Psych Season 6 Premiere Review: The Boys Are Back!

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The name is Spencer. Shawn Spencer.

Among Bond references, action figures, international intrigue and lie detector tests, one thing is for sure: Shawn and Gus are back in action! After 10 long months, Psych-Os can finally rejoice that their fan favorite has returned for a hopefully uninterrupted 16 episodes, starting with "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader!"

Psych Partners

While I got the pleasure of watching the premiere at Psych Fan Appreciation Day, I didn’t hesitate to also view with the rest of the world tonight - and I probably laughed harder this time that I did the first.

Throughout the entire episode, one theme jumped out at me: Immunity.

No matter what the situation, Shawn always seems to wriggle his way out of it. He aced the lie detector test, “proving” he wasn’t at the ambassador’s mansion despite the audience knowing otherwise, and managed to semi-permanently establish himself as psychic.

The flashback (which, oddly enough, took residence at the end of this week’s episode) is the one scene that comes to mind. I can’t help but hear Henry say “You’ve got to believe the lie.” Has Shawn really begun to believe he's invincible, or at least actually psychic? I think there’s plenty of moments to point to that would prove otherwise as far as his abilities go: he didn’t see what was happened to Mary Lightly coming, did he? It's a dark example, but it proves he's not infallible.

Do I think he’ll be immune from anyone really questioning his abilities, at least for now? Yes. I think it might only become a problem as Shawn and Juliet start getting closer and he realizes that he isn’t going to get away with it for much longer. But who knows how long until that happens? I hope awhile. I enjoy the hilarity too much to desire the drama, though little delicious sprinkles of it are welcome.

But let's look at all the other fun things we learned from the lie detector machine:

We finally addressed the big pink elephant in the room... and rather publicly! Shawn loves Juliet, and now all relevant parties are aware, including the Chief. Love that she rejected Carlton’s request for a new partner. He was being such a big baby about Juliet dating Shawn. But I loved every minute! He is so dynamic, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of that later on in the season.

Lassiter also set Shawn straight about dating his partner. If he makes one wrong move he can know he will be shot. Repeatedly. Tread lightly, Shawn.

As for Malcolm McDowell, good work, sir. Love to see him guesting on this show. Hopefully we can bring him back at some point. It was good to have him! And he was a riot in the Psych-out! He is a man of many accents!

Other good moments:

  • Shawn and Gus fighting with the ambassador’s son.
  • Shawn asking what privileges immunity allowed him.
  • Henry pulling Shawn aside for “a word.”
  • Shawn’s British accent.
  • The Chief putting Lassiter in his place.
  • Woody's timely and perfectly timed appearance.

Who's totally Psych-ed for the Hangover inspired episode next week?! I know I am!

Beyond pleased that my favorite show is back on the air and looking better than ever. Aren't you?! Welcome back, Psych!

For a look at what's ahead, watch the show make like The Hangover on next week's episode NOW.


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not so funny this season. Did the writers change?


i have to agree with you guys. this probably is one of the best season premieres the show have had. I thought the lie detector scene would be shown from a middle-ish episode of the season. i was really surprised and happy to have seen it in this one instead. I really loved how Jules smiled when Shawn blurted out the he loves her. I can really understand and relate at some point to his feeling being betrayed by his partner Jules. its a natural reaction I suppose. I loved Woody's timely appearance as well. and the ambassador's comment about americans being emotional. Can't wait for the second episode.


I was creeped out by Woody, but I thought it was kind of awesome that he was so creepy. The whole episode was great. Shawn almost got found out and the killer did say that he 'knows how you know'. This makes me think that it will become a recurring theme in this season.


i loved this episode and think that it was the best first episode of a season out of all of them and i think that this could be the best season yet.i understand why lassiter was mad but i think the lie detecter test and the asking for a new partner was a little over bored even for lassiter.i liked the part were shawn and gus were fighting with the kid.i liked the part were lassiter made shawn take the lie detecter test because they have a picture of his back walking up the stair of the house the party was at the night the girl was murdered and when lassie asks shawn if he was there he doesn't answer with a yes or no he says that he talked to gus he played some video games and he and gus talked about star wars which was all true and i liked how he said he loved juliet and everyone found out that it was true.i also liked at the end when lassiter hooked himself up to the lie detecter and says that he will shoot shawn repeatidly if he ever hurts juliet.i cant wait for the next episode it looks great.


Awesome season premier ! I loved the scene with the snotty rich kid. He was so creepy. Reminded me of the Hitler clone in "The boys from brazil". Looked like they enhance his eyebrows? Was great to see Gus actually find a kid he could hate. Shaun's facial expressions were amazing when Lassie asked if he were psychic. I found Gus' reaction (putting on his pharmaceuticals badge) absurd. It implied to Jules that he knew Shaun wasn't psychic. The only character I don't care for is Shaun's father. He's a real buzzkill and find his evolution from occasional character to having authority over Shaun at work farfetched and annoying! Back to the episode: I replayed many scenes, they were so great ! Lassie's expression was classic when the chief said she didn't wanna hear what Jule's secret was. Still, Lassie avoids being a cartoon. Amazing writers and actors all around ! It's obvious a lot of love and work goes into this show. The serious moments are few, but just enough. I care about these people. The laughs just keep coming! Also glad the 'blueberry' car is back. It's gotta stay now, just like Columbo's car ! Could go on and on. I LOVE this show and this episode was a home run !


I can understand why Lassie would be so angry. Jules is his partner and, as he mentioned in the episode, partners are supposed to trust each other since they put their lives in each others' hands on a daily basis. She kept a pretty big thing from him and it's only natural that Lassie would feel so betrayed and angry. I think his actions were plausible and understandable; when it comes to a point where you can't trust your partner, it is probably time to get a new one (glad he didn't though; I'd like to see if all this has any more effect on how Lassie and Jules work together, and Jules is just awesome!). And I think the whole lie detector thing was his attempt to gain some control over a situation that really shook him up and has an affect on him in some way. I predicted he would react in a similar way after the season 5 finale aired, probably thanks to all the analyzing I've done of his personality, habits, and the way his mind works (it was actually an assignment for one of my classes last semester). So I don't think Lassie was over-reacting or "being a big baby" about the whole thing. But I could be biased; Lassiter is my favorite character after all. ^_^

@ Jacquie

I think he was also upset because he and Juliet are friends.


Funniest parts for me were: 1) Shawn using "Mickey Mouskatool" as an insult 2) Shawn telling Malcolm McDowell that he learned his British accent from "Phinneas & Ferb's Grandfather". Who is played by Malcolm.


I would like to add one more funny moment.. Shawn pulling the fake badge at the cop.. that was hilarious too..


I am really looking forward to these season Good time are ahead for us I also like how the kid hire them and pay them 500 G to get his dark Vader toy


i really think that this is the best season premiere Psych has had in awhile. It may be just me, but each season starts off pretty slowly. This was just great. I loved the lie detector scene, part of which i had seen over the summer in a preview. Was anyone else creeped out by Woody? I'm kind of worried that he actually goes in to brush the dead bodies' hair. I don't think that Lassie was "being a big baby about Juliet dating Shawn." He was hurt that she didn't tell him about it. I thought it was really big of him not to go running to the chief about the relationship, which is what Shawn and Juliet were worried about because of what Shawn accidentally did in the pilot. I completely understand what he was feeling, although asking for a new partner (and the use of the polygraph machine) was a little much. I cannot wait until next week's episode, despite being probably the only person under 30 to not have seen The Hangover. The thing i am most interested in is why Woody is there. You would think Henry would still be weirded out over his behavior in the morgue.

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