got to see Vicki again? Sure. But when you compare his storyline to attacks from Klaus and stolen necklaces by Katherine and the resuscitation of Michael from his chained-up slumber... it's hard to be overly interested. Gotta admire the dedication to communicating with his sibling, though. I love my sister, but it's unclear if I'd risk suicide just to chat with her apparition.

Questions from the episode:

  • So Michael is a vampire and a vampire hunter (Vunter? Hampire? Hampire it is.). But what makes him so scary to Klaus? Wouldn't an Original still be stronger than any other vampire?
  • Unless Michael is also an Original?
  • Which was a more tense 20 minutes on the hardwood: the clock ticking down to Elena's death, or the second half of the Duke/Butler National Championship Game?
  • Super glue on Alaric's desk, Elena? Really? The best prank for this teacher would be to replace his name plate with one that reads "Ric."
  • Take away her thirst for blood and her lack of care over the human condition and Rebekah is pretty awesome, isn't she? Tyler is dead... ish. Loved it.
  • Is anyone else's heart still racing?
  • Can you handle a look at next week's episode? HERE IT IS.


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What I think is ...... Stefan leaving with Klaus was not only for Damon but for Elena as well. Remember how he thought that the problem of Klaus' hybrids was because of Elena still being alive? And as a Ripper, once he started drinking those bloods from the last episode of Season 2 it triggered his ripper side. Blood is something he can never run away from.


I thought that Stefan fighting to resist feeding on Elena was tremendous. It shows that despite all his recent actions, he is fudamentally the same person we've known all along, one who willingly holds on to his humanity. The writers have done a fantastic job in keeping the characters consistent throughout all the twists and turns.

David and sabrina 2014

this episode went out even more insane for me to think that it's the end for Elena, especially when Klaus is controlling Stefan like crazy. I think that there will be even more crazy and surprising events coming up throughout season 3. =O O=


The only plot hole that annoyed me: Why doesn't Elena just revoke Stefan's invitation into the house? From what I remember she is now the legal owner of the house and thus has the power to invite/revoke invitations to enter it... Unless I've obviously forgotten some other important bit of information?


I agree with Stebecca, Let's remember how Damon used to USE Caroline as a bloodbank. He murdered and borderline raped the innocents, out of free will. He turned off his humanity, also out of free will. Now fast forward and Stefan is the almighty evil one. Which he is. And a badass at it, too. Ok, so now Delena lovers can hate on him, but he fought till the very end for his humanity. He did as Elena told and stabbed himself with a wooden stick to save her. He just can't beat an original's mind compulsion. Although, he probably will in the future. So, let him have his fun. Elena can have her fun, too. But let's be real. Elena knows that Stefan was compulsed to forget. She will hold on to him, just as he held on to her so dearly.


why wasn't Klaus compelling Damon to tell him the truth about what he knows about Michael? one more plot hole... still it was an amazing episode


Personally, I thought this was a brilliant episode! Stefan refusing to let go of his humanity was beautiful for me(even if I am a die-hard Delena fan) but I also think it could come as a bit of a relief to finally let go of it because it must have been terrible for him to have to fight against his personality all this time.
I don't agree with people who say Stefan sacrificed himself for his brother, yeah he did give himself over to Klaus but he could've come home at any point.
I absolutely loved alll the Delena scenes especially the last one! It's like the first time we've really seen her admit that she needed him!
Can't wait for the next episode!


Well, my view is that Stefan was still Stefan; still fighting for his love, struggling and suffering, not to harm Elena, still hanging desperately with the fingertips to what remains of his humanity, until Klaus compelled him to let everything go, turn off everything human in him.
And its definitely because of this compulsion that he is bad now, its not his deliberate choice, its not from his own willing...He hurt Elena,only because he was compelled to. I'm just mad that,while he was the one to fight and taking all the pain, after saving Damon ,leaving town with Klaus to keep him away from Elena and all, it was Damon who came to take the girl. And in the end Elena see only this, the Dark evil side Stefan, turning to Damon, forgetting that Damon did all wrong in the past, by his own will, own choices, no compulsion.


Wowzers to the poster of Stefan. I've always thought he was better looking than Damon. I know Damon has the eyes but so does Stefan, deep and mysterious and back to my comments on the episode. It wasn't my favorite but it had some favorite moments. The whole thing in the gym was too much. Yes yes we know Stefan loves Elena and must be forced to hurt her yes yes we don't need all that drama. And yes to someones comment they should just all graduate high school already. I was glad they dispensed of Elena's too chipper Aunt so and so and I'm hoping Alaric will get some romantic action with someone else. And now that's Stefan's a bad boy it's on with him and Katherine. Merry Christmas Katherine, you finally get your shot.


Gosh thqt was an AWESOME episode !!! I've been waiting for Klaus to use compulsion on Stefan for a looooooong time... And there we are !!!! What was wzird though is that I saw the switch getting turned off, the forehead, it snapped... That was sooo strange and scary, it looked like he was chocking on something... Michael, we are waiting for yooouuuu ! lol. Tyler, an hybrid.... I even thought Klaus was going to take him since all he ever wanted was to create THE perfect hybrid. And who would have thought ! the doppelganger's blood, niiice Original Zitch, that was a good move... And of course my Delena, I can smell it ! We're getting there ! But SERIOUSLY ! Stefan, not so Stefan anymore as a third wheel ! WTF ! No way Delena is gonna try something now !LOVED prank night ! sooo cool ! And Matt going through a near-death experience to see Vicky....interesting. And now, he sees her ! But I swear, they better find a GOOD reason for her to stay, otherwise it's gonna get boring. Anna had a good reason though.
But GOSH that zas a goooooooood episode !
P.S. : I think Michael is an Original... but a vampire who hunts vampires, will he only stop at Klaus plus, or will hunt Mystic Falls Vamps as well... I wonder...

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