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Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be chuck ....
It needs to be chuck !!!!!!!!!!


I love Dair but only as FRIENDS. Chair are magic together!


i hope its a chair kiss! if not a sernena and dan kiss would be nice too


Hope it's a Dan/Blair kiss!!! This needs to happen like yesterday! I have to bring something up though can we not like all ban together and beg Penn Badgely to get a hair cut for crying out loud! I love him but he is looking a little rough lately.


@LuckyBastarda a.k.a Sabrina

I totally agree with you in all you said in the previous post.
Also, you're right, it might be a Derena kiss and we're looking at it the wrong way. Either way, I hope it ends all kisses between those two. I don't understand why I would still ship them.
THey've obviously changed, especially Dan and they are freaking related!!! Those two can only act like siblings and not more. It's good to see Dan is over her.


It's a Dair kiss. That's right, give them a break! I love this two.


Hey guys! @MichaelAusiello Tweeted me on Twitter and said if I can get him more followers he will let me know who this Kiss is about!! Go follow him what do u have to loose?? :)


Maybe we are looking at things in the wrong way. Maybe it's the KISS THAT WILL END ALL KISSES meaning that it will be someone's LAST KISS, you know?

I mean, if that's the case, it's most surely DAN/SERENA... that will be their LAST KISS FOR THEM (for what I've indicated before on my previous posts), she will try to seduce him (very much like her character in the book) and he will see right trough it.


PS2: My real name is SABRINA and I just wanna say it BLOWS that Serena's character is named like that lol. Ok, is out of my system now.


The kiss is not Chair, Dair or Blouis. It's pretty much a confirmed spoiler by now: Derena kiss.
Not that this excludes Dan from the Blair race all of a sudden, but he and Serena definetly will kiss. And the spoiler about Georgina is rubbish, so is the one about Blair losing her baby.


I'm hoping it's a Dan/Blair kiss. I never used to be a big fan of Dan, but I'm really liking those two together. I think they have great chemistry.
There's also the possibility that the kiss involves Chuck and someone else, but it's hard to imagine who it would be with.

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