Gossip Girl Sneak Preview Clips: "Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan"

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"This is going to be fun." - Chuck

Indeed, Mr. Bass. Indeed. The "Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan" hit the fan next Monday, and in this sneak preview of the all-new episode of Gossip Girl, we see what that means for a variety of characters.

Spoiler alert: Expect the unexpected.

According to executive producer Josh Safran and writer Amy Harris, the book paints characters in a way one wouldn't necessarily see coming, given Dan's relationships with them in real life.

We know from this week's Gossip Girl promo what he writes about Blair, and how he took creative liberties with Nate. But how is Serena portrayed in the pages of Inside? Below lies a major hint. Watch this two-and-half minute preview of Monday's episode, the fourth of this season, and share your comments ...

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You see, you didn't need to use angry words to express it(I'm assuming you are Chair pwns all a.k.a Prisilla but in the case where it's not you I'm sorry in advance)
I respect your opinion. The reason why I think they are overplayed is that these past four seasons we've been given the same scenarios at little variations for Chair and Derena. Since Dair is fairly new and I feel that their story includes quite refreshing and surprising moments, I feel they make the show a thousand times more interesting. But Chair is probably going to be endgame so all my paragraph doesn't matter.




Prisilla's real name is probably Mary-sue... LOL :) Anyway, reality or fiction, I usually will root for the couple who are the most exciting to me.
In Friends, I enjoyed Ross and Rachel more than Rachel and Joey not because they were defined by the show as "lobsters" but because they were genuinely better suited for each other.
Similarly, in Sex and the City, I preferred Carrie with Big. Aiden was portrayed as the more decent guy and he was great to Carrie but it was obvious that they wanted different things and I rooted for Big even though he had been a bastard on more than one occasion. It seemed obvious that he and Carrie shared a passion and also a lifestyle.
In GG though, I think it's Dan and Blair who are by far the most exciting and, yes, passionate.
See, I don't think that the writers owe us an endgame and that just because chuck and Blair had a long run then they must therefore end up together.
I see fans complaining that Chair have been defined as the main couple of the show and so they belong together but unlike Friends and SATC, where that formula worked and you rooted for the same couple all along ( because there was just no better alternative) GG's "main couple" simply lost their appeal (as did Dawson and Joey before them) and this time, the alternative was far better than the original.
Dan and Blair are a revelation. And kudos to the writers for making them so. Infact, they have been written (and acted) so well that they seem to render chuck and Blair's relationship juvenile and trite.
Writing a good show means evolving with the characters and taking them wherever their paths may lead without being shackled by preconceived outcomes and endgames.
I'm really hoping the writers will do what is right for the show and the characters and not what some fans claim they were "promised" all along.
But ultimately, it is the writers who will determine the outcome and no amounts of threats, abuse or entitlement by anyone is going to make a difference. So even if I don't get what I want, I'm glad it won't be up to us fans but down to the writers idea of what really works for the show, whatever that my be.


And Prisilla, if Chair is an endgame then probably the Writers have already said it. But no, right? Their lips are still sealed. So what's the point of dealing such thing when its not a fact? Keep your facts straight!


I agree with ALF. People must know that ANYTHING in the show is POSSIBLE. Writers will not stop to explore different pairings until they hit the right spot. For longer or short term relationship atleast they gave a shot. Let's just enjoy the ride and as of now I'm loving Dair and Duck scenes.


I'm loving the comment section. . .


@R - Looks like you just beat me to it. Amen. Now let's all get in a huddle and sing kumbaya.


Holy crap. Maybe I used my "chill out everyone" in the wrong comment thread ! @Katie- I understand your frustration but I just have to say not all Chair fans are "just mary-sues imagining themselves with Chuck as they fap over their fanfiction." Some of us accept it all as entertainment and just happen to like one pairing a little more than another. I wouldn't want to be with Chuck in real life- but I do find the C/B dynamic fun to watch. I also am liking the Dair storyline atm so... C'est la vie. GG fans need to accept the fact that either Chair or Dair will happen. Or maybe both. Chuck and Dan will be in Blair's life in some capacity for the remainder of the show. Period. The writers are not going to stop exploring any of Blair's relationships. This is GG, we can't rule anything out ! So let's just enjoy the ride!


@Priscilla I wish you would stop argueing you really give a bad name to the whole chair fan base. I'm a chair fan and by you kicking a fuss it makes dair fans lash out and we look bad. @Katie I completely understand we're your coming from but you have to understand that not all chair fans are like that. I love chair not because my sole purpose in life is to marry a 'chuck'. I love them because they have this raw and pure love for eachother and no matter what is happening between them it's always so strong, you can feel it when their in a scene together. please I just wish everyone would stop so we can enjoy the show for what it is, which is ENTERTAINING! Not all this shipping crap!


I am so sick of these shipping fueds!!! everyone just relax and let the show play out, all this argueing takes the fun right out of it, it actually makes me repulsed by the show because of the amount of bickering that follows it. WE'RE ONLY INTO the 3RD EPISODE FOR GODS SAKE!!

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