Gossip Girl Sneak Preview Clips: "Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan"

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"This is going to be fun." - Chuck

Indeed, Mr. Bass. Indeed. The "Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan" hit the fan next Monday, and in this sneak preview of the all-new episode of Gossip Girl, we see what that means for a variety of characters.

Spoiler alert: Expect the unexpected.

According to executive producer Josh Safran and writer Amy Harris, the book paints characters in a way one wouldn't necessarily see coming, given Dan's relationships with them in real life.

We know from this week's Gossip Girl promo what he writes about Blair, and how he took creative liberties with Nate. But how is Serena portrayed in the pages of Inside? Below lies a major hint. Watch this two-and-half minute preview of Monday's episode, the fourth of this season, and share your comments ...

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“All i ever did was love you�. Blair’s fault was mainly how much she loved him. it wasn’t fair to herself to love him that much. she was basically trying to save him from himself. she was trying to build him up, breaking herself down in the process. I think, it needed to be made clear to her that she couldn’t save Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass is the only person that can allow himself to be saved. I think Blair had truly lost herself in the relationship and was starting to absorb all the things that she was trying to rid him of and in turn ended up not liking herself too much “i don’t like who i’ve become with you�. this made me extremely sad seeing as Blair had no direction for herself. the relationship had become the orbit around which she revolved. 3x16 was indication that she had no friends. then again � i have you that’s all i need�. Chuck couldn’t be all she needs. and i think 3x17 showed her that she needed herself too not just Chuck. she needed to love herself too. If she loved Chuck for all she was worth in the event that their love failed, what now? what would she be worth? It was the best decision to step away from that relationship to find herself. Chuck had done something terrible to her but she needed something to show her just how much of herself she had given up. “I would do anything for you Chuck, but what if that’s wrong?� she needed to question to boundaries of this ‘epic’ love. Stepping away from the relationship had helped her regain a sense of morality she had lost in it just like she had lost herself. When the relationship failed, she lost her entire self worth, relapsed into bulimia and said things like “who else could love me after what i’ve become�, � At least we won’t be lonely in hell�. I think an introspective moment between 3x17 and 3x18 made her realize what she had done and the shame was too great to speak of. she was going to bed with another man to save a hotel. when you put things into perspective, it really hurts. But all this was Blair’s fault. It was her own willingness that Chuck had nothing to do with. So both Chuck and Blair had done things to injure their relationship, albeit the bulk of the blame be Chuck’s. I know a lot of people say that’s why he could never be redeemed. what he did was extremely despicable. But i believe that Chuck can be redeemed, which is where i and a lot of people differ."


"I was livid that 3x17 happened. i had God’s wrath inside of me. How could Chuck have done that to Blair? why would the writers push that envelop? it was sick. it was the sickest thing. The only way was to try to understand the character’s actions. People say Chuck couldn’t possibly love Blair if he would do that to her. But in truth it was both Chuck and Blair that had led themselves down that path. Chuck did manipulate Blair’s generosity of love towards him and it was wrong and i will never justify that it should have happened. Blair had offered unwavering love and devotion to Chuck. She had given herself completely to Chuck and was willing to cross moral lines to save his beloved possession. That in itself is wrong and that’s why i think the IP needed to happen to highlight all of these things that were wrong between them. i wish it would have been something other than a human flesh trade but something needed to happen to set in motion all those glaring signs of dysfunction that pestered their relationship. I think the writers wanted to demonstrate exactly that Chuck and Blair are not perfect and that they were still young and naive about a lot of things.The idea that they had a perfect relationship was simply a trompe l’oeil. It’s not possible that two flawed people would miraculously be good to each other at all times. Chuck especially was so naive about love. i think he honestly believed that Blair would go to any lengths for him and that it was ok. I think that he believes he would do the same for her. that’s the intensity with which he loved her. without terms, without conditions. “the worst thing i’ve ever done. the darkest thought i’ve ever had. you said you would stand by me through anything. this, Blair is anything�. he wasn’t throwing it back in her face to reproach her for not meaning her words with full intention. he was naively questioning where he was wrong for believing her. he superficially believed her words to be a true promise of the extent of her love for him; that they would do anything for each other, that their relationship could withstand anything. it sounded all beautiful like a lullaby to him. his perception of love was one thing that needed to be redressed. he had it all wrong. although he did manipulate her, it was because he had too much faith in their relationship. he couldn’t afford to lose the hotel. It was everything he had worked for. But he never thought he’d lose Blair either. i don’t think he’d choose the hotel if he knew it would have jeopardized his relationship with Blair. But his relationship with Blair had been so easy-coming with the way Blair practically threw herself at him and maybe he hadn’t understood how much it meant to him. But his hotel, the one he had made on his own, the one he had worked for meant everything to him. It was proof to his father that he had succeeded on his own. It was also proof how selfish he was in his naiveté."


"Blair and Chuck’s relationship took a turn for the worse but it doesn’t mean it happened because their love wasn’t real. Like it said, no love is perfect. And sometimes i am even understanding of why 3x17 happen. I still however wish the aftermath of it would have been much more consequential. Chuck choosing the hotel over Blair is a double-edged knife. I think it’s hard to fully judge that sl without understanding what both characters were going through at the time. At the beginning of s3 Chuck had been the perfect boyfriend, surprisingly so, but he had been. I figured that he was forcing himself to be that perfect. I believe Blair had managed to give him a confidence in their relationship but i don’t think it was ever too solid because i knew that Blair alone couldn’t save him, Chuck had daddy issues too that he needed to save himself from. Blair showing Chuck that she believed in him was monumental in how he changed at the end of s2 and early s3.“i was a coward running away again. But everywhere i went. you caught up with me so i had to come back�. That i think also goes to show how invaluable Blair is to Chuck and how much he respects her. I think the building blocks to this surge of confidence and self-certainty, almost self-love in Chuck were laid down in 2x15. Blair had told Chuck at the elevator “I believed in you. Your father believed in you. You. are the only one who didn’t�. And verily in 2x16 Chuck had taken a major leap of faith in himself and embraced the legacy that his father left him. The fact that he didn’t do the same with Blair was because he still believed that he couldn’t make her happy. in 2x23 he told Serena� I love her but i can’t make her happy�. Blair reassuring Chuck that she believed in him, i affirm, was what made Chuck keep a composure of confidence at the beginning of s3. he even bought a hotel simply based on the promise of her faith in him “How can you be so sure?� she questioned him “Because you believe in me�. wow. he was quite the perfect boyfriend. i do believe that he really did believe in himself then and look how ‘worthy’ Blair’s belief in him is to him. “I’m not Chuck Bass without you� he confessed to her. translation: you made me Blair. you made me. She had made him just by showing him that she believed in him. But i always knew that at some point the confident boyfriend facade was going to crack. oh wait! what about my father? he’d question. what does he really think of me? Chuck has always yearned for his father’s love and approval which is the root of his issue with ‘worthiness’ and ‘perfection’ much like Blair had her own dilemma with that and that had been the common grievance they shared. His father had always reprimanded his bad behavior and not often shown how proud he was of the rather good things Chuck did therefore Chuck was always seeking. 3x12 was no exception of that. rather it was the perfect showcase for it. Chuck pushing Blair away because once his father’s ghost entered, his fears had overcome him again and his confidence, dissipated. And now it was back to square one. Blair had persisted she must love Chuck for all she was worth and even more so because he was pushing her away. i think when he said � i don’t need you to take care of me� suddenly she became engulfed with desire to take care of him. to nurse him back to emotional well being. I think that’s when i saw the dysfunction in their relationship with alarm. When she had said in 3x08 � i have you, that’s all i need�. it unsettled me. I wanted it to be the most romantic confession but somewhere inside of me i felt the symmetry of co-dependence in their relationship was shifting. And much like he was there for her throughout her first semester at NYU, “you carry people you carry me�, now on the anniversary of his father’s death, she was going to be there for him. Progressively it became she was going to be be there for him unconditionally, sacrificially even, as was understood by Chuck in3x17. Blair understood it the same. You see, she would have really given herself as a pawn to Jack had Chuck asked her to. It was sick how perverse it all was. How wrong it all was.“i would have done anything to help you. all you had to do was ask�. She would have literally sacrificed her body, her dignity, only had he asked her to. The problem wasn’t how reprehensible the act was. It was that they went behind each other’s backs. It really wasn’t a matter of morality. It was a matter of trust…it was honestly, the saddest thing."


"Blair likewise has loved Chuck for the same pure and genuine reasons that he loves her, for everything that he is, although she always encouraged him to be the best version of himself that he could possibly be as he often chose to be the worst. The beauty of it all is that it was completely unfathomable to Chuck that anyone could ever love him for exactly who he is. he bought quasi-love from prostitutes as padding for the hollow of the loveless life he had known. But the padding is obsolete when it is not genuine and pure, when it is not freely given, when it means nothing. It was sex, the physical illustration of love. I think i understand why all this time Chuck was afraid of love. He didn’t understand it, he had never had a sensory experience with it. Perhaps vicariously through sex but it wasn’t a true disclosure. Blair was the first person to show Chuck real love, I will say since 1x07. But it was evidenced most at the time of his father’s passing. Both Chuck and Blair have dealt with issues of worthiness and perfection and what is expected of them. Chuck never believed anyone could love him genuinely but Blair’s excrutiating generosity of love towards Chuck during the biggest ordeal of his life is the testament to how genuine her love for him is and has been. She showed him wide open love at the time when she knew he was completely incapable of reciprocating the hapless feeling — At a time when she knew they were in vain to her hopes because he couldn’t appreciate these three words that he needed dearly to soothe his soul whether or not he could believe he was worthy of them. his father had just died “you don’t appreciate anything today but i don’t care� 2x13. But it didn’t matter, it was love and comfort he was in need of and she would give it to him at the cost of her heart that day, because she loved him. You see, she didn’t know what else to do but love him because she knew only love could eventually lead him to appreciate something. It broke her heart that he couldn’t love her back. but it gratified her even more that she could be the one there for him. When he showed up to her room broken, despite how broken she was herself, she allowed herself to be broken further so they could be broken together, then he could feel just how much she is in this with him.“we’re Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck�. That has to be true love. How could it not be? So you see why i don’t understand when people argue against that. However, 2x14 was the true revelation of the extent of Blair’s love for Chuck. The extend is boundless, of course. As much as he pushed her away, pushed her over the emotional edge, over her breaking point, as he was ready to push himself over a physical edge of a rooftop, over his breaking point. possibly death because nothing else tugged at his heart, nothing else made him feel. It was his misery he was too comfortable in. Misery was his home. He believed his father never loved him. So his self-loathing gratified that. It justified it so he didn’t have to feel burdened with stuff that he didn’t deserve, such as love, not even from himself. Pushing Blair away was saving her from himself. He was always going to self-destruct and if she got in the way she’d only become collateral damage. It didn’t mean that he didn’t feel the way he felt about her. he wanted her but he didn’t think he deserved her. At his father’s wedding he was hopeful that one day he’d find someone to forgive him and persevere in the love they would have for each other. in 2x14 Blair proved that. she was persevering. she proved she was going to always show up for him.“don’t you understand. i’ll always be here�. Even if he wanted to think he was unworthy and swell in his self loathing, she was going to be there for him, at the cost of a social club because she believed he was ‘worthy’. “That piece of work Chuck Bass, needs me�. He needed her. It was true love. He needed her and only she could meet his desperate need for her.“whatever you want to do to yourself, please don’t do that to me�. Proof that once again Blair had been able to love Chuck at his worst. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy to save him but she wanted to be there, like she told him in 2x15 when they broke up “All i wanted to do was just be there�. However, it would take a lot to drag Chuck Bass out of that place he was in. He had no self-love so all the love that he would need to cure him came from Blair. Eventually he would exhaust her because he needed to love himself and Blair couldn’t do that for him."


"Contrary to popular belief, True love doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. where does perfect love exists outside of an animated film maker’s studio? How is ‘perfection’ realistic expectation? hence why i have never claimed that Chuck and Blair are perfect. I haven’t either claimed that their relationship has been. I have relentlessly said otherwise. Neither Chuck or Blair have ever identified with the word ‘perfection’ which is why it seems absurd that because their love is considered ‘epic’ that it must be ‘perfect’. It has never been the case. In fact, both Blair and Chuck have struggle with the idea of not being perfect and/or worthy enough in other people’s eyes. S1 has been the perfect exposition for that internal conflict they both shared primarily with the (adults/parents) in their lives and also with (the object of their affections) that they’ve always felt inadequate to (Nate being the object of Blair’s affection and Blair being Chuck’s object of affection). i think this revelation lends some explanation as to why Chuck and Blair have shared this sacred understanding of each other from the very beginning.“You know me well� 1x03. They both yearned to be worthy enough in the eyes of others for exactly who they were which is why 2x21 is critical in my opinion. The meaning is even too deep to fully conceptualize. How can one conceptualize just how much Chuck Bass loves Blair Waldorf? The pure reason that he loves her, the same reason she’s understood made her inadequate in Nate’s eyes as opposed to Serena. Her sheer plainness and ordinary beauty and charm, Darth Vader next to Sunshine Barbie. But Chuck loves Darth Vader just fine. he didn’t want her to change. �why would you want her to be anything other than she is�. 2x21. How powerful? And people say that’s not true love. How can loving someone for pure and genuine reasons as such not be true love? Loving someone and knowing it when having never loved anyone before. When she had hit her rock bottom in 2x19 after losing Yale and had thrown herself at him desperately. He refused her impostor “this isn’t you. this isn’t the Blair i want�. He was sorry for her for not seeing how great she is, despite having experienced a setback in her dream, because what he ever saw in her were all things worth admiring and that’s why he refused to enable her in rejecting who she really was because who she really was, flawed and all, was everything he loved about her.. He wanted her to understand that. Chuck has always loved Blair so. in 1x08 when he gave her the necklace, i think is particularly important to note because he actually called her ‘worthy’. �something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty�. And once they had been intimate in the back of his limo it was coined ‘sacred’. To him it was imperative that she understood that. i think despite him not knowing or understanding the convoluted notion of love, and how to give it, somewhere in him ached for her to be so misunderstood by her own self and wanted to appease that. it was clear in front of him how worthy and sacred she was, if only she could see it. Giving her the necklace was his demonstration of love, the way he always does it when she had been most in need of it."


Ok, this is not mine (I wish, but I don't have a blog or tumblr) but I found it published on the CB thread and it's simply too amazing to let it be known just in that thread. I'm not trying to offend anyone who doesn't agree with this or with Chuck and Blair, but it think the sentiment of the girl who wrote it and of the person who made it known on the CB thread (credit given to whom credit is due) was to exposit the reasons why now a days people ships Chuck and Blair: "People say Chuck and Blair don’t belong together. People say they aren’t right for each other. I’ve heard they’re one of the worst couples ever portrayed on television but you know, here’s what i think Not that i am any authority on this subject, but i reason that the fundamental question to pose here would be, what exactly determines whether or not two people belong together? Enlighten me if by happenstance i am wrong but I can safely assume it entails more than the convenience of a relationship, of companionship. companionship is important granted that everybody has attachment needs. Two people can be there for each other but does that justify their belonging together? No, There has to be another impetus to the equation. And, irrefutably, an outstanding part of that remains the furious desire of two people to want to be together. Such desire can be galvanized by a number of motives but none as pure and genuine as true love. The kind of love they will never find with anyone else, the heart palpitating, mind numbing, full transcendental understanding needless of verbalization kinda love.. i believe, more that warrants them to be together. It gives them reason to belong together. The kind of love Chuck and Blair feel for each other. They are each other’s true love and i intend to prove that further.. they don’t simply want to be together. Part of them fiercely need each other….(don’t worry however, i’m not going to overlook the fact that they’ve done some horrible things to each other meanwhile)"


@A - Even though I may be a Chair fan ("shipper" is a little too strong a word for me...), I agree with the sentiment of your entire comment. I root for who I find most exciting. Btw, Ross/Rachel were my fave and Carrie/Big too. I loved Carrie/Aiden though, I guess in the same way that I enjoy Dan/Blair even if they're not my number one "ship". But whatever happens, I just hope they write the characters and story lines in an organic way! As a C/B fan, I don't NEED them together like some other fans, I would just like to see them continue to interact. I don't, however, want a reunion shoehorned in at the 11th hour because the writers feel they need to do it. That's not good storytelling. If anything, I'd love for everyone to be single at the end...maybe with a closing shot of S and B. @Jadedreams - I know after all those shitty things Chuck did, I shouldn't still be a C/B fan. And for a bit I wasn't (and am still skeptical, C needs to evolve!). It just comes down to, for me, that this isn't real life and I happen to find their relationship entertaining. I hate the word "endgame". Seriously. Nothing is endgame, especially on this show. I don't even want to look at the comments section on the article where Penn says Dan and Blair are soul mates. I LOVE Penn but, goodness, the shipping warfare must be insane in that thread! lol


I only know that Dan & Blair interactions rejuvenate Gossip Girl again period. Soul-mates are not is still early to judge for Dair but for the life of me, I just can not get over the fact that there are fans still supporting Chair so much despite 1) Chuck selling her for a hotel, 2) Chuck sleeping with other girls just because she arrived late to meet him/ or when he has his issues, and 3) Chuck being abusive when he smashed a glass that cut her face. Chair had their great moments, but I can not forgive and forget the 3 things I mentioned above. No matter how much Blair loves him, clearly Chuck does not respect her at all after all they've been through.


I agree with R and Alf.


this season,waldsen might take place because the writrs told us that there would be a shocker for chair and dair fans.and that would please the book fans.get ove it people.its waldsens time to shine.hahaha

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