Terra Nova Review: Power of Deception

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"The Runaway" was definitely a bounce back episode for Terra Nova. There was excitement, there was intrigue and it kept the viewers on their toes about what was really going on. It sure was a step back in the right direction for this dino crew.

It doesn't surprise me at all that an episode directed by executive producer Jon Cassar was mainly dealing with spies, moles and deception. As one of the forces behind 24, Cassar helped run a show that exposed its audience to more mole plots than any other in history.

Seeking Asylum

The deception during this week's story had me predicting end results in every-which-way, making it the best single episode plot of the series so far. Also, it didn't hurt that the little runaway was A-DORE-A-BLE.

First. the runaway seemed to be afraid for her life, then all of the sudden she was dirty as all Hell sneaking away with Mira's box, and finally we find out it was all just to protect her brother. The fact that she was only doing it to save her sibling was more heartwarming, but much less interesting.

I was hoping that she was either assisting Mira and the Sixers on her own because she was an evil little girl, or that she was helping Mira and the Sixers because she thought that they were the good guys. The grey area in which the viewer can't truly tell which side is good and which side is evil would be a great place to take this series.

That theme continued when Jim made his way into Sixer territory to find the girl's brother. Mira explained to Jim that she is doing what she is doing because some powerful people back in 2149 want her to take out Commander Taylor. She and those back in the 22nd century don't believe any of his "starting over" crap. Mira then kindly lets Jim go with the boy.

While this new information about Mira and the Sixers was definitely more intriguing than anything we learned in the previous two episodes, I again wish it was more than just fighting for a family member. The powerful people of 2149 may help her see her family again, but I'm sure there is more to that story, which is why I am excited to see what happens next.

24 was great at introducing the fact that there was a mole, sidelining the story for a bit, and then bringing it back later on to surprise you. This was executed to perfection the show's first season with Nina Myers. I wouldn't be surprised at all, and would actually prefer it, if the mole thing died down for a few weeks, and we find out later on who it is.

Right now, the series seems to be pointing the finger at Dr. Malcolm, so I hope it doesn't end up being that obvious choice. At this point, I would love to see it turn out to be Maddie's suitor Reynolds. I would enjoy a nice Taylor/Reynolds interrogation session.

I thought "The Runaway" was a definite improvement over the past couple of episodes, and I'm certainly excited to see what happens next. Before letting us know what you thought of the episode, let me know where I can find that 22nd century Etch a Sketch.


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i had high hopes for this and gave it a chance even after 4 terrible episodes. i wanted it to work but have no more patience and a lack of sympathy for terrible writing and character development. just deleted it from my record list. not intressted in bad attempts to boost ratings anymore


I agree with G. TN is LOST without interesting characters, mystery or tension. I feel no connection with the characters at all. When the Dad (can't remember his name - that tells you something) is hanging from a tree with a dino snapping at his head, I couldn't care less if he got eaten whole there and then. This is an awful show. Also the mother and father look WAY too young to have older teenage kids. Sometimes I get the mother and older daughter mixed up because they look about 10 years apart in age!


@Maka: I totally disagree. The cast is just great, even the son is good, and the little girl in this episode? Just amazing!! So please, prdoucers and Fox and stuff, dont be fooled by this comments. Pay good money for good writers and keep up the good work.


I agree that this was the best episode by far til now. I hope they keep up with the better stories. The 4. episode was awful.
The Cast though is great. There is not a single charakter I dont like. So lets pray for good stories for them :)


Terra Nova in a nutshell: take the jungle from Lost, substitute the smoke monster with dino's (poorly rendered ones at that), take every bland character from Voyager or Enterprise, make them blander and send them back in time, but ensure they have the latest fashions, better housing conditions than most real people and an ability to resolve personal differences with 42 minutes. Back to Lost; take the others, call them Sixers but take away most of the mystery by telling us as much as you can in the first episode. Give the Others, I mean Sixers a shadowy Charles Widmore-type boss back in the 22nd century. Now for the icing on the cake: give this little gem to Brannon Braga (Destroyer of Worlds) and watch as he makes a bad idea into a truly awful tv show. Terra Nova in a nutshell.


Frankly, this show would be so much better if it was 45 minutes of Alicia Washington beating the tar out of Sixers each and every week. Seriously, she and Taylor are the only characters in this show that I don't want to see die in a fire. At least promote the woman to main cast or something, people.

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