The Vampire Diaries Review: Break On BOO to The Other Side!

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I've had enough of this ghost stuff to last forever.

Amen, Matty. Amen.

Consider this a warning, Vampire Diaries fans: I did not like "Ghost World" one bit. Take that as a backward compliment, perhaps, because I've come to expect so much from this typically tantalizing show. But this spirited invasion was nothing more than a random, confusing mess that pushed all our main characters off to the side in favor of dead folks we haven't thought about in ages.

Anna and Jeremy

I know, I know:

Lexi is tons of fun, Anna is adorable and sensitive and Mason is smoking hot (right, ladies?). I grant you all of that. But they had their time, they died in exciting, surprising ways and it was a major letdown for every emotional moment tonight to be centered around individuals who have played no role in the ongoing story.

My beef with the hour started at the very beginning. I can't be the only one who felt the show skipped a major scene, can I? One second Mason was torturing Damon, the next Damon was free and driving around in a convertible. I want my ghosts to go bump in the night, not to provide us with such bumpy transitions.

Let's move on to the class taught by Lexi: Ripper Detox 101. Huh?!? Where did she suddenly get some sort of extra strong compulsion ability? Is there a Master's Program taught on The Other Side? Paul Wesley deserves gobs of praise for his portrayal of a pained, peeved Stefan throughout these scenes (I will rip you apart, Lexi!!!), but this just came across like a contrived solution. Which is my one major problem overall on season three.

There's been a lack of flow. There's been too much exposition and not enough well-paced build-up. Characters are simply telling other characters about something that seemingly came out of nowhere (Anna explained last week her convoluted connection to Mikael, Mason just showed up here and - voila! - presented Damon with some family secret about how to kill an Original).

It feels like our favorite players are just pawns in some supernatural drama. I want to see them taking control of their own fate, making decisions based on what we've seen and learned about them over the years... not just going along with whatever plan is dropped on them each week.

And then there's Bonnie. I'm pretty sure she speaks more witch jibberish than English these days. Seriously, is she ever not casting spells?!? Her sole purposes for awhile now is to show up, read her grimoire and utter some nonsense that may or may not save the day. Consider: Damon doesn't drink blood all the time. Tyler isn't perpetually howling. These characters grew into well-rounded, interesting people when time was spent with them outside of their supernatural abilities.

I know I should be encouraging teens to read as much as possible, but come on Bonnie: put down the book and chill. Try smiling even.

Finally, I can't help but wonder: will the gruesome murder of a founding family member, in front of the entire town, be addressed after this week? Especially when it was presumably followed by ghosts running wild - and then vanishing - around Mystic Falls? The blood and gore and violence on this show are most often kept secret from residents, but will questions about what the heck is going on now permeate every meal at The Grill, as they really should? Or, as I fear, will the public murder just be dropped from storylines?

This is a small town that takes its traditions seriously, and a prominent citizen was just strung up from a tree. I'm just saying. That really should come up again in the very near future.

So let me have it, VD lovers. You won't find a bigger fan of this show than yours truly, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to its problems or can't point out when an episode really lets me down.

In this case, when nothing was really accomplished in the grand storytelling scheme - save for Alaric's concluding discovery, which will serve as an introduction to next week's Original flashback episode - it somehow seemed appropriate that the final exchange between Damon and Alaric went as follows:

What is it?
I have no idea.


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I agree with almost everything everyone is saying except the one or two stelena fans. Ugh they r so damn boring. More delena, forwood, klaus etc.


TOTALLY agree with this recap, 100%.


I actually REALLY liked thisepisode but I have to agree...the plot lines are starting to get filled with holes. If the town doesn't address the murder next week, I tihnk I'll be really dissapointed.


I totally agree with you Matt Richental. And btw, I think if Elena kissed Stefan before she left him alone in the cellar or something saying that she couldn't love a ghost forever, maybe Stefan would have gotten his feeling back or something. I mean he looked at her in that sort of way only Stefan looks at Elena. COME ON ELENA, KISS HIM FOR GODS SAKE!


You did forget to mention that this episode said nothing whatsoever about four charachters with the names of Tyler, Katherine, Rebekah, and the vampire-eating, vampire-killer vampire. They comepletely left out the cliffhangers from last week. And seriously, if Rebekah was determined to take over Carolines life and make her miserable like she was so determined to do last week, why was she nowhere to be seen? What, were she and Tyler passed out from too much drinking (hardy har har)? This episode definately didn't have the awesomeness that this entire season has had so far. WAY off their game on this one.


Didn't see anyone else say this, but I think there is a possibility that Jeremy is thinking about joining Anna and leaving the land of the living. Remember how he told her she wouldn't be alone and that he loved her, what does that mean?


Best description for this episode.
Boggart as the word Riddikulus was all I could say, followed by laughter. Jeremy kissing Anna has consequences, but Elena kissing her boyfriends brother none. Seriously .. @ Carte Damon and Elena, and Katherine with Elijah. Since I relate to Stefan anybody but Elena or Katherine. Lexie was perfect ... IMO


I didn't dislike the episode. I guess I found the old appearances novel because I never watched those it was all background for me. And Mason was a babe. Everyone was compelling for me - it took me a while to warm to most of the heroes and find them not dull, but I am fully into Caroline, Elena, Damon, Alaric, et good on that... It liked the Bonnie centricness.... I enjoy Bonnie when she is given work to do, and I felt like she actually had some better development opportunities here, with her Grams and having to face that she put herself out there pretty far for a guy who's acting like a real doofus. I think she handled it well - she can be kind of emotionally monotone, but I think it's coming across that it's a superficial calm with a lot more behind it. I hope they let her grow it. And TBQH (mostly because I think he's hot) I hope they have Jeremy man up, since he devolved quickly into a stupid teenager in the face of Anna, who (though adorable) is incredibly pathetic and their whole thing is even more so, so based on neediness, not love (J can say what he wants about his love for Anna, not buying it - he just doesn't know any better). I'd be in favor of him getting it together in order to get back together with Bonnie, because I still think they have potential - and maybe this bump in the road could put the much needed heat back in their interactions. Jeremy just needs to choose not to be a boy anymore. I dig the overall themes the episode approached...what is (and isn't) love, really; what are the healthy limits of what we do and endure in the name of it. I thought it was fakirly successul in bringing some of those basics out of the usual gore and drama.


This was not my favorite episode either. But, I will let it slide this once... Even the best shows have an off episode or two. As long as next week's show is the epicness that we have come to love!! thanks for the recap!!


Damon gets Elena, Stefan gets Katherine, Alaric ends up wit mrs. Lockwood, Caroline gets waxed, Tyler roams mystic falls trying to impregnate women to make "puppies" , Bonnie loses her powers and then she and Jeremy start having a real relationship, and sheriff Forbes admits she is a lesbian and starts dating klaus' sister. I'm just saying..

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