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Our favorite Psych players may have suffered some memory loss on last Wednesday's "Last Night Gus," but not so for our Round Table panelists. They remember every detail of the great episode and have gathered here to pick it apart.

Below, staff writer Chandel Charles leads a discussion with a new contingent of TV Fanatics and Twitter followers: Amy, Jenny (from and Nicky. Pull up a chair and gather around, readers...


What do you make of Shawn's "ice cream cone" analogy in Woody's office? Was he having a freakout moment about losing his faculties, or was something else at play there?
Chandel: Shawn was definitely having a freakout moment, but what came out actually demonstrated that there was more at play/ to consider than just the superficial "I've been drugged and now I can't remember anything." I was singing Andy Berman's praises in my review for sneaking it in there. Still loving it days later!

Amy: Freakout moment. First off, I think he's worried about what he might have said to Juliet. Secondly, his memory is a huge part of him and how he succeeds in life; it's how he convinces people he's psychic or that they are eating an ice cream cone without actually eating one.

Jenny: I can't say. According to Dule Hill, James Roday made it up on that spot. But it was pretty damn inspiring.

Nicky: As far as relating it to Shawn, he was loosely comparing his "gift" to giving a child a pretend ice cream cone. Obviously, losing his ability to remember details even for one day affected him greatly. I think his "gift" has become so much a part of him that he felt completely lost without it, and he wasn't sure how he was going to solve a crime without remembering the clues.

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Who do you think had the best "Last Night" story out of Woody, Shawn, Gus, Lassiter or Henry?
Chandel: I'm going to have to say Carlton. He was a complete riot. I still laugh just thinking about him using a mattress as a flotation device in the motel pool. I wish I could have seen Carlton letting loose. It's hilarious he shot Bobo, that will forever be a favorite Carlton moment.

Amy: Definitely Lassiter. As much as I loved all their stories, we haven't got anything that went this far with Lassie.

Jenny: Lassiter probably has the best story: he lost his car, got a black eye, owes money for shooting Bobo the donut and for using the mattress as a floatation device, and he wakes up on the couch with Woody. A bad night for Lassiter, but great entertainment for everyone else.

Nicky: I think they all had great stories for different reasons, but I was really excited to see Woody (Kurt Fuller) get some more on-air time. He brings a different dynamic to the show and really enhances his episodes. Plus, we were able to learn a little more about Woody's character.

Have you ever had a hangover as bad as theirs? If so, what happened?
Chandel: I have never drank in my life, so I don't have an epic story like theirs to tell.

Amy: No, I'm not a drinker. The scene where they are pulling away from Lassiter as he tries to get in the car did remind me of a time when we drove around town at night with a soda cup rigged to look like we had left it sitting on the roof of the car. Lots of people pointing and trying to signal us. Some of the best reactions came when we drove around the bars, many confused looks. Cheap entertainment, good times.

Jenny: I'm underage...

Nicky: I'm so boring. I've only been "extremely intoxicated" twice in my life, and I honestly wasn't hung over either time. I'm thinking that's a good thing... especially after seeing this episode!

What do you make of the concept of a "Last Night" version of Gus and Shawn? Are they completely different people?
Chandel: I think the concept of a "last night" version of Shawn and Gus was the show's way of calling attention to the concept of who they could be as individuals, especially in Shawn's case. I especially liked how Gus asserted himself about how "Last Night" Gus took advantage of life and how he planned on keeping that up by taking the phone call, even if the chief disapproved. It's a path I'd like to see the show explore more going forward. I don't think they are different people at all, just the same people doing things they wouldn't normally do, which I think was fun to get a glimpse of.

Amy: They really aren't that different. Gus thought his "Last Night" version had game, but we all know what happened with that. Shawn thought his "Last Night" version was more mature and not afraid of commitment. After he talked to Juliet I think he realized that while he wasn't as ready as "Last Night" Shawn, he was heading in that direction. Drugged Gus at the end of the episode was hilarious!

Jenny: I wouldn't say. There really wasn't a "Last Night" Gus, except for the fact that he was drunk, but for Shawn, I know deep down, he wanted to move in with Jules.

Nicky: Oh, yeah! My favorite part of the episode was the change in Lassie. He was so worried about finding out what happened the night before and making sure he didn't actually kill anyone that he forgot about his hatred for Shawn and Gus. It allowed us to see another side of the tight-laced detective. I love it when the Psych writers do these kind of episodes. It shows their versatility and gives the actors a great opportunity to get creative with their roles.

Any predictions for next week's vampire episode?
Chandel: I have already seen it (don't hate me for having the COOLEST job ever) and therefore refuse to comment, despite the fact I want to gush about Kristy Swanson and Tim Omundson and how great they were in the episode! You have a lot to look forward to!

Amy: Shawn and Gus in costumes... old school vampire references... "This Episode Sucks" will definitely NOT suck!!! I think it will be a lot of fun and funny as usual.

Jenny: Lots and lots of delicious flavors for sure. And vampires. I think Shawn gets a bit suspicious with Lassie's girlfriend and starts investigating.

Nicky: Oh, my. I am SO excited. Behing a huge Buffy fan, I'm looking forward to seeing Swanson. After seeing the previews, I can't wait to see more of Lestat and Blackula!  Considering it's Halloween, I expect there to be lots of candy. Especially since we are already familiar with Shawn and Gus's eating behavior! I don't think they'll make Swanson the killer, but it will be nice to see Lassie show an interest in someone other than his ex-wife... finally. It would be an interesting twist if Cory Feldman turns out to be the murderer because he is well-known for being a vampire slayer as well.

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