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With Dan's novel taking over this week's episode of Gossip Girl, fans were given a brief reprieve from the question that has dominated this season so far: Who got Blair Waldorf pregnant?

The latest Gossip Girl promo shows Blair revealing to her mom that she's about to make her a grandmother, with the obvious implication that the father of her unborn child is fiance Louis.

Fans, however, know that's not exactly a sure bet. Far from it, in fact.

On the subject of who the father is, TV Line's Michael Ausiello writes:

The Gorgeous Blair

"I honestly don’t know. What I can say, however, is that there’s a kiss coming up. A kiss that will whip a passionate ‘shipper base into a frenzy ... A kiss that will have office water coolers buzzing for weeks to come."

He continues, even more cryptically, "A kiss so hot it’s followed by a [spoiler alert]!"

Well, that's certainly a lot of hype, but the show has lived up to it so far this fall.

We have to assume the kiss involves Blair, given everything else going on... but who will she be locking lips with? Furthermore, what will bring about this epic kiss, and what implications will follow?

Share your theories below, and vote in our ongoing survey:

Who is the father of Blair's child on Gossip Girl?

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I agree with everything you said! Hope it is a Dan/Blair kiss!


@gossip crazy Hi, I've looked on the itv2 website (the channel that shows GG over here) but they have a different promo on there to the one that was shown on tv before the season started, and no one has posted it on youtube. It's so frustrating I wish I could give you a link to it!! It was a long promo with a bit about each character and the Chuck bit shows him kissing someone, you can't really see much as its so quick, but I paused it and it definitely looked like Blair to me. So sorry I can't show you it!


So... probably it's going to be a Dair kiss. I've taken into consideration a lot of aspects here and yes, there are some BLANKS in the whole storylines, since last season. -DAIR KISS FROZEN. It was made clear by Dan that after that kiss, Blair "walked away, stunned" and left him alone. That would suspect that nothing else happened and let's face it, it's Blair... she wouldn't jump into bed with anyone, moreover if it's Serena's ex. -ELEVATOR SCENE. On the last episode, we saw Blair texting Dan "COME OVER. NOW!" and we ASSUME that Dan did go, in fact after the fake Dair kiss, we hear the elevator and Blair looking at someone with a bit a displeasure. We can rule out Louis, Serena, Chuck and probably Dan. Since on the after scenes, we are presumed that these characters did not meet in a long period of time. IF we want to speculate a bit more, we could assume that MAYBE Dan did go, and they had a conversation about maybe the kiss or the book, and plan a "Plausible deniability" (You know how big Blair is on them). Yet, that just... doesn't seem correct. She wouldn't had treated him so bad on the study room. Or would she? I had read most of the comments (even CHAIRS) but most of them are just... I'm sorry, they are just SILLY. We are supposed to COMMENT, not add "I want Dair" // "Oh you all haters, everyone knows that CHAIR IS ENDGAME" and so on... One of the -smart- comments suggested that Blair had a dream sequence. Maybe she dreams about her wedding and on the altar there's no Louis, but Dan or Chuck? And then she kisses that ONE and realize that she is meant to be with that person? We all know that much reliance Blair puts on her dreams. Maybe it could be DAN/SERENA kissing followed by Dan turning her down. He's just NOT INTO SERENA ANYMORE. That ship has sailed... a long time ago. They were cute when they were teens and all, but there's just TOO MUCH DRAMA BETWEEN THEM (even too much for GG). They have different goals, Serena is more PARTY AND FUN while Dan is more SOULMATE kinda guy. They have different likes, they have a half brother together, their parents are married for God sakes! I'm not against them, but I just don't think it will work... ever again. And if indeed that is a D/S kiss, it will be iniciated by Serena, Dan will know it's because of the book's rights and will turn her down. Not only because he will find it despicable, but also because he's very much into Blair and he will let her know that. If it's a CHUCK/BLAIR kiss... I don't know, it wouldn't be EPIC at all. They've kissed million times, got back together and broke up even more times.. there's a reason why this two shouldn't be together. THEY JUST DON'T WORK. It shows her relationship on it's most pure nature: LUST. You can't build a life around it. It's fun, but you can't. And Blair wants to build a life. She may want it with Chuck, but she knows it would not work out, no matter how much he has grown. I DO LIKE DAIR (I liked Chair when they were teens, but not anymore)... I've said it before on another post: I CAN SEE DAN AND BLAIR bringing the best of each other and also sharing a life together. It's more suitable. He may not be upper east side material, but that's what she needs. I think even tough Blair is very much into scheaming and stuff, she has grown up and sees it as a fun hobbie, not a lifestyle anymore. That's why she and Dan are great, they are past that (Dan actually never liked it to begin with) and help each other out. I don't like the kinda woman Blair is around Chuck. She is always underestimated, in the need to be POWERFULL in order to be with someone that, otherwise, may not love her. Having to endure all sort of crap from him and Chuck not being there when she needs him. To end it, so it's not THAT LONG, I want the kiss to be DAIR/BLAIR, and if there's an ENDGAME (you know how I feel about that word) if hope it's these two. See ya!


i not liking ivy and nate i feel nate should be w serena
and i think dan and blair are soulmates but i dont know if theyr the endgame


It'll be DAIR kiss! I hope it'll be the kiss like last Ep. HOT! Sexy! Passion! DAIRRRRRR


How are chair done? They still love and want eachother, as said by chuck and blair. Dair never happened to begin with blair even said so herself:-) but you never know so don't lose hope dair fans even though I cant stand the thought of a dair romance. hopefully a chair kiss on the way!! Chair and derena all the way. Can't wait:L


well..iam pretty sure that its a chair kiss..but since the speculation is that it takes place in episode 7...the episode with blair's dream...im sure it'll be a dream sequence...i guess the spoiler it will follow is.. that its actually chuck's baby (which ofcos wont be a shocker)...but honestly if blair has lied all the time to chuck abt the baby..thts really sad n a big betrayal to him..becoz the biggest weak point in chuck's life has been family...something he's never had...and to actually deny him that so she can have her dream is sad...so maybe the dream..and the kiss in it..will make her realize how she dsnt want to go ahead wth the marriage( that is if louis is going out of the show anytime soon...i really wish he leaves..he's so annoying)... atleast thats what i feel... guess they'll reboot chair in some way like this..altho it wont make me too happy...becoz i like dair a lot...but i guess thats what the writers will do!!! ill just feel bad for dan..he'll be left all alone after blair..and i hope he dsnt end up getting back wth serena..as she continues to be a selfish bitch ...


Chuck and blair are DONE. Accept it :) Dairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


everyone, we all know that the father of Blair's baby is obviously Chuck,and not dan and not louis,Blair is still in love with Chuck always will be even when tries to deny and move on,and Chuck is still in love with Blair even when he deny's it and tries to move on, so Chair is not over by a long shot and never will be over, I bet Blair and Chuck will be back together in november, you all will see, that epic bomshell kiss will be between Blair and Chuck with out a doubt.


@ lovestruck@hotmail.com: they have been matching their outfits since season 1, that's actually one of their most know characteristics as a couple, at least one of the most noticed by Chuck and Blair fans. @ Chiari: they meant is like an ultimate kiss in the sense is the most close to perfection, after that they (whoever they are) shouldn't want to kiss anyone els.

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