NBC Cancels The Playboy Club, Picks Up Pair of Sitcoms

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The Playboy Club has served its last scantily-clad drink.

NBC canceled this controversial drama after it debuted to five million viewers and dropped considerably since; the most recent installment netted just 3.4 million households. Reruns of Prime Suspect will air Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC until it decides what else to do with that timeslot.

Up All Night Cast Pic

Meanwhile, the network has gone in the opposite direction regarding two sitcoms: Both Up All Night and Whitney have been granted full-season orders.

Said NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt: "We're thrilled with the creative direction of both shows as well as the potential for them to continue to build loyal audiences over the coming months. We're proud of all of the producers, writers, actors, and directors who have worked so hard to bring these shows to life."

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I am so disappointed! Please don't cancel The Playboy Club I love it,.. NO MORE CSI... REALITY... NCIS ... SAVE US! PLEASE


NBC shows again that it is not really tuned in to the viewer. It bounces shows around so you, even if you like them, you can't find them. These two sit-coms are silly and trite. Up all night? Really? We all have had children and have had sleepless nights. Just not too much you can do with that premise. It is just be another silly, mind numbing show. Quite clear that NBC thinks its viewers are dumb and dumber. That's why its ratings continue to fall. There are so many choices out there with cable, Netflix and other on line streaming sources. Three million viewers? That's really an accomplishment.


Great potential and talent wasted by poor writing and the inability (or is it laziness) of Eddie Cibrian to put some guts into his acting and carry the show (his job as his name is at the top). I watched all three episodes. NBC put more into the atmosphere (the cars on the streets, the wardrobe and hair/makeup, the interior sets) than it did into the use of its talent. The writers should be fired. At times, the dialog was so lame I longed to see the "bloopers" so I could catch the actors laughing. I did read that the original pilot episode was "retooled" before the premiere. If so, then they knew what their problems were from the get go. As for Eddie Cibrian, he's had a ton of work in his career (very, very blessed as any actor will tell you), but as the years go by, he gives less and less in his performances. He, like his show, has a lot of potential. Too bad he didn't work harder at it. He needs to retrain with a good coach who has the balls to tell him "Eddie ... during our session you are not allowed to use your dimples, your arched eyebrows, and that ever-squinting thing you do with your eyes. OK, now, Eddie -- ACT like your life depended on it!"


Are u serious??? This show is amazing and much more fun to ancipate what's next than some run of the mill, stupid sitcom! I am hoping as well as many others that some other media mogul sees the worth of this show and picks it up... My week's will be blah without Nick Dalton and the fun reminiscing of that era... Booooo NBC...bad move!


Very upset. The Playboy Club was a great show. Story line, setting was very entertaining. Had a little of everything: music, mystery, great plot.. There has never been anything like this. As far as it being a show about degrading women, I disagree. Its a show about a different era! Hello!!!!


What the crap? The Playboy Club had an actual plot-line, real conflict, and good writing. Up All Night and Whitney are your typical crap comedies that reach for jokes, which have terrible punch lines. I hated both of those shows while I looked forward to watching Playboy Club. I really hope NBC reconsiders, or at the very least I hope HBO or Showtime swoop in and pick it up.


Loveeee this show!!!! Please someone else pick it up!!!! Nick Dalton is hot and I hate to be left hanging!!!!


wow...this sux... i was just gettin into it...again...wow


Good to see the network doing something smart. Most folks don't want to support or watch a show that support the degradation of women.


I'm soo pissed i will just keep posting !!!