Revenge Round Table: "Intrigue"

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Revenge upped the mystery and suspense ante on this week's "Intrigue," as Frank inched closer to the truth and Declan sealed the deal with Charlotte.

How did our Round Table panel react to the latest thrilling hour? Find out below, as Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando and Dan Forcella weigh in on an installment that actually did not include a Victim of the Week...


Did the lack of revenge by Emily put a damper on the episode?
Leigh: I don't think it dampened things, if anything I felt it brought a lot more to light. We said last week that there's no way Emily could keep executing these perfect plots. Now it's messy and it's more fun to watch.

Christine: It was different. A little slower paced but I still enjoyed it. If all Emily did was execute perfect revenge plots we might get bored. There needs to be some curve balls thrown into the mix and Lydia's fall and the fallout has certainly served that purpose.

Dan: Yeah, I liked that it is going a different way. It reminds me of Justified's fantastic second season, where Raylan dealt with one off situations during the first six or seven eps, and then the rest dealt with the Bennetts.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

Is Emily letting her emotions get the better of herself, as exemplified by her scathing words to Tyler at dinner?
Leigh: Was Emily trying to intimidate Tyler or protect Daniel or both? She did get a little emotional and Tyler is a bona fide psycho, so that worries me. Before he didn't like her, now he's actively pissed at her. I feel like she handled the emotional situation with Jack better. Even if her eyes (and mine) were welling with tears.

Christine: Maybe a little.  If she wasn't willing to go in for the kill, she should have held back. Now he knows he has an enemy and he'll be looking for his own revenge.

Dan: It seems as if she let things get the best of her for a brief moment. With Tyler, and now Frank out for her, Emily might be in a bit of trouble in the near future.

Do we have any better of an understanding of what Tyler's end game is?
Leigh: Tyler wants to be a Grayson basically. He has no money, he lies, he wants in and he potentially even has feelings for Daniel.

Christine: Other than he's crazy? Not really. Is he obsessed with Daniel or does he simply want to replace him in the Grayson empire? Either way, he's willing to do anything to accomplish his goals.

Dan: I didn't catch on to the "feelings for Daniel" Christine mentioned in her review, but that wouldn't surprise me at all. This dude is fit for a straight jacket, and I'm still at a loss for what his exact goal is.

How will Frank fall out of the picture?
Leigh: It's going to be really tough to get rid of Frank. I think Emily and Nolan will have to go to dangerous lengths they weren't prepared for.

Christine: I like Frank so I'm hoping he sticks around for a while.  But if he can't bring Emily and Nolan's heads on a platter to the Graysons, he may have to leave the country for a while until things cool down.

Dan: Frank is getting murdered, probably by Conrad's hand.

When Will Lydia wake up from her coma?
Leigh: I don't know how to answer this because I don't even know how Lydia is still living after that fall!

Christine: Who falls five stories and lives? She'll come back at some point or they would have simply killed her off.  I'm not so interested in when as in what will she remember and who will she tell.

Dan: Seriously! What the h-e-double hockey sticks does somebody have to do to get rid of this woman? She wakes up the episode after Daniel gets shot, I say.

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