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With Dan's novel taking over this week's episode of Gossip Girl, fans were given a brief reprieve from the question that has dominated this season so far: Who got Blair Waldorf pregnant?

The latest Gossip Girl promo shows Blair revealing to her mom that she's about to make her a grandmother, with the obvious implication that the father of her unborn child is fiance Louis.

Fans, however, know that's not exactly a sure bet. Far from it, in fact.

On the subject of who the father is, TV Line's Michael Ausiello writes:

The Gorgeous Blair

"I honestly don’t know. What I can say, however, is that there’s a kiss coming up. A kiss that will whip a passionate ‘shipper base into a frenzy ... A kiss that will have office water coolers buzzing for weeks to come."

He continues, even more cryptically, "A kiss so hot it’s followed by a [spoiler alert]!"

Well, that's certainly a lot of hype, but the show has lived up to it so far this fall.

We have to assume the kiss involves Blair, given everything else going on... but who will she be locking lips with? Furthermore, what will bring about this epic kiss, and what implications will follow?

Share your theories below, and vote in our ongoing survey:

Who is the father of Blair's child on Gossip Girl?

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Yet the NO won the Soul mates poll...


My vote goes to a DAIR kiss as well!


I do not agree that the CHAIR fan base is the most passionate fan base or the largest fan base. A kiss this passionate must be a DAIR kiss. Unless it is a forced Chair or Derena kiss that makes both parties realize how they don't belong together.


Hmm manon, at this point I think the most passionate are DAIR And CHAIR. Both have equally strong sides, sooo its a 50 50 shot between that, senses say its most probably Chuck and Blair, but maybe they are just playin us there :) as its sooo obvious about Chair with Chucky maturin and all!


My vote is for DAIR. The writers love misdirection and right now they're setting the scene for a "Chuck rebirth." But how many times before?? I think the stupid Chair ship sailed when Safran went on about the great loves and the right loves. Yessirree I cannot WAIT to see how they're going to position Blair and Dan together!!!!!!!!!!!


some really good points made here @ LuckyBastarda good work. i'm so addicted to this show. thank god the writer's up'd their plotlines. cannot wait for DUCK scenes.


This is soooo obvious!
Firstly Ausiello does not say "the kiss to end all kisses".
Secondly, the most "passionate fan base" is Chair. if you have twitter you would know this.
Thirdly, Safran talks about the Chuck-louis-Blair triangle. We have not seen this yet. It needs to spark off somehow right?
Fourthly, Dair will have little interaction (if any) in the next four episodes.
Fifthly, Dan being so "in love" with Blair, eliminates a "passionate" kiss between him and Serena. I believe these two are trully yesteryear.
Fifthly, there is no buzzworthy fanbase as yet for nate/ivy.
I call this deductive theory. Simple really.
I can't wait for this!


I don't think dan went to blair's after the text coz I'm pretty sure he says 'sorry I couldn't make it' to her when she bursts into the study with serena. I could be wrong though.
Despite this bring some dair action!!!! Also as an additional note, is derena still an option? thought we saw the last of that for good?


And spoilers say a major apology scenes comin up btw Blair and Chuck ugh. Writers whatever happened to DAIR? Don't tell me you're throwin all that potential away !


People just saw it over at another site! A pic of nate n ivy about to kiss, :O it might not be the kiss to end all kisses, but! Woooooah

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