Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Brick"

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Sons of Anarchy features lies, deception and multiple death threats this week. Who is in the most trouble?

That's one of the questions Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando tackle in the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. As always, reader feedback is welcomed on pressing matters from "Brick."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Otto and Gemma at the prison. This was the first-ever scene between husband Kurt Sutter and wife Katey Sagal, right? Safe to say they nailed it.

Dan: Without a doubt it was Piney giving it to Clay. The dude won't give up, and you have to credit that to his friendship with John Teller. Nothing like an old man sticking up for his dude. RIP, JT.

Christine: I liked Jax calling Opie on his fling and that Opie was quick to throw it back it him. I guess that's what happens when friends share the same porn star.

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Do you blame Opie for cheating?
Matt: For cheating? No. We know the rules of the biker world and, if you recall, Opie actually did NOT vow to remain loyal to Lyla during their wedding ceremony. But for cheating with a fellow porn star? Yes. That's now the unspoken agreement between man and Old Lady.

Dan: Yes. On the season premiere Round Table I said "The big question that remains is her professional life. Is she done in front for the camera?" Apparently Opie figured out that just sitting in the dressing room helps him get over what she does for a living, but the problem ended up being what he found IN the dressing room. Whether she put the kibosh on children or not, cheating is not the answer Ope.

Christine: Heck yeah. Although I'm not surprised, I had hoped for better from Opie. He did marry a porn star. When she lies to him and makes him angry, what better way to deal with it than bed another porn star?  I suppose a rational conversation with his wife would be out of the question.

Will a SAMCRO member be killed this season? If so, who?
Matt: I'm going all out and saying Clay. He only has so much time remaining as President anyway, so I can't see him sticking around as a part of the club beyond this season anyhow. Could he play a side part, like Unser? Sure, possibly. Could his role in JT's death come out and Jax put a bullet in his step-father's brain? I say yes, definitely.

Dan: Yes. It's looking more and more like it will be Piney. If this series is last seven seasons like Sutter claims, there is no way the Clay/John Teller stuff can come out now. Clay will kill Piney, and then down the road Tyra will let the truth out, leading to Jax putting Clay's head on a stake. But that's season six territory.

Christine: My money is on Bobby. Even though Clay is racking up enemies quickly, I can't imagine him being killed off until the last season and Piney seems too obvious.  Bobby is fighting Clay on the cartel business. If things come to a head, I can see Clay taking him out and being able to fall back on the fact that he was sleeping with Luann to cover his tracks.

Are you buying the Juice storyline, or do you need more background information on the club's racism?
Matt: I need more. I don't doubt such racism exists in the MC world, and within SAMCRO in particular. But we haven't seen enough over three-plus seasons to justify why Juice would do absolutely anything Roosevelt ordered in protection of his heritage, including the monumentally dangerous step of stealing a sample of cocaine. He really believes that's safer than coming clean about his father, following years of loyal service?!?

Dan: I'm definitely not buying it. The Sons' hatred for Ethan Zobelle in season two, and Darby throughout the series, makes it pretty unbelievable that they would be THAT racist toward Juice upon finding out he has a black father.  And if race is such a problem for the club, why would be all that different that he's part black instead of being Puerto Rican? There's just not nearly enough depth to this story.

Christine: I buy it. It never fails to astound me how deep racism and homophobia can run, often with people you wouldn't suspect. I'd love to think it wouldn't matter to them, but that would surprise me. Personally, I wish Juice could come clean with the club and then they could run a game on the Sheriff, but that may be to much to ask.

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