The Good Wife Round Table: "Feeding the Rat"

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It's that time of the week again, readers: Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando are back with a new edition of The Good Wife Round Table.

Below, these TV Fanatics analyze the latest installment of the CBS hit, dissecting various scenes, questions and potential hook-ups. Read on. Chime in.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Eli probing Kalinda for information and trying to figure out the inner workings of Lockhart/Gardner. I wouldn't object to a coup from these two, or a spin-off, perhaps. Gold/Sharma who wouldn't bring their business? Yes, Eli, that's Kalinda's last name.

Carissa: When Celeste was trying to pit Will and Peter against each other and they wouldn't bite. She was showing her true colors - and they were ugly. I was proud of Will for walking away before she did actual damage.

Christine: Celeste trying to play Will and Peter off one another. I both loved and hated it. She showed her true colors there and I think she lost Will in that moment. On the flip side the scene made me as uncomfortable as it did Will... so it was well played.

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Does Will really love Alicia?
Matt: Yes. She loves him, too, she's just afraid to admit it. I go back to Will's phone call on the first season finale, where Alicia didn't even argue about their feelings. She was just focused on the practical implications of a romance. It's the same thing now.

Carissa: After this episode, I believe he really does. Right now she is the one holding back, and I worry that he might get hurt. They are doing a fantastic job of making their pairing as realistic, considering their current situation, as possible. I hope it plays out through the entire season.

Christine:Yes, I think he does or at least he's beginning to. Alicia seems to be the one holding him at arm's length. But that whole scene of Will trying to explain what he said and what he felt was simply adorable. Alicia needs to officially end things with Peter. This state of limbo isn't fair to anyone.

Do you want Celeste to stick around?
Matt:I very much like Lisa Edelstein, and I enjoy how Celeste provides more background on Will... but no. This show has enough key characters already.

Carissa: No. She's nasty. She's self-centered and mean. Her childish antics with Will and Peter sealed her fate with me. 

Christine: She's fun for the short term, but she's such a witch (that's the nicest term I can come up with) I don't think I want her around for long.

More likely to hook up: Cary and the AUSA? Or Kalinda and Eli?
Matt: Cary and the AUSA. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna go look up how to spell her name. We'll just call her the Reverend's Daughter for now.

Carissa: Kalinda and Eli. I really didn't like the new AUSA. I don't like folks playing discrimination cards, especially when dealing with the lives of actual people. It's more that I don't want Cary with the AUSA than that they are less likely to hook up. They probably will.

Christine: Cary and the AUSA because I think that's all it will be: a hook up. I like Kalinda and Eli as partners and I hope they become real friends after some time. For some reason I just can't picture them as more than that.


John; Remember I owe you one for a remark you made awhile back about a family member. Don't blink


4. I wish Cary and Kalinda would get together! Their chemistry is wayyyyy better than Will and Alicia's. I think Alicia should be single for now. Not a fan of Will (especially with his new and pouffy hair) and Peter.


We really need to wonder about the intelligence of these simple souls who, incredibly, still think that Alicia's marriage to that lying cheating bastard was so sacred and special that she should rush back to him for more of the same. What is she, stupid? How long would it be till he's cheating on her again? Leopards don't change their spots, and Peter was, is now, and will always be a cheater. I almost pity these people who are so convinced that their fantasy world is true that they keep their eyes firmly closed to the real one. It's really quite pathetic. Unlike Peter's many sins, which he testified to under oath in court, all the "dirt" these fools have against Will is in their own imaginations.


John put it were the sun don't shine ! especially now that she's spent time with a man who really cares for her, he cares that he getting a piece for nothing and will stab her if the fling gets out.
People have told you before this is today not yesterday sowhy don't you get up to speed on current events.


1. I loved the scene where big gentle hunk Will is awkwardly trying to express his feelings for Alicia. That was so endearing. She should have let him. So many women complain that guys won't talk about their feelings -- and here, when one wants to, she keeps shutting him down. She'd better be careful or she'll lose him. He's too good to lose. 2. Absolutely. He's loved her all along, and only went with Tammy because he thought Alicia had heard his declaration of love and had decided to stay with the cheating rat she married instead. Tammy told him not to fall in love with her, which was fine with him because his heart was already taken. 3. Celeste is a trouble-maker. I too was glad that the guys rose above her tacky high school "mean girls" stunt. Shame on her. 4. I see Eli and Kalinda becoming fast friends and dangerous allies, but anything romantic would just spoil it. So by process of elimination, I'd say Cary with the AUSA. She's such a conniver, though, I hope it wouldn't last. Cary and Kalinda would be a better couple. (And Allison, you really need to take that blindfold off. Peter is a dirty rotten sleazy cheating RAT, and the only way Alicia will EVER get back with him is if she has a lobotomy first -- especially now that she's spent time with a man who really cares for her, and isn't out boinking whores on the side while she waits faithfully at home.)


@Jany you are so right that it is a thrill she is doing to understand what went wrong in her marriage, when Peter accused her with Will he was not that far off. She had been doing alot of things not becoming a married woman and hiding them from her family ( the kiss, the plan, phone calls ).
Down the line shortly the kids are going to find out and she will be so devestated on how to make things right again. PS The bottom line is she will in the end be back with Peter and Will will be sent up the river for fraud and enbezzelment.


Alicia will lose Will by her actions. On the other hand, it's possible she is not in love with him. She told
her brother it "wasn't love" when he questioned her as to whether Will was 'rebellion' or 'love.' She
said "not love." Too bad....too sad.


Alicia was deeply devastated in her love/trust relationship with Peter.........She will eventually be able to risk with Will, but I bet she'll be testing, waiting, controlling her feelings with her brain,etc. before she'll finally be strong enough emotionally to join with Will in a deep relationship.....putting her kids in the forefront to avoid facing her own true feelings. But, the writers portray her as a real and good person with intelligence and skill, so love/trust with Will specifically will have to happen eventually. It'll be fun and interesting to see how this develops as well as how these two characters individually grow. I love this show, the supreme acting and writing....never miss an episode!


It seems strange to me that the Good Wife is being protrayed as someone who is just with Will for some sort of a thrill or something.


I enjoyed this show the first season but as its progressed I just got more and more uncomfortable with TGW. After much thought I finally came to the conclusion that there is not a single redeemable character among them... and then they try and write Alicia to be so much more holier-than-thou that I can't watch any longer. Since I gave Alicia and Company up, I haven't even missed the show.

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