The Vampire Diaries Review: Break On BOO to The Other Side!

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I've had enough of this ghost stuff to last forever.

Amen, Matty. Amen.

Consider this a warning, Vampire Diaries fans: I did not like "Ghost World" one bit. Take that as a backward compliment, perhaps, because I've come to expect so much from this typically tantalizing show. But this spirited invasion was nothing more than a random, confusing mess that pushed all our main characters off to the side in favor of dead folks we haven't thought about in ages.

Anna and Jeremy

I know, I know:

Lexi is tons of fun, Anna is adorable and sensitive and Mason is smoking hot (right, ladies?). I grant you all of that. But they had their time, they died in exciting, surprising ways and it was a major letdown for every emotional moment tonight to be centered around individuals who have played no role in the ongoing story.

My beef with the hour started at the very beginning. I can't be the only one who felt the show skipped a major scene, can I? One second Mason was torturing Damon, the next Damon was free and driving around in a convertible. I want my ghosts to go bump in the night, not to provide us with such bumpy transitions.

Let's move on to the class taught by Lexi: Ripper Detox 101. Huh?!? Where did she suddenly get some sort of extra strong compulsion ability? Is there a Master's Program taught on The Other Side? Paul Wesley deserves gobs of praise for his portrayal of a pained, peeved Stefan throughout these scenes (I will rip you apart, Lexi!!!), but this just came across like a contrived solution. Which is my one major problem overall on season three.

There's been a lack of flow. There's been too much exposition and not enough well-paced build-up. Characters are simply telling other characters about something that seemingly came out of nowhere (Anna explained last week her convoluted connection to Mikael, Mason just showed up here and - voila! - presented Damon with some family secret about how to kill an Original).

It feels like our favorite players are just pawns in some supernatural drama. I want to see them taking control of their own fate, making decisions based on what we've seen and learned about them over the years... not just going along with whatever plan is dropped on them each week.

And then there's Bonnie. I'm pretty sure she speaks more witch jibberish than English these days. Seriously, is she ever not casting spells?!? Her sole purposes for awhile now is to show up, read her grimoire and utter some nonsense that may or may not save the day. Consider: Damon doesn't drink blood all the time. Tyler isn't perpetually howling. These characters grew into well-rounded, interesting people when time was spent with them outside of their supernatural abilities.

I know I should be encouraging teens to read as much as possible, but come on Bonnie: put down the book and chill. Try smiling even.

Finally, I can't help but wonder: will the gruesome murder of a founding family member, in front of the entire town, be addressed after this week? Especially when it was presumably followed by ghosts running wild - and then vanishing - around Mystic Falls? The blood and gore and violence on this show are most often kept secret from residents, but will questions about what the heck is going on now permeate every meal at The Grill, as they really should? Or, as I fear, will the public murder just be dropped from storylines?

This is a small town that takes its traditions seriously, and a prominent citizen was just strung up from a tree. I'm just saying. That really should come up again in the very near future.

So let me have it, VD lovers. You won't find a bigger fan of this show than yours truly, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to its problems or can't point out when an episode really lets me down.

In this case, when nothing was really accomplished in the grand storytelling scheme - save for Alaric's concluding discovery, which will serve as an introduction to next week's Original flashback episode - it somehow seemed appropriate that the final exchange between Damon and Alaric went as follows:

What is it?
I have no idea.


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@Matt I would let you have it but I kinda agree. I loved seeing Lexie again...she still remains the coolest blond vamp to date (sorry Caroline) and I even got my kicks seeing Mason not be vindictive. I just didn't get it. Random things were just being thown out wth? Pearl just came out of nowhere at the end. Lexie's abilities were one of those vampire abilities they don't showcase enough, like when Katherine got into Stefan's head in the tomb or when Damon got into Rose's head when she was dying. I couldn't agree more about Bonnie. Bonnie fans always get in a tizzy when you say you don't like her but that is why I don't like her. Outside of being super judgmental she's poorly used! If we could see her in fun moments when she dosn't come in with thick books and messy hair and chant a few things, maybe we could like her more. Strangely enough she was quite enjoyable when she shared scenes with another useless character, Matt. I actually liked Matt this episode (which says a lot because most days I ask myself why the heck he's still there) because the dude was like "Im done with this shizz ya'll figure it out!" I'm with you Matt. Bonnie with her grams...good times. I just wish they'd make better use of her character, they managed to make Tyler and Caroline (former members of the These characters Suck club) interesting well rounded characters. Please do that for Bonnie! It isn't that people hate Bonnie, it's just they hate how she is written...even fans of hers have to admit that she gets crappy storylines and she's limited. Wouldn't you want to see her being something other than used for her witch abilities? How about is it this season she's a better witch? No more nosebleeds, confident in her magic came out of nowhere but it shouldn't have...give us a peek into how she became better at her magic, show us her bloody house for crying out loud, show her flirting with someone or doing fun stuff. The beauty of this show is usually they right such well rounded characters that one has strong feelings for. Either you really love the person or you really hate the person, but you are never bored with the person or indifferent...except for Bonnie. Why is that?
Example, I notice if Caroline isn't in an episode, or Tyler, or Alaric, sometimes even Jeremy, but never with Bonnie or Matt. I did however like the Mason and Damon scenes. I liked the Damon and Alaric scenes, I mean really Alaric you can't stay mad at Damon....and that whole "You're no my friend anymore" I love you man but how old are we 5?LOL! The entire Jeremy/Anna/Bonnie thing and elena/caroline's reactions to it was a headache and I know I should have felt bad for Bonnie, which I Honestly did, but I felt bad for Jeremy too. The episode had good moments, but it was definitely one of those transition episodes that opened the door to continuity problems that should be taken up with the fictatious offices of Standards&Practices. Because I gurantee you next week no one will think about the bodycount and a host of other things that went on in this episode.


I thought that whole scene was fairly obvious as well. I thought it was well known that vampires can get inside others heads, especially older vampires.


@Matt Richenthal She didn't control his body. If you noticed when they kept zooming out and showing from elena's point of view, she couldn't see what was going on with him. It was all in his head. And of course, what lexi did was nothing like what Damon put in Rose's head, because Lexi didnt want it to be. Damon looked inside Rose's mind, saw the place she loved most, and put her and him there. Lexi, looked inside Stefans head and psychologically made him think that he was starving. Just like Katherine and Damon have been able to control thoughts at different times. It's also been declared that vampires can control other vampires thoughts when they are in a weakened state.


LOOOL at the drawings at the end. Wow, *claps hands*. So, there we the Lockwoods in 1000 ac?
And now, even 1000 years ago, people wrote journals. On the wall.
The Original Diaries!


Ok, I definitely agree about the ghosts...not a fan. BUT, I did enjoy seeing one ghost back last night...and that would be Lexi. I was so disappointed when she was killed off after just one episode in Season 1. She came back briefly in a Season 2 flashback, and now we see her again tonight. Personally, I think she's awesome. However, Lexi aside, I wasn't very happy to see any of the other ghosts. I did like the end with Anna and her mother, hopefully they've both "found their peace" now and that's the end of that. It pisses me off that the original witch's necklace is still hanging around though...which definitely indicates that the ghost thing is not completely done yet, I think. Hopefully next week will bring better results. I'm always a sucker for flashback episodes...and I really would like to know what happened to Katherine.


I agree with one's beyond stupid to think that the townspeople would just ignore the countless murders (of their kids for crying out loud) and disappearences. It's a HUGE plot hole.


Damned..but this was the first episode i skipped forward...Would give only 3 stars..
One for Damons try to get Alaric back, on his own special Damon-way with a firstclass crapass non excuse for hurting the people he really loves..but who can`t resists those eyes when even Alaric wasn`t able to stay was soooooo damn funny that he used the same apology twice a day..
Even that i`m pretty sure he was honest with Alaric...Great..
Second star for Caroline..What Damon is on the man-side, is the Caroline on the other...supercute and cool commentarys..Girl, i adore you..stay the hell the way you are..
Third star for Mason..the man needed dark-buddie-couple ever.. But than..oh my god..
The whole ghost-shit was annoying from the beginning over the middle and to the end. And because i lay all my hopes in Julie Plec, i really hope she got a bigger picture in mind.. I think we all want to know more about the originals, and mikael, and where the hell is Katherine, and Elijah. But these holy crap, about every person who died in the past got on my nerves. In the core the idea seems to be interesting and understandable.
Bonny opened a door to bring Jeremy back, and didn`t close it.
As she said, such big magic brings bad consequenzes..but this epic-meaned shit...
The only touchable scene was for me Anna getting Pearl back.
But Lexi, which i love over the top..this seems a repeat from the first season, when Stefan told Elena about Lexi saving him..
Besides, I was glad that it didn`t work.. And now to Elena.
Honey, we all love Damon, and the most of us want him to be with you, becauce you make him to a better version of himself..
But really soon, i will come to the point that every girl around is better for him...
You`r lecturing your brother not hold on to a love that only can exists in his mind.
Sorry, but didn`t you tell you don`t want to be a vampire..Hmmm...okay,that brings me to an interesting point..
How can you love one, when you now you both have no future and lecturing your own brother, because he still have feelings for the girl he loved deeply..
Who is the adult here...holy crap... Don`t like all the part around Stefan, even that i love Paul, but now he his back to the point where he should turn back to elenas puppie...figth it Paul, please.
You both together is like Mother Theresa fall in love with Gandhi..
Sure you both are sweet, and you both cares about everything that walks, and you and Elena are true, honest and don`t betray anybody..
It`s like eating without gettin full.
You deserve someone you makes you feel that you can be the way you are...
And not a puppie..
I want someone who makes you sparkle..Someone who drives you crazy, and yalm you down in the same way..Someone for eternity..


I'm pissed they didn't show what happened to Katherine.
I love this show but this episode was not one of the best, I hope the ghost thing is pretty much over now.


Lexie is fab people. So is Klaus' bro - darn I forget his name - not helping my case here. Anna and jeremy are just another level of wimpiness no? Stefan and Damon - good jobs tonight. Elena needed abit more of Lexie's ruthless love, instead of a teenvalley high romance cringe every time the ripper says it hurrts.


I agree with this review completely. Also, for a Halloween week episode it was extremely weak. Costumes at the community party, or whatever it was, would have at least made it more fun to watch. There was also zero Delena action this week and while I love Lexi, I was definitely left wondering how the hell she managed to starve Stefan with compulsion. I mean come on, where did that come from? This felt like 3 episodes smashed together into one pretty bad one. I'm disappointed, but I still love this show. I enjoy the flash back episodes so I'm hoping next week is much better.

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