Hawaii Five-0 Review: Together Again

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Ka Hakaka Maika’i: The Good Fight.

Now that all the members of Five-0 are back together, we got to see them get their fighting on on "Ka Hakaka Maika'i," as they were faced with a murder during a home invasion.

It was back to business as usual for the team, from Steve going toe-to-toe with MMA champion Chuck Liddell to watching the now five-person unit take down those robbers - and business was good!

White vs. Wo Fat

Watching our heroes go at it with these antagonists was one of the best actions scenes we've been treated to this season. It was nearly perfect, but one had get away, of course. Enter the requisite chase scene!

This happens so often, my wife has started keeping keeping track. Tonight the count was two: first the last home invader, then Boriero. 

Elsewhere, we got a visit from Wo Fat, or rather Joe White got a visit. You have to admit, White held his own pretty well, given Wo Fat’s history. On the other hand, I’m sad that Mokoto is dead, he seemed like a gentle old man and really didn't deserve to die the way he did.

Did you agree with Joe that he and Steve asking questions go Mokoto killed? I don't. I’m with Steve. The responsibility lies with the Wo Fat, as he made the choice. 

I have a question for the anti-Lori TV Fanatics, too: What do you think of how they started reshaping her character? Did you notice she was never “dressed up” (ditching the sexy business woman look) and was actually showing a strong tom-boy side when she talked to Steve about sparing with her ex-boyfriend when she learned MMA and Judo? 

I’m pretty lonely in the “I ♥ Lori” club, but it looks like Alex Kurtzman and his team were working hard in this episode to bring a few more converts over. I’ve said it before, I have no complaints with her joining the team; she has added a strong element with her profiling background and she prevents Kono from being the only girl. That’s “win/win” in my book.

That said, it was disappointing that the show stuck with its current trend of advertising a guest star and then only featuring one scene with him/her. This week we got to meet Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) from NCIS: Los Angeles. She clearly had a history with Joe, which I had hoped meant we would see her for more than three minutes. Alas, it was not to be.

In the end, with Wo Fat back on the war path and Steve having learned a bit more about what his father was talking to him about, I suspect Joe and Steve will need to be a bit more careful.

Whatever comes at Five-0, however, it will be nice to see them all face it... together.


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I'm sorry I don't know what show the reviewer was watching but the episode was horrible. I have tried to stick with it this season but seriously I am done. First, as a fan of NCIS: Los Angeles I was very disappointed with the Kensi scene. Really CBS, all your promos for a week hyped her coming to the show and you do one not even 5 minute throw away scene that could have been done with any random person. Second, apparently we aren't going to address the fact that Kono is back. No welcome back, so glad you are here or how about Kono this is Lori the totally worthless person we added to our team in your absence. I almost felt like I missed an episode. Lastly, get rid of Lori she brings nothing to the show, all she does is take from the other characters. Danny is Steve's partner NOT Lori. She has got to be one of the most horribly written and horribly acted characters I have ever seen on TV.


Enjoyed the episode. Loved the action. Loved Danno with the murdered guy's kid. Totally agree that Lori needs to go. She's just vapid with that doe eyed school girl crush on her boss. She adds nothing to the team and disrupts the chemistry of every scene she's in. Bland, boring, useless, awful all around.


I agree with the majority. The Lori character is not needed, and her appearances appear forced. There is no need for an active love interest. Cat and Steve's dynamic was great. They were friends and lovers, and we see her once in a while. There is no need for romance between two of the members of Hawaii Five-0...it screws up the entire dynamic of the team. Give us more of Kono, Chin, and Danny. That is what made season 1 so great! I am also hoping Lori gets killed off! If the script hasn't been written yet, perhaps the writers and producers will take heed of the fans' comments and write the elimination of Lori in now.

Mrs cleaver

I don't like the idea of McGarrett having a romance with either Lori or Kono. Kono is too young for him (on the show anyway, in real life she is older - 37 can u believe that?!)and I think guys who date women who work FOR them are creepy. Work WITH them (as equals) is fine but both women work FOR McGarrett on this show. Danny should have been with Steve in that locker room, cracking jokes and trying to talk Steve out of it. Coulda been some great "bro-mance" moments there. Instead we have Lori chatting about her "ex-boyfriend" blah blah - snore! Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but the writers are making it hard.
Danny was great with the murdered guy's son, good to see Kono/Chin back working together, Max's small scene's definitely add to the show. Overall an enjoyable episode. The fight with Joe and Wo Fat was good but WHY does Wo Fat do his own dirty work? He could have brought a goon or two with him to kill Joe, same as he could have had someone else kill the guy in the prison. But no, he has to do it all himself. That's a bit of a stretch for me. But then again, realism isn't why I watch this show.
I think they should require McGarrett remove his shirt in every episode,in fact, realism be damned.


The episode was good. The 1 thing I have a problem with was Lori taking all the screen time from kono. I barely get to see kono on the team, she has fewer lines and scene and Lori has all the lines and scene taking from kono. I was piss by Lori for trying to take kono place when she is back with her team but I feel like kono is not even there with her team anymore cuz of Lori. If this going to happen again on the next episode then i will switch to something else. My favorite character is kono and I would luv to see her more on the team.


Lori needs to go! She adds nothing to the show, and practically everyone agrees that she's a waste of space. It should have been Kono, Chin, and Danny backstage with McGarrett. At least they've known him longer than five minutes and wouldn't spend the whole time ogling him. Lori is unprofessional and waaaaay too obvious with her crush on Steve. I'm really hoping she doesn't end up his love interest. McKono is a way better match, and at least Kono knows how to do her job. Frankly, I've never seen Lori contribute anything useful. Get rid of her!


All right, everyone knows (but may have forgotten) shows are shot 13 episodes at a time (usually before the season), so unless WoFat gets to Lori first, she's in for the duration! Not knowing the "fans" would dislike her so much, there is not much the writers/directors/producers can do now!
That said, I too, was disappointed that Kelsie had 3 minutes of story time; that the Joe storyline is shifting (to possible backstabbing) and, unless they list him in the opening credits, thankfully limited; that Kono is being shoved aside (but has she been cleared yet to return by IA -- and what's with THAT story line? She should have been exonerated and welcomed back into the fold with a lot more hoopla than just show up for 3-5 minutes!); that now that Danny's former wife's storyline is dead, they should at least keep his daughter as a regular; give Chin more input in EVERYTHING; and finally, now that Steve's love interest has gone back to 'Combat Hospital' keep the love-light shining with a long distance romance, a visit now and then, and maybe an episode flirtation, but not with Lori...if she must be there, keep her on the team, on the side-lines as a profiler and working the computer. She's OK and I don't think her acting is that bad, but not in the character they're trying to make it appear (a love interest for Steve).


Joshua, I agree. I have no clue why they hired her. I mean, the cold delivery and lack of chemistry would have been obvious in a screen test. I'm of the opinion that somebody at the show owed her a favor. Like one poster said, I saw more chemistry between Steve and Kensi in one minute than we've seen with Lori in 4 episodes. It rattles my skull. I don't get it. I hate to watch my favorite show go down the crapper on account of bad casting.


Is everyone else just caught up to what I have been writing all along? This was a great show and can be again if they get rid of all the extra baggage including O'Quinn. This has become his show and he is not a good actor either. Do the writers or producers pay any attention to this site? I hope so before this show completely implodes.


Couldn't resist adding my "get rid of Lori fast" vote to all this. Bad start with her last night taping SMcG's knuckles and ogling him (badly). I bought the First Season DVD of this show, and nearly every episode builds on the team's dynamics credibly - so, in first season, we're introduced to four terrific characters and a great team, with a compelling leader; and in second season so far, that dynamic has suffered and certainly been severely messed up by a blond non-actress and a poorly conceived Lori character. Go back to what was being so well built in the first season - there are miles of stories to be explored on that base.

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