Psych Round Table: "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader"

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Welcome to the debut edition of the Psych Round Table!

Following the season six premiere, main Psych critic Chandel Charles has gathered below with four certified Psychos and Twitter followers - Georgia, Ashley, Chelsea and Natalie - to rundown various topics from "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader." As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite moment or quote of this episode?
Chandel: Shawn's "Suck it, hyphens!" That was pretty pithy, fun, and will likely go down as one of Psych's classic one-liners. If I had to pick a favorite moment, I would go with all the lie detector scenes throughout the episode. They each focused on a separate relationship, (Lassiter and Juliet, Shawn and Lassiter, Shawn and Henry) which allowed them to interact one-on-one. It was super fun to see each of them attempting to navigate these candid moments.

Georgia: As a die hard Lassiter fan, I have to say my favorite moment was the last scene with him and Shawn in the interrogation room. Lassiter was angry at O'Hara first because, let's face it, she's really his only friend, the person he literally trusts with his life on a daily basis. So the fact she didn't trust him in the same way really hurt his feelings on a deep level. But he also loves her as his friend, so he's going to look out for her no matter what. That last scene with Shawn, where he demands he respect O'Hara, his partner and best friend, was touching on so many levels! He's showing his true colors, that he sincerely cares about her, but doing so in his own, unique, somewhat creepy "Lassiter" way.

Ashley: I loved the polygraph scene, of course. I especially loved that they waited for the flashback until the very end of the episode. It made what Henry said so much more understandable. He was encouraging Shawn, not trying to corner him. I also loved how Gus took off his police badge and then looked at Shawn and put it back on, like he trusted that somehow Shawn was going to beat the lie detector.

Chelsea: "I don't know, all the usual places I guess. Peter Pan. Geico Gecko. Phineas and Ferb's granddad."

Natalie: "Gus don't be the last mouse-katool." First Gus "don't be" a of the season!

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What do you think the definition of immunity is?
Chandel: Dictionary, anyone? Or perhaps a pamphlet outlining the behavior allowances? Some sort of internationally accepted document perhaps?

Georgia: Immunity is the exact opposite of what Shawn thinks it is! The man needs to buy a dictionary!

Ashley: To be immune. Free from punishment; i.e. not get in trouble even if you do something illegal - like parking bad or littering (but not stealing, LOL). Apparently, it works for murder... until you're fired that is.

Chelsea: It's exemption or protection from something unpleasant, such as a duty or penalty, to which others are suspect. Okay, I might have cheated and looked it up in Webster's dictionary. Actually, I totally did cheat; I asked the Microsoft Word paperclip. So naturally, having read that definition, immunity means that you can litter, break and/or enter, park tiny blue cars on the sidewalk, and hijack hybrids. Because in a Shawn-world that makes perfect sense.

Natalie: Immunity for Shawn is being able to rob a bank and get away with it! My definition? Getting away with things normal people would get in trouble for.

Can you pull off an accent? If so, what kind is it? If not, what kind would you like to be able to imitate?
Chandel: Yes, a British one. I once convinced a substitute teacher I was actually from Liverpool. She even wanted to have lunch with me. I welcomed the challenge, but she never showed up. I think she thought that it would scare me into telling the truth. It was in the sixth grade, and it wasn't till later I found out that people had actually ratted me out to her later. Important point is I didn't back down, and my accent is killer.

Georgia: The only accent I can pull off is my own inherent Texas accent. If I could choose another one, I'd take Australian. Those Aussies sound crazy sexy cool.

Ashley: Actually, I can. I can do Texas and Georgia. I do a passable Scottish/Irish. I'd love to do English or Australian, but I'm pretty bad at them.

Chelsea: Not really. But that doesn't mean I don't try. I think my British accent is as compelling as Shawn's.

Natalie: I can pull off a British accent, but not like Shawn's. "Where are your shooooooooes?"

Do you think Lassie knew that Shawn beat the lie detector test?
Chandel: I think Lassiter knew it and grudgingly accepted it as the outcome. I wonder if the big breath he took before informing Shawn of the consequences of doing O'Hara wrong was meant to be a sign that he knew that Shawn and Henry were in cahoots, or, more interestingly, if it meant that Lassiter might have been putting on airs about really shooting him, even if that's what he might have felt like doing.

Georgia: Oh, Lassiter absolutely knew Shawn beat the lie detector test. It's evident in the final scene, where Lassiter gives Shawn a basic run-down of his "methods" for solving crimes. He knows Shawn pulled a fast one, but as with every other time Shawn wins, he just has no idea how he did it. Lassiter will never truly believe Shawn is psychic.

Ashley: Oh, he knew. He hates it, but he knew. How will he prove Shawn's a fake now?!? Oh, and Jules will be royally ticked at Shawn when she finds out he's not for real. That means he could have lied about loving her as well. Ohh, he's in trouble.

Chelsea: Definitely! I think everybody should have been suspicious judging by how long it took Shawn to answer that question. Poor Lassie thought he finally had a way to get the truth out of Shawn. It seems like the truth won't be coming out for a while, though, judging by how well Shawn can bend the truth. So yes, I think Lassiter knows that Shawn tricked the polygraph. I just can't see him believing that Shawn is a real psychic!

Natalie: Well, Lassie's reaction was priceless when he beat it, so, no, I don't think he knew.

Predictions for next week's Hangover episode?
Chandel: Unexpected behavior on the part of our older hangover victims (Lassiter, Henry, Woody) and continuous hilarity... and possibly a Twitter hashtag of #BlameIt, as on the alcohol, like the Jamie Foxx song.

Georgia: It will be insanely wild fun! I can't wait!

Ashley: Oh my gosh! I am SO excited. I love the powder all around their mouths when they wake up. And Lassie and Woody on the couch together. Funny! I think they were all drugged. Maybe undercover at a party? But why would Woody be there? Where's Jules? Or Vick? Why just the guys? A bachelors party maybe? But for who? Buzz is already married. Maybe Woody? He had a wife,  but he could have gotten divorced, esp since she was cheating on him (with and without permission). I love that Shawn can't remember, he remembers everything! So gotta be drugs involved. Spiked donuts? Powdered ones! Oh, oh, oh! A police party! And someone spiked the donuts! And the girls didn't eat because they were on a diet! There you go! Hehehe! Looking forward to this one. And the vampires, of course!

Chelsea: I'm holding out hope that Mike Tyson's tiger will make a cameo.

Natalie: I want to know why and how Lassie gets a black eye.

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