Welcome to another edition of TV Fanatic's NCIS Round Table! Join us as we break down all aspects of this week's episode, "Safe Harbor."
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A vindictive Lydia returns looking for Revenge as Victoria copes with the "Guilt" of past actions. Now aware that he has been betrayed, Daniel decides to make a major change.
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When baby goes missing on Halloween, the detectives of Law & Order: SVU question the parents of the missing child. They find inconsistencies in their story, which lead them to discover that the alleged car-jacking and kidnapping never took place.
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Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Woody wake up with no recollection of what they discover to have been ONE.CRAZY.NIGHT. in 'Last Night Gus." Were they really accessories to murder, or was something more sinister at play? Will this episodes be ranked as one of Psych's best ever?! Read this week's review now to find out!
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