Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Fist for Fryer

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Ma’ema’e: Clean

All our questions about Kono were answered this week as we finally learned if she was "Ma'ema'e" or had truly fallen from grace.

For all of us who weren't fans of the "Evil Kono" storyline, it was a pleasure to watch it conclude via a nice and tidy resolution, which included a well-earned punch in the mouth for Captain Fryer. 

Fryer vs. McGarrett

Additionally, as promised, I want to give a special nod to TV Fanatic reader Symph2001 who called that Kono was working undercover for Fryer. Well spotted, Symph2001!

From all the discussion in the last few episodes, I wasn’t surprised when Fryer walked in to the interrogation room to get Kono. However, I was surprised that Steve hadn’t bothered to check on Kono in weeks. Only Chin Ho had really been trying to reach out to her. Steve, it’s a bit of the pot calling the kettle black when you play all high and mighty to Fryer and you had not even checked in on Kono once.

I’m also very happy that the Frank Delano story was ended with Kono’s undercover event. I’ve made it no secret of how disappointed I’ve been in the amount of Haoles that have been cast in prominent recurring roles. Here’s hoping that the next big bad guy is closer to Wo Fat than Delano.

Elsewhere, how cool was the slow-motion walk of the Five-0 team, now complete with Kono? Having five men for the Five-0 unit seems poetically correct doesn’t it?

I know I’m in the minority as a Lori fan, but look at how quickly she's fitting in. You can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy Chin Ho teasing her about being like Steve. If you didn’t think this was true, consider her shooting Dwight a minute later. Mind changed yet?

They have even started to show a little tarnished side of Lori, as we finally got to see something that she’s not very good at: being patient.

I’m just hoping that fans can be a little better at it themselves and wait a little bit before screaming for her to be gone; I want to see how she and Kono work together. I suspect we might have the making for the Hawaiian Cagney and Lacy here.

Conversely, was anyone else a bit confused by the advertised visit of Tania Raymonde? It turned out to be incredibly underwhelming. She only had one scene. Given how CBS had released details over a month ago of her guest staring role, was I alone in expecting to see more of her?

Finally... SkyDrive? Really?!?

While I’m willing to accept that Lori could take a picture with her phone of a fingerprint with enough detail to make a comparison, there is no way a police department is going to use a publicly accessible file site for sensitive police files. Mr. Kurtzman, I'm willing to support product placement. I would just prefer it to not pull us out of the wonderful stories you have written.  


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i want Steve and kono to get together that would be the cutest thing ever


Again, could I point out that our Lori Weston is not a regular on the casting list for this season? Give her time. I actually love her.


The best episode since the premiere, let's hope the show can keep it up from now on. However, I personally didn't enjoy the scene between Lori and Chin. I found her acting (or should I say 'overacting'?) extremely awkward and painful to watch, it made me cringe. I've given her four episodes now, I've tried my hardest to go into each with an open mind and find the good in the character, but she's now been in one sixth of the series and it's not working - how much more time do I have to give her? If there are many more scenes of this 'quality' then I will be DVRing the show and fast forwarding through her scenes (and through the ads too, take note CBS).


If steve and kono dont go out soon, it will be very disappointing. they have chemistry together, in the last episode when kono said "couldnt ask for better back up" did eveyrone notice that look on steves face? i thought steve was starting to realise his feelings for kono, that look was used to be from steve to catherine, but now konos back in the picture. i dissaprove of the Lori-Steve romance though, im one of the small amount of people who doesnt mind lori weston, but kono and steve have good as chemistry together. Steve/Kono, Chin Ho/Amelia, Danno/Rachel (but lenkov has drifted away from that storyline), and lori i dont know lol. but cant wait for episode 10 for when Jenna Kaye comes back and reveals why she was working for Wo Fat, cant wait ! so far this season hasnt disappointed except i hated the "evil kono" storyline, and the disappearance of jenna kaye.


I really love Alex, and watch HF-0 because of him, but if the writers continue writing Steve as uncaring, even his fans are going to be turned off. Last season, they softened his hard obsessiveness with some kind gestures toward his team and his scenes with children. Also, he actually smiled.
Steve owes Kono a huge apology and soon. If the writers don't follow through, I will be very disappointed.
Peter Lenkov follows social media. I hope he pays attention to the fans' discontent.


First of all, different Lori. I have the common sense to know I can't act. More than I can say for Lauren German. LOL I honestly feel that Peter L should be fired. He has screwed up this show so bad. I now record it, but I do watch it the next night if it gets to late. Her scene with Chin was painful. I was actually embarrassed for her. I would kind of miss Alex, but then again I would miss any of the original four. I have my doubts about a season 3. Too bad because I loved most of the episodes last year.


I can't stand Lori. I suspect it's because they introduced her at the same time as "Evil Kono" was taking over. Bad timing. But, I could give her another chance. Alex though, would not mind seeing him leave the show. When Steve talked to Chin, it became apparent that not once did Steve even enquire about how Kono was doing, let alone check up on her. Also, how dumb was everyone? It was painfully obivious to all of us at the end that Kono was working for Fryer; you would think a detective could, well, detect. And turn it around and investigate Fryer and the whole mess, and by the way, have Konos back. When Steve went all high and mighty about no one messing with his team, it rings hollow because Steve does not take care of his team.


As far as Scott and Alex. The show needs both of them. Neither one is King of the show, they make it work together. I agree that Scott is doing other projects etc. He is smart enough to know the show is not going to last forever so he needs to stay out there. Smart guy! I absolutely hate the Lori character. I am not sure if the writer sucks or the actress sucks. Either way, no one is going to listen to the fans so we are unfortunately stuck!!! Maybe if they lose viewers, they will get the hint. Maybe not!


If Scott is in fewer scenes, it's because he wants it that way. There have already been several media events and interviews, including last season also, where he was unavailable because of some other commitment or interest in LA. Also, from thing's he's said, I've always gotten the impression he'd be the first to leave the show, whether out of boredom or because of his other show biz interests.


D--I agree with everything you said. Loved everything in this ep except the Lori scene with Chin. Ugh. Those lines were painful! I want this character gone. The Jenna character added more to the show than this Lori character, and Larisa Oleynik is a better actress too. To those who feel like it's necessary to whine and take sides over Steve vs. Danno's screen time, really? These characters are partners. One without the other wouldn't be as good. Their chemistry makes the show, so I don't get why people feel compelled to take sides. It's kinda nuts. Btw-Joe White-I missed him this week. Looking forward to next week and thankful that Kono is back!

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Chin Ho: Sounds like she's leaving her husband
Danny: That's gotta hurt, open your guest house to a guy who eats your food, drinks your beer, and helps himself to your wife.

Amelia: Chin and me; we have something special.
Kono: Yeah, where was that something special when he lost his badge.