It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: Category 5 Humor

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After taking a detour into Frankville last week, the Gang was back in full effect in "Storm of the Century."

With a Category 5 storm making its way towards Philly, Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Dee were freaking out. Only for completely different reasons. And all warped per usual.

Charlie eagerly searched for a Mayan in his quest to ask questions about their original end of days prediction for 2012. How could you not love a guy in a fishing vest, carrying a hatchet and roaming the aisles of a home center?

Dee, Frank, Charlie

Dennis and Charlie figured they could use mega-boobed reporter Jackie Denardo's assets as buoys and ride out the storm in Dee's Y2K bunker by creating the perfect big-breasted race with her. Well, at least, Dennis did, if he hadn't turned into a total dork. Dennis' expressions always kill me and watching him listen to Charlie's repopulation plan was hilarious. What he did with his snarky lip curl and raised eyebrow was genius.

Mac just used the storm as another excuse to go on a food quest in order to gather enough to survive the impending end of the world. Supposedly having evacuated to the Poconos, to see him gorging himself in the bunker while ogling boobies in 3D was classic.

Dee completely wigged out and needed to restock the bunker because she couldn't face the Robopocalyspe without gathering more pickled eggs, among other things.

I never loved Dee more than when she showed up dressed like the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer in her yellow rain slicker and ran around boarding up the bar from the "hordes of maniacs." Between her reaching a fever pitch with Cricket and then completely becoming unhinged at the All American Home Center, "kill the machines!" will forever be the rallying cry of looters everywhere.

Meanwhile, Frank refused to give into all the media hype and compared all the hoopla reporters were stirring up to the Y2K hysteria from over a decade ago. Gotta say I totally agreed with him. It was hyped to death to the point where everyone was frothing at the mouth and then nothing.

And leave it to Frank to remember the LA riots with fond memories. Storms and riots mean looting... which means Frank scored a great pair of skis. Good times!

I was wondering when Rickety Cricket was going to weasel his way back into Sunny and he certainly didn't disappoint. I've always loved the freakish bitter chemistry between him and Dee, and this time around the hysteria they shared reached new heights.

Busted scavenging in the bunker and shot in the hand by Frank, when Dee and Cricket started arguing with Frank over why Cricket shouldn't be taken to the hospital, I lost it. Especially when Cricket screamed out he was being marched to the ovens. I don't know what it is about Cricket but, like Artemis, when he shows up on screen, I know I'll need to watch that episode again.

In the end the Gang was right where they belonged. Whipped up into a frenzy and in pandemonium. Survive the end of days a little while longer with some Sunny quotes.

Storm of the Century Review

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

We gotta stop pussy-dicking around here. It's time to get in the bunker.


The breasts make you care about the weather in a really good way.