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With Dan's novel taking over this week's episode of Gossip Girl, fans were given a brief reprieve from the question that has dominated this season so far: Who got Blair Waldorf pregnant?

The latest Gossip Girl promo shows Blair revealing to her mom that she's about to make her a grandmother, with the obvious implication that the father of her unborn child is fiance Louis.

Fans, however, know that's not exactly a sure bet. Far from it, in fact.

On the subject of who the father is, TV Line's Michael Ausiello writes:

The Gorgeous Blair

"I honestly don’t know. What I can say, however, is that there’s a kiss coming up. A kiss that will whip a passionate ‘shipper base into a frenzy ... A kiss that will have office water coolers buzzing for weeks to come."

He continues, even more cryptically, "A kiss so hot it’s followed by a [spoiler alert]!"

Well, that's certainly a lot of hype, but the show has lived up to it so far this fall.

We have to assume the kiss involves Blair, given everything else going on... but who will she be locking lips with? Furthermore, what will bring about this epic kiss, and what implications will follow?

Share your theories below, and vote in our ongoing survey:

Who is the father of Blair's child on Gossip Girl?

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Woah, if it were, there would be more Dair than Chair in the polls.
I don't know it might be one of those unanswerable mysteries hahahah :-P


@ Kookakicha: this whole thing is crazy, I've read in the forums before that Chuck and Blair fans feel this site is dominated by Dair fans, who knows who is right.


This website is dominated by Chair fans, that doesn't mean that Dair fans are less passionate or less in number.


Blair and Chuck had many kisses but there is still so much fire and passion. I think Dan and Blair will be a couple in the near future but not for a long time. They will realise that it doesn't work and be friends. That's my option.


I'm happy with it being a Dair kiss or a Chair kiss. If it's a kiss involving anyone else I won't be that interested. I too enjoy Dair, but I don't know why people still think he could be the father.


@jamey omg what is wrong with u? have u seen any of the dair kiss lately? they have no passion and they are the most forced couple on this show and make no sense. chair is the only couple for this spoiler.


i would LOVE for it to be a Dair kiss.. but i'm pretty sure it's Chair..
and really, as long as it's a kiss that does not involve Serena - i'm okay with whatever happens..


@ Sophie: I liked your comment, specially the last part!


Fingers crossed for a Dair kiss :)


For the love of Pete! Dan and Blair are never gonna get together. I just don't think it'll happen. Besides, does Blair need to sleep with every guy on the show? Men and Women can just be friends you know, that's not just a myth. People also need to stop speculating that the baby is Dan's, if the baby was Dan's then why wouldn't he have brought the possibility up yet? He would have said something for sure. Avoiding it is just not Dan's style. If it does turn out to be his, that would be the absolute worst written storyline that the show has ever had. I also think that it's sad that people are talking about Chuck and Blair being over. I've been in my fair share of serious relationships and I think anyone who's ever been in one would agree, when there is that many feelings between two people, it's never really over. And for the love of God, they're are only like what? Twenty-one? This is the time to make mistakes and try things and try them again as many times as you want. Chuck and Blair are exactly the type of couple that never really break up entirely. They'll be back, mark my words.
One last comment. I really like Dan, he's really grown on me in the past two seasons, as I never liked him much before. I also think that Dan and Blair have good chemistry, really good. However I just don't feel... the sex (if you know what I mean). That fiery feeling that we all got when Chuck and Blair did it on the piano. Theres love between Dan and Blair for sure but it's more admiration and maybe a bit of self recognition, but there'll never be more than that. Plus I think Dan needs to get a hobby because, there are other things to do than to fall in love with every woman you meet. Serena, Vanessa, Miss. Carr, Charlie now Blair. Good grief dude, if he put all that energy into writing, Inside might have been written a lot earlier.

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